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  1. Got on the server for an hour of practice today, I hate trying to keep it within track limits Blanchimont in the camaro, no amount of lifting or trying different turn in points seem to solve it. Let's see how many track limit warnings I can rack up on Thursday evening.
  2. Welcome @Kristian Svenning I also came over from the Power Q discord, I never raced the Q league so I'm looking forward to racing you here. I jumped on the practice server for only 20 minutes earlier just to set tyre pressures and get an initial feel for the car, the camaro sounds amazing, lots of understeer compared to the ferrari so will have to try dial that out a bit over the next week with practice.
  3. @Meers if I recall correctly a while back you had the analogue paddles on your McLaren rim set as indicators but when you updated the rim firmware you lost that feature. While I was procrastinating in work and perusing the fanatec subreddit I came across a possible way to remap the paddles to whatever buttons you like. Here is the link to the github in the screenshot https://github.com/Snoothy/UCR And this is the imgur link
  4. Yeah very snug fit got lucky with this little side enclave, pleased I could squeeze the PC in front of the rig, it used to sit beside it and I always disliked it.
  5. After a delay from sim-lab and UPS forgetting to deliver 1 of 2 boxes I finally got all of the GT1 evo delivered last Tuesday. Got it built today and everything mounted bar the h-pattern, cable management and position tweaking to happen tomorrow. The screen was previously mounted on the wall and 70cm away from my face, now it is only 40cm so a very nice gain in FOV. Only did 2 quick laps in ACC tonight and its going to take some getting used to, the sense of speed was a huge jump. Straight away I could feel the stiffness of the whole rig compared to my old folding Next Level Racing wheel stand, FFB was slightly stronger and the more subtle feedback became noticed and no flexing under braking now. Really excited now to get the csl DD next month with the mclaren rim.
  6. I may have to try this approach as well, I was getting really frustrated during the week trying to practice and ended up rage quitting once because it was lap after lap of pain, I noticed the few times my qualifying was strong my lap feels almost slow. That dammed final chicane, it caught me out a few times during the race, it was really unfortunate it happened to you so early in the race. I felt like we had similar pace and a good battle on our hands.
  7. I'm all for a GT4 league, they're great fun to drive. Brands hatch in GT4s could be a laugh.
  8. Here's 1 Mario Kart track as a mod for AC, we should do a 1 night league of 15 minute races with little bangers around mario kart tracks, I saw 'royal raceway' track mod for AC also in a video a while back. If only there was a way to mod in power-ups https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/assetto-corsa-mario-kart.32753/ Edit: Here is the video of the royal raceway
  9. Yeah it's quite the gap to the front running group. I'm happy I got into the 1.43s but I'm really not sure where the time is to make the next step up.
  10. Yes it always seems to bounce my car around heavily and I end up spinning into the grass on the left after the second apex, I've tried to keep some throttle input maybe it's my steering angle throwing the car around. Ouch I hope it's not too serious, multiple spots is a right pain in the ass as well.
  11. Only got into the sim for a short bit last week, gotta get some practice done this week and hopefully set a better qualifying time, the times you guys have set so far are really impressive. I found it quite tough with the high temps, I was sliding around and the last chicane is always a nightmare.
  12. Thanks guys I'll leave the pressures as is, I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong with the setup. I've been watching some of the aris.drive setup videos and it's eye-opening the detail that is simulated in ACC
  13. I did some practice last night and while I get my tires in the right pressure range the temps on the right side are below 70°c. I've already closed up the brake ducts as much as possible and increasing the toe a couple of clicks didn't seem to do much either. It's there any other methods to increase the temps or do I just have to accept the temps as they are?
  14. Was really nice to have the casual chat, will have to make sure I make it to the next AC island cruise night
  15. I picked this up just before the weekend, didn't get a proper chance to play until last night, played a few of the grand prix and straight away I'm addicted. I love the variety in the cars and just how different they feel, the trucks were one of my favourites. I took a stab at the top gear test track as well, I need to double check after work today exactly what time I did but I got into the low 30s.
  16. Your Dutch accent really isn't that bad, I hear a lot worst even in Amsterdam, plus you got nothing compared to this!
  17. Yeah I would love to say I was battling Dave for the position but the best I could do was stay right on his bumper, I'm still very happy with my pace throughout the race but @milko you definitely had a pace advantage. I screwed my pitstop and missed the box and wasted a couple of seconds lifting onto the jacks, without this mistake I think I would've come out of the pits right beside you or just behind and maybe could've challenged you for 2nd. I'm still super happy with 3rd and my pace overall, really enjoying the Ferrari. It all just seems to come together on race day, I really wasn't enjoying the car during practice the week. I'm looking forward to Zolder next week, sunrise and sunset so should be tricky conditions and I really enjoy the layout.
  18. I've done a total of 90 minutes practice so far between yesterday and today around snetterton. I'm finding it to be a tricky track to figure out, I don't feel like I'm lost as others have said but I just can't find any consistency in any corner, the slightest early turn in or getting on the throttle too soon on some corners and I'm way off on the grass. Hope it all comes together tomorrow and I can have a clean race, I don't see myself being very competitive though.
  19. Ricky "Meerman" Bobby - Shake and Bake, Dear lord baby Jesus @Meers next week after watching Talladega Nights
  20. I had a feeling something was up as that was my worst corner of the whole track and all of a sudden I was beside you, that explains it alright. I noticed my worst corners is the acceleration phase out of tight corners, I feel I can never get car placement right and I'm late and inconsistent on the throttle, I struggled at the tight turn before the run onto the back straight (virage du camp) and the last corner (virage du pont). I will have to focus practicing more corners like these ones, I see a hairpin in Snetterton I know already I'll struggle with.
  21. Oof I was very close to collecting you there, could've ended up being 2 incidents between us in a couple laps.
  22. That was some really fun racing tonight, super chuffed with P2 in the first race, got a lucky overtake out of the last corner on @SharkyOB and I just managed to keep ahead for the rest of the race. Race 2 was a bit messier for me, some flashes of good racing and some self inflicted mistakes. I'm also at fault for the bump at the start of race 2 @Meers I was concerned about the car on my left and jinked right before the braking zone in T1 and bumped you, luckily you didn't collect anyone else as we were all still packed together. Completely on me that one sorry. Here is a clip of the double overtake down the back straight, if only I didn't bin it the next lap I could've been on for another good result.
  23. Sorry to hear that, I hope life doesn't keep you down for too long. I'm still super grateful you introduced me to the league here and rllmuk in general, I will not be going anywhere so when you do get the bug back we can have some good battles on track.
  24. It's interesting to see the difference in each persons splits, I got a lot of time to make up in S1 and S3 but the straight I seem to be ok on, I thought I was very slow entering the straight but I guess not.
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