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  1. This is exactly my feeling with the VR, maybe newer models don't have such an issue but being able to clearly see pixels is annoying. Really happy I got this Vive on a loan to try out though, I've been playing a bunch of different games with it alongside a bit of ACC.
  2. If I can improve the graphics and match my lap times without VR I just might!
  3. This is a very nice lap, I noticed you are really early on the throttle in both Lesmo corners, I will have to try this approach in practice later. Did some testing over the weekend with the HTC Vive and while it's amazingly immersive to drive I can't find graphics setting which are smooth and good enough image quality especially after the improvement FSR gave me on my single monitor. Anything more than 30ish meters in front of me while in VR is very blurry, numbers on the braking boards appear last minute. I find it really throws me off my braking and turn in points, is this something you just have to get used to in VR? I was averaging a mid 2.02 and best time was a 2.01 flat. I set my time on the practice server on my monitor not in VR and was quite happy with the car, a bit cumbersome in certain corners and parabolica is the only real problem corner for me, I lost over 4 tenths on my fastest lap so have a good chunk of time to improve on. I'm unsure whether to race on Thursday in VR or not.
  4. I have an AMD RX580 so only FSR for me which gave me a big boost in performance. It's a couple years old now but still going strong, I did originally get with the HTC vive in mind. Is resolution scale the same as the resolution sneaky mentioned a message earlier, seems like I will have to spend a bit of time tinkering first.
  5. If I decide to race with it this week there will be a lot of waving other people and hand gestures as I spin off. Is this separate from FSR/DLSS? I will play around and try find a good balance of fps against image quality . Hopefully I won't get affected by the dark screen like you did.
  6. Ah yeah might need to move the rig slightly if I have to set up the trackers on either side of it, didn't think of them. I'm guessing they are required so the game can follow your head movements. The reset view now you say it does seem essential, I wouldn't have thought of that, thanks for the tips.
  7. Just found out I'm getting to borrow a friends HTC Vive for a week, picking it up this evening. For the guys using VR do you have any tips, is there a lot of setup required to get it working in ACC?
  8. I got the P1 V2 ordered this morning and it's already sold out. Glad I checked when I did, there was 470 units when I placed my order and availability was 9th December which is much sooner than I was expecting.
  9. It was completely self inflicted, I knew it was slippery but that astro was like ice, I even went off the next lap in the exact same way.
  10. I'm really enjoying the new update and the improvements FSR had brought, average +20fps and an improvement visual settings. It didn't make me any better though, that was some really tricky conditions in both races but I had great fun battling in both races. Race 1 was a bit up and down for me, pressures were way to high and was struggling to make any moves stick and when I could capitalise on others mistakes it was tricky to stay in front. Had a great start to race 2 but just lost it on the green astro at turn 4 and spun across the track, very pleased I got back to 3rd somehow.
  11. Server launches at 20.00 CET and qualification will start at 21.30 CET. I better get on myself before the race to check the wet setups. I saw something in the 1.8 changelog about more aquaplaning when the tyres are loaded laterally.
  12. This is a really nice version of the P1, I think I'm going to try order the new one tomorrow for the Black Friday deals, €100 is hard to pass on but the grip doesn't look as nice as the one you have, it won't be my main rim so I don't mind compromising on it a bit but I would really love to have a brushed metal finish instead of the carbon print or tyre on the WRC edition.
  13. I have no objections, that's a couple extra laps of practice which I need with the new update.
  14. I'm excited for the 1.8 update this FSR thing sounds really good, I average around 55fps with medium/low settings hoping I can get over 60 and bring the setting up to medium/high. I will try to play around with it a bit before practice tonight and see what improvements it makes.
  15. Sorry to hear that @Meers my condolences. I really dislike the first sector I can never nail it no matter the car I'm driving, lots of sliding but not so bad as a lap goes on. I only dialed in the pressures today didn't set anything spectacular time wise, lots to find.
  16. I never thought about running the cables in the slots like that, now I understand the accessories on sim-lab with long strips of plastic, will have to do something similar myself in the future. The casters is genius how you have them set up very easy to move around then, I'm lucky my rig has it's own corner now I used to fold away my Next Level Racing frame in my old apartment, wheel would have been useful then. Your set up looks very clean for a moveable 8020 rig.
  17. That was some good fun tonight even though I made mistakes in both races and took others out, so apologies to @milkofor the awful rejoin at the bus stop chicane on lap 1 in race 1 and also to @Meers for the contact in race 2, coincidently also lap 1. I had some really good pace in the car so disappointed that I didn't switch my internet connection and I had to leave the server and rejoin and started from the back for the second race. It did mean race 2 I saw lots of action coming through to 3rd place so very pleased with that recovery. I would love to accept this but I think my lap 1 antics and getting lucky others had coming together gifted me a couple positions and made my job easier.
  18. I have been closely following the QR failures, seems like there may be a material problem with some batches and they have sent some people 2 plastic QR. There was also a poll put up on the subreddit which gave a bit better perspective of how many were breaking, It was still a high enough percentage for mass production all things considered. The end goal is to upgrade to the QR2, I just don't want to invest €100 per QR and then the new version comes out right after. There is no high torque mode on the CSL DD like on the DD1/DD2.
  19. Could probably bring the rim to the nearest bike shop to check sizes of the collar. Yeah the round rim will be for moments I'm not playing ACC which seems to be the game I play the most recently so don't want to spend a fortune for less played games, I have been back in American truck simulator since I got the H-pattern but I need to quieten it somehow, it's excessively loud at moments pulling out from a standstill in the trucks. I agree P1 V2 is the better name, I will use the plastic QR until the QR2 comes out eventually and update all the rims I have by then.
  20. Looks like the clamp is a much smarter solution than having to screw a bolt in, just have to be carful it's tightened enough as he shows in the video. It irks me though that he doesn't sit the handle flush with the rest of the QR but maybe there's not enough tension in that orientation. How is the P1 to drive with? looks very similar to the WRC fanatec rim. I will need a round rim when I get the CSL DD for the truck sims and older cars in AC. And talking about the CSL DD I got my warehouse processing email from fanatec yesterday, fingers crossed I get it next week, I'm really excited for it and the maca rim, I'm also planning to try buy the updated P1 rim in the black Friday sale.
  21. Got on the server for an hour of practice today, I hate trying to keep it within track limits Blanchimont in the camaro, no amount of lifting or trying different turn in points seem to solve it. Let's see how many track limit warnings I can rack up on Thursday evening.
  22. Welcome @Kristian Svenning I also came over from the Power Q discord, I never raced the Q league so I'm looking forward to racing you here. I jumped on the practice server for only 20 minutes earlier just to set tyre pressures and get an initial feel for the car, the camaro sounds amazing, lots of understeer compared to the ferrari so will have to try dial that out a bit over the next week with practice.
  23. @Meers if I recall correctly a while back you had the analogue paddles on your McLaren rim set as indicators but when you updated the rim firmware you lost that feature. While I was procrastinating in work and perusing the fanatec subreddit I came across a possible way to remap the paddles to whatever buttons you like. Here is the link to the github in the screenshot https://github.com/Snoothy/UCR And this is the imgur link
  24. Yeah very snug fit got lucky with this little side enclave, pleased I could squeeze the PC in front of the rig, it used to sit beside it and I always disliked it.
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