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  1. If its any consolation I was super slow when I jumped into public lobbies so there's hope yet.
  2. Yours looks much sturdier than mine with the extra pieces in the arm, it was fine when mounted to the wall in front of my rig, now its mounted on the rig it wobbles a bit, the wheelbase doesn't seem to shake it too badly, the h-shifter does shake the screen a bit more, I would've expected it to happen the other way around. An upgrade is needed but those integrated monitor mounts from sim-lab are expensive, might pick up the one you linked then, that's a good price. Thanks, really happy with how it's turned out, the only big upgrade left is the seat which doesn't flex like the next level racing one. I was back using peak this afternoon and just made some small adjustments and smoothed out some of the jolts, ffb is starting to feel like I want it to now. I really expected kyalami to at least be a dry race with the real weather but it could go either way looking at the forecast.
  3. Your setup looks very clean, not too many cables in view unless you look from the side. What wall mount did you order? I looked up a few, seems to be a lot of options with low prices but shipping is more than the mount itself and some shipping was x3 the price of the mount. Got my CSL DD at Christmas and did the basic mounting straight away, I haven't had much time to simrace since unfortunately, just a couple public lobbies at monza. I did cable management, adjusting the screen placement and some FFB tweaks today. @davejm in the fanatec tuning menu do you use 'peak' or 'linear' ffb for your CSL DD? I'm still trying to find a sweet spot for my preferences, I feel like peak is too jerky but linear looses a good chunk of info.
  4. This looks like a good selection of tracks and I think we're going to get many rainy races. This should be a fun season!
  5. 20th of January is going to be some interesting conditions at Spa, can ACC simulate snow
  6. Congratulations on 1st Dave. Gotta say I'm super chuffed two podiums tonight and 2nd in the league. The format was great switching the car each week was great to try the different types of car. Was great fun in the 1st race battling with you and in the 2nd trying to keep up and close the gap in the last few laps, congrats on the win and 2nd tonight. I've seen someone on YouTube I think showing off this track, looks like an absolutely wild one.
  7. These are both amazing lads, beautiful singing Dave, I used to listen to a lot of Brand New as well, pity to hear the singer is a creep though I hadn't heard that. Damn I improved another 4 tenths last night but the gap to first is still over a second. Sow down guys I can't keep up Really impressive as well, seems a lot in our league is musically talented. I am not one of those though!
  8. I was really happy I just got into the 1.52s yesterday during practice but I've barely changed position. Those times are really impressive!
  9. Yeah it was just really unlucky, coming over the top of paddock hill I only saw you last minute, if I tried to cut outside I think I probably would have hit the back of your car still.
  10. Honestly no hard feelings at all, I came over the top of T1 and there was still space on the inside so I committed and in those conditions I couldn't do much as I saw you moving forward, nothing you could do at that moment either. I realised after quiting I should've stayed and finished for the points even if I was a couple laps down, oh well though. You win some, you loose some.
  11. Absolutely no need to apologise to me, I actually hit you in T4, my car was heavily damaged from hitting @davejm in T1. I just wasn't able to turn left at all and just went straight into your side. I jumped back to the pits after and controls were locked for 4 minutes and I decided to call it quits there.
  12. They probably think they own the track, that's frustrating especially as it's not a traditional competitive session, if you're an alien it should be a breeze to just drive around the others even at the Hungaroring.
  13. That's really annoying, how many people were on the server when you got on? There was about 9 when I was on and managed to find a comfortable gap between cars and I was lapping in the low 1.48s. I only came across one person while doing my laps. I was pretty nervous as well getting on the server, I think just the extra pressure of it being a licence.
  14. Did the low fuel motorsport licence earlier today. Wasn't too bad, did a couple warm up laps before jumping on the server, kept it safe and inside track limits. I jumped into the practice server for 10 minutes then and straight away I did a 1.42.100, thank you for the tips about T1 braking guys.
  15. I just signed up as well, I will try get the license done tonight alongside some laps on the practice server.
  16. Ok so earlier the better with braking and early on the throttle! Hopefully some better times will come in practice tonight. This is awesome, would love to do a track day with an instructor.
  17. Best wishes to your mother on her birthday this Thursday. You were flying when we crossed over for a few minutes on the server. I just need to put in more laps, l have a love hate relationship with paddocks hill and sheene's, feels great when you nail them but the car just loves to understeer wide into the gravel.
  18. Just did a handful of laps and damn I find brands hatch tricky in the dry, in the wet it's almost impossible to stay on track, car sounds great though. Got back into the VR for today and have to say even though the resolution is low it is absolutely amazing to drive in the rain and actually looking down to the steering wheel to check my delta is just a real treat. There's lots of little things which makes VR brilliant, I just need to win the lottery or something to majorly upgrade my PC and get a VR headset with higher resolution.
  19. I have been trying my hardest to not just stare at them on their website and drool, I'm super happy with the csl elites with the LC but the temptation is really there to pick these up if I can next year.
  20. That was some fun racing tonight, didn't have the greatest start to either race and lost positions which I somehow managed to gain back. First race my pace was pretty decent I was keeping close-ish to @SharkyOB but @davejm always had the advantage and was pulling away in front. Stole the fastest lap of him and came home second, really pleased with that result. Had a really fun battle with @Count Buffalos in the second race, I just couldn't get the traction down out of any corners to overtake so tried some mind games which paid off into ascari and due to the date @SharkyOB had with the wall a few corners earlier and daves misery in T1 I found myself in first place, I was making a couple silly mistakes and I was sure I would be caught by the shark closing up behind me. I could hear the jaws theme in my head, again I got lucky and the gap opened behind me so I tried take it easy the last few minutes of racing, had a couple wobbles but kept my cool and took my first win. Absolutely chuffed with tonight's races.
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