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  1. I did another LFM race last night, increased toe a bit more, softened the front arb and stiffened the rear, really made the car feel much better but no major laptime improvements. Qualifying went a bit better this time, started 9th and finished 6th. Had a fun last lap battle as well.
  2. I adjusted the ARB and front toe for the Suzuka race but only toe this time for misano, maybe I'll also soften the front ARB and keep the toe as I have it to see how it reacts. I'm really unsure with the springs and bump stops I have never touched them in the setup just leave it as the aggressive preset, I do want to try learn a bit more about setting up the car but it's overwhelming trying to figure it out.
  3. It's very annoying, I've adjusted the front out about double of the value and the rears and extra half of the aggressive set up, it helped alright but still plenty of understeer.
  4. I did my first two LFM races yesterday afternoon. I probably should've practiced more than the 5 invalid laps on the rllmuk server I did, I qualified terribly both races. 17/18 in the first race with a 137.752, it did mean I easily avoided the carnage in the mid field gained a few places and finished 11th. Second race I qualified 16/21 with a 1.37.482, on the opening lap traded a little bit of paint in the first few corners but settled in quickly, felt much more comfortable in the car and was lapping in the mid 1.36s and finished in 7th. Had some really good battles in the second race, there was 4 cars and we were all a similar pace. I still really struggled with the understeer again, hoping for a fix for the toe values to comes out soon, my lap record according to the game is a 1.35.1, there's time there to find but I don't know how easy it would be to get back to that with how the car is now. I might try get on again tonight and max out the toe values and see how it goes.
  5. Thanks, I'm still a bit shocked I came out ahead of you at the end, after you passed me you were on average a few tenths faster than me a lap and were just pulling away. I guess maybe tyres cooling a bit in the pitstop and drop in temp maybe affected grip I have always struggled to get pressure back up after a pitstop so I delayed mine as long as possible. I'll have to put on lots of practice so you don't catch me next time!
  6. I'm up for it, I only drove misano when we raced there last and I really enjoyed it. Also a very technical track in places. Maybe I'll give the GT-R a shot.
  7. I'm super chuffed with last night's race, I really don't know where I found the time in qualifying, I was struggling to break the 2.03 barrier in practice so was very surprised to get pole. Starting from the front is really nerve wracking especially when you have @SneakyNinja and @SharkyOB right in your bumper and they were both faster than me. I was consistenly making a couple small mistakes in the hairpin and spoon which allowed both past in spoon on different occasions as I went wide, I just kept my head down after that and managed to keep my pace in the mid to high 2.04s for the rest of the race, pitted right at the end and to my surprise came out 13 seconds ahead of SneakyNinja. Knowing it would transition to night I over inflated my tyres a bit, they were about 28.1 for the first few laps but by the end they were still 27.2/27.4, only after the pitting on the penultimate lap did they drop below 27 so I think that gave me the edge and stopped my pace from dropping off, there still was some slower laps towards the end as it started to feel like an ice rink here and there especially at 130r I went really wide about 5 laps in a row. Yeah the 130r was unfortunate, you're pace looked really strong up to then. It looked like a great drift from my angle and looked like you really clattered the wall as I went past. The GT-R is probably my favorite looking car but I didn't enjoy seeing the front in the rear view camera, watching you pull away down the main straight as I was right in your slipstream was something else, I've not driven it yet, might have ti give it a try on an break week. Wow what a find Ben, that card should be great running ACC.
  8. That's great to hear, best of luck with the healing process. Always better to be safe than sorry and take it slow with this sort of thing.
  9. Must've just missed you dave, good to hear your back in VR and fingers crossed the discomfort passes quickly. I got on for half an hour myself, tried playing around with the toe angles to try and dial out the understeer, I don't ever remember it being so bad pre 1.8. First I tried maxing out front and back toe, it helped a bit with rotation but I still struggled with understeer in certain situations, I went back to standard values for the aggressive setup and just adjusted the front a bit, not the whole way out though, it helped a lot but reintroduced some snap oversteer, maxing out the wing then helped stop that and I managed to improve my time, got into the 2.03s. Still some tweaking to be done but feeling more comfortable in the car now.
  10. Wishing you a straightforward op and a swift recovery. We will be eagerly waiting your return after the week break.
  11. Yeah I was also completely overwhelmed by the amount of motherboards on the market, I spent a whole afternoon a while back looking at motherboard videos, figured I really didn't need to spend that much on one and just make sure it has a small bit of overhead for upgrading, I overspent way too much with the current motherboard I have. The model I suggested has everything you're looking for, the only thing with the m.2 slots is one is gen 4 and one is gen 3 and I don't know which of the two has the direct link to the cpu, but I think for our needs we won't notice massive performance differences, maybe in games a few years down the line.
  12. I've been looking at upgrading to a very similar set up to you Meers, I've been looking on tweakers.net the last couple of weeks at prices. Is there any particular reason you choose this motherboard. I've been eyeing up the MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK which is around €30 cheaper than the ASUS. I'm also planning on getting the 5600x and the same size and speed ram. No graphics card update tho8gh as they're still ridiculously priced.
  13. Ah this may explain some of the problems I've been experiencing in the ferrari with stavelot, it was never such a big problem in previous races. Will play around with the toe settings and see how it feels. I won't make the race tonight, I was reminded this morning of plans which were made weeks ago and no way out of them.
  14. Yeah I think I just needed to get out and I'll have another go at practice later on, too easy to get in a rut when the laps aren't coming and just end up with bad habits.
  15. I'm having the exact same frustrations with track limits at least, just did 30 laps and only 4 were valid, if it's not understeering wide at raidillion it's the understeer at 2nd stavelot, both places were you loose huge amounts of time if you lift even a little. Tried a few setup changes but I can't notice any difference in the car, I'm just getting annoyed practicing at the moment, hoping come race day it comes together a bit better otherwise I'll easily end up with a drive through each sprint race.
  16. Ah that's really annoying, must be a jarring experience to switch back to pancake mode. I just jumped on the practice server for a couple laps to get reacquainted with Spa, I have never really been fully comfortable with this circuit, my lines are all over the place and just can't put in consitent laps. I'm fully recovered now and off work next week so should have a good bit of time to put in practice during the week and maybe try my hand at a couple LFM races as well. My best time today was a 2.21.23 and I lost 4 tenths in the last chicane on that lap so a sub 2.21 is possible with my current pace, it's just a matter of doing that on track. I'm sure it won't be a difficult time to beat for others, let's see if practice can bring down my times as well and sure it will all probably go out the window on Thursday, the forcast is predicting a 70% chance of snow.
  17. So I got it sorted after playing around in settings in game and in the fanatec software today, I have been running the csl dd in pc compatability mode and it shows in a game as csw2.5, I changed it to pc mode (I thought it still wasn't fully working as fanatec still recommend compatability mode) and rebound all the buttons and encoders, I was still having the same problem where tc and abs would change up but not down or reverse the inputs. Changing constant to encoder in fanalab while running in pc mode is what made them work in the end.
  18. I am envious, I thought I got away with just a headache on Sunday but no luck. Back to ACC topic before we derail the whole thread, how have you set up your rotary encoders on the McLaren rim, I'm struggling to get mine to work properly with TC and ABS. They go up the numbers perfectly fine but when switching down it doesn't always respond, it's not something I necessarily change often while driving but would be nice to have them working .
  19. Ja en de sterkste reactie, de eerste en tweede was alleen hoofdpijn en deze keer is het een griep. Ha let's hope for my sake, I just looked as well at the weather and scattered thunderstorms is the prediction. Does ACC weather do lighting and thunder, would make for some interesting driving.
  20. I do not wish upon anyone what I went through last night, I'm still feeling absolutely shite today. I don't know if I'll get any more practice in before Thursday but fingers crossed I'm better by then and I can race. I thought my mid 1.43 would still be semi competitive but looks like people are finding lots of time, let's hope last minute practice on Thursday if it happens helps my pace.
  21. Not sure if I'll be on tonight after all, I got my booster shot on Saturday evening and it has just hit me in the last 30 minutes like a tonne of bricks.
  22. I can also get on a half hour earlier as well. My brother had a bad dose of covid and it was the fatigue that really stuck with him for a couple weeks.
  23. Damn @winky 5 tenths in sector 1, going to have to put on some serious practice to find that. Hopefully we see you for a couple races but best of luck with the music and gigs. Damn didn't realise either you were covid positive, fingers crossed the fatigue passes quickish. Might see you online later I'll be getting on for some practice as well. I've no real preference about qualifying, I was a fan of the single qualifying session but I also did like the 2 short sessions which had the potential to mix up the grid for race 2, I guess for ease the single session is better. I'm going to try get onto the server at 20.00 UK time if anyway one wants to hop on discord as well.
  24. Shit I hope you feel better soon! I've not had the chance to get on the practice server yet this week as I've been sick as well, only a stomach bug and not the rona thankfully. I think I'm going to stick with the Ferrari evo even though it tried to kill me most races I've driven it, the off throttle pops sounds so glorious though. I want to try learn a bit about setting up a car during this league and think sticking with the Ferrari as I already did our last GT3 league in it is a good starting point.
  25. I'd be interested in helping out for the 24 hours of Spa, I did a quick public lobby just now and my laptimes were not consistently below 2.22, I'm still adjusting to the DD but plenty of time between now and May to practice for it.
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