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  1. I feel with some practice there's a couple tenths to come off, nothing too dramatic though. Need to work on bringing my overall pace down and keep within the track limits at turn 9.
  2. You didn't get in my way at all when I was going past. I can't compare to gt sport but I feel like I'm still learning the brakes in ACC even after a couple races, I can see a lot of time for myself under braking.
  3. Wow that field looks super tight, I unfortunately won't make the race this Thursday. Life and work is getting in the way, I've really been enjoying the GT4s a bit more than the GT3s so I'm a bit sullen about missing it.
  4. If I have time I will hopefully be on this evening for an hour, I'll jump onto the rllmuk discord if I get on.
  5. Damn I'm still a good 2 seconds off the pace, it's a completely new track for me so hoping I can get within a second at least before Thursday.
  6. There's a lot of really good data here, I can see my pace drop right off the last 2 laps after I got damage going over the mountain and @Valver putting in his fastest lap the same lap, it was nail biting for me watching the gap between us coming down quickly.
  7. I'm also based in the Netherlands, I'm not Dutch but slowly learning your difficult language. I'm hoping to build up my ability to do longer endurance races, I would be interested in the future to maybe participate in a team even if it's not as driver but helping out as spotter and odd bits needed.
  8. At least we should have some fun racing at the back then. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a UFO!
  9. Cool I might just miss the first qualifying but will be there for both races. Excited to plod around the back of the pack, the more experience I get the better.
  10. For the Bathurst race tomorrow is the start time 20.30 UK time and how long is the race? I got onto the server for a few laps to sort out tyre prrssures and try for a few laps to see how my time is, I'm very slow around Bathurst and damn I forgot how brutal the mountain section is.
  11. @Valver I'm not very fast either, I really only know a handful of tracks and I try to focus on clean driving rather than pure speed. @davejm Is this weeks Bathurst tomorrow? I might jump into that depending how some practice goes for me this evening. I've only driven the track in PC2 so I know the general layout but no clue how it will be in ACC.
  12. Hi everybody. Had a great race last time at Zolder with some of you guys looking forward to what you have planned this season and I love me some GT4s, it seems like there's a lot of interest here for them.
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