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  1. Ah something went wrong recording the highlights from tonight's race, I'll try again tomorrow after work.


    There was some really fun racing tonight, in the first half my tires were under pressure and I couldn't keep up to @milko and @SneakyNinja. Managed to undercut sneaky in the pits and a great battle over the second half of the race ensued. Lots of missed braking points and sloppy corners but great fun.

  2. I haven't seen it mentioned yet in this thread but derail valley is a great VR train simulator, it's not perfect and can be a bit grindy to unlock everything. To play it on a Quest 2 you need the Oculus link and half decent PC. I played it on a friends HTC Vive and wished it had a better resolution. There's just something about sticking your head out the side of the cabin as you barrel through the countryside in a train.



  3. 30 minutes ago, Valver said:

    Nope - didn't reach the minimum registered entrants, so it got auto-cancelled...


    I might hop on the Discord later and fire up AMS2 on my PC to mess about on - if anyone fancies a spin in something "interesting" then shout and I'll give my games details...

    I stupidly messed up my steam installs folder when upgrading my PC and still haven't redownloaded AMS2, too big to download now. I'm going to sign up for the rookies imola LFM race at 21.16 (20.16 UK time) and maybe the one after.


    I'll probably jump on the Discord as well for a chat 

  4. @davejm thank you for all the organising you have done and with the endurance race being set up. Just a thought on it when it comes to the drawing of driver pairings, on the off chance there's a pairing such as Meers and myself we should put one of the names back into the draw as we both have experience with driver swaps and some small other details which are different in Endurance racing.


    3 hours ago, Meers said:

    I think I managed to create a practice server through simracing.gp. It starts at 17:00 UTC / 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST. If you need me to change the starting time, let me know.


    8 hours (500 minutes) is about the max for a session it seems.

    I have registered for the event, will probably change the car when you add some other ones in.

  5. After a practice stint at Zolder yesterday I turned a couple of laps at Indy and Watkins Glen, no clue of the lines so Thursday will definitely be plodding at the back trying to follow others. I straight away thought Watkins was the better of the two, those elevation changes and cambered turns were great, Indianapolis seems a bit more awkward how some of the turns are set up and I'm not a fan of the braking points not being in meters. I've driven COTA in other games so hoping that experience helps in at least on of the 3 races these weeks. 

  6. 12 hours ago, PK said:


    Hawken was absolutely superb. Such a shame they shuttered it. Although I didn't play it frequently enough to notice the more egregious F2P elements of which I believe there were a few?

    It was one of my all time favourite games. The F2P elements weren't too bad in the early days bu it got progressively worse. If there was a Hawken style Gundam game I'd be all over it in a hearbeat.

  7. 36 minutes ago, Meers said:

    Like I already said, @davejm...you're fast mate. 😓



    I'm going to need a lot of laps before Thursday if I have any hope of getting close to Dave's time. Seriously fast.



    2 minutes ago, milko said:

    Suzuka is so damn hard. I've had my delta up faster, a low 2.02, but I mess up or just slightly break track limits. Can't believe how bad that valid lap ratio looks, but it took me about 10 attempts just to get my first one done. 


    Hoping I have time to do about the same number of laps again without pushing hard, might get the hang of it by then. 

    I'm in a similar boat to you, kept invalidating laps and just in the last few minutes yesterday I got into the 2.03s. Lots of laps to do tonight.

  8. 26 minutes ago, Meers said:


    :hug: Bro hug time then! Thanks for the kind words and indeed, that makes this league so good.

    It's incredible that I managed to get a decent pace at all in the beginning, considering my hot work day. The loft was also steaming hot after a while, even with 2 fans next to me and the Velux© window wide open. Desktop PCs generate a lot more heat than laptops! 😓

    It was horrible yesterday, felt more like Florida than the Netherlands. 


    1 minute ago, milko said:

    gah, my replay didn't save somehow. If anyone's got a decent angle of the last lap I would quite like to review that and see if I could've done better - the highlight unfortunately starts about 2 seconds after it's all over and we're heading down to the finish.


    @Valver @SneakyNinja how are you guys feeling today, any better yet?

    I have the full replay saved, not sure if I will have a chance today to record it but will definitely be able to do it tomorrow if know one else has it.

  9. 1 hour ago, Meers said:


    The bang made me jump out of my seat, I didn't expect it at all. Thought I didn't do anything out of the ordinary (such as braking too soon or moving under braking) and the replay showed I didn't (which was my worry at first). I thought it was a divebomb but looks like a racing incident looking at that clip. Unfortunate mate, it's just one of those things. 😕


    You were faster than me, so you deserved that pass. Sorry for holding you up for that long.

    You were driving perfect at that point in the race. I broke at the point I would have if I was in clean air, I should've braked slightly early knowing you were ahead, it's a heavy braking point and you always close in on the car in front under braking like that. I know these things but for what every reason trying to chase you down I didn't put it into practice.


    Ah I didn't deserve the pass, you deserved a clean fight and you didn't hold me up, just gave me a good fight. That's why I'm racing here with you guys.

  10. 3 hours ago, Valver said:

    ...and Ive just tested positive for COVID.  It's my first time, wish me luck. 🤬


    Hopefully I'll race tomorrow evening anyway.  I may not be on Discord coms much as I'm coughing a fair bit...

    Ah I hope it stays mild for you, I found I was just tired a lot when I had it last week. I guess I was lucky that it was already on the mend when it came to race day.

  11. Ooh this actually looks interesting, I hope it also gets a PC release. I've not enjoyed any of the previous Gundam games as obsessed as I am with the animes and manga, the movement was always terrible for giant robots.

    Looking at some gameplay footage this looks like a step in the right direction but I still get a feeling they move too quickly like an overwatch character and not a 20 meter tall walking robot killing machine. I also hope they change the scale of the building in the footage I watched, I want to walk around a city and look out from behind apartment blocks or be able to look up at the other side of a space colony while shooting giant machine guns and beam weapons at the enemy.


    I always compare mecha games to a short lived FPS called Hawken they got the movement and feel down perfectly in my opinion and if there was a gundam game to match this feel I wouldn't play anything else.


  12. 55 minutes ago, milko said:

    I find T3 bloody tricky (on studying a track map it turns out this is T5. Barbeque, anyway). Where's the line!? Where's the braking point!? Where's the turn-in point? Why's the apex hiding behind my a-pillar? Argh! And then I never feel satisfied I'm doing the following fast right hander (Sunset) fast enough either but then if I go faster it's understeering out of the track I go.

    These are my problem corners too, for barbeque I brake just as the kerb ends on the left hand side of T4 Jukskei sweep, I turn in pretty early as well to try get on the power as early as possible but I find my line still to be inconsistent. T6 Sunset I have just accepted I feel slow, If I try to maximise running wide on the kerb it unsettles the car trying to get back over to the right for T7 clubhouse.

  13. 1 hour ago, Yannik said:


    Here's the brake failure from my POV - from shooting the shit with the guy you're battling to utter disbelief in a matter of seconds 🥲
    Twitch Clip

    My crew chief did the exact same thing, told me to pay attention to track limits. And don't worry about my race just like in real life this sort of thing can happen, you gotta roll with it.


    52 minutes ago, Yannik said:

    New load cell is on its way btw, should be here by Monday. So next Thursday should definitely not be out of the question.

    Great to hear you got a fix on the way!

  14. I have to say even getting murdered I really enjoyed that race, was great to have a bigger grid. Was intense trying to close the gap to @milko, one lap I'd go faster then he'd pull the gap back in the next lap, all the while @Meers was doing the exact same behind me. After the pitstops my pace dropped off slightly and milko started to pull away.

    With about 15 minutes left go @Yannik had a brake pedal failure and unlucky for me was right on my tail, no hard feeling at all, shit happens. I just hope you get you pedals fixed.

    In my panic though to get the car going again I managed to switch my wheel into some xbox tuning mode or something which ends up dropping the FFB when I get it switched back. It is exactly like what happened to me in the 24 hour race at spa a while back. I figured out this week during practice how it happens, on the macca rim I've the xbox button as the ignition and the X button on the rim as the push to talk. Press these in combination and it goes into the xbox mode. I just forgot to rebind these buttons before the race. Without FFB I was 4 seconds on my pace and ended up losing another position in the final minutes of the race. 


    Here's a clip of my opening lap battle with meers and the crash between myself and yannik.



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