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  1. It was horrible yesterday, felt more like Florida than the Netherlands. I have the full replay saved, not sure if I will have a chance today to record it but will definitely be able to do it tomorrow if know one else has it.
  2. You were driving perfect at that point in the race. I broke at the point I would have if I was in clean air, I should've braked slightly early knowing you were ahead, it's a heavy braking point and you always close in on the car in front under braking like that. I know these things but for what every reason trying to chase you down I didn't put it into practice. Ah I didn't deserve the pass, you deserved a clean fight and you didn't hold me up, just gave me a good fight. That's why I'm racing here with you guys.
  3. Upload of the highlights. Was a bit of a messy night for me, rookie mistake and went into the back of @Meers early in the race which put us right at the back. Had decent pace in clean air pity we didn't get to fight in the pack ahead. Edit: Here is a clip of my 1st degree murder against Meers And a battle I had with one of the new guys.
  4. Ah I hope it stays mild for you, I found I was just tired a lot when I had it last week. I guess I was lucky that it was already on the mend when it came to race day.
  5. EuroVapeSim2


    Ooh this actually looks interesting, I hope it also gets a PC release. I've not enjoyed any of the previous Gundam games as obsessed as I am with the animes and manga, the movement was always terrible for giant robots. Looking at some gameplay footage this looks like a step in the right direction but I still get a feeling they move too quickly like an overwatch character and not a 20 meter tall walking robot killing machine. I also hope they change the scale of the building in the footage I watched, I want to walk around a city and look out from behind apartment blocks or be able to look up at the other side of a space colony while shooting giant machine guns and beam weapons at the enemy. I always compare mecha games to a short lived FPS called Hawken they got the movement and feel down perfectly in my opinion and if there was a gundam game to match this feel I wouldn't play anything else.
  6. These are my problem corners too, for barbeque I brake just as the kerb ends on the left hand side of T4 Jukskei sweep, I turn in pretty early as well to try get on the power as early as possible but I find my line still to be inconsistent. T6 Sunset I have just accepted I feel slow, If I try to maximise running wide on the kerb it unsettles the car trying to get back over to the right for T7 clubhouse.
  7. I remembered the short exchange between @Yannik and myself before our coming together and just couldn't resist making this after seeing your vod had the discord audio as well.
  8. My crew chief did the exact same thing, told me to pay attention to track limits. And don't worry about my race just like in real life this sort of thing can happen, you gotta roll with it. Great to hear you got a fix on the way!
  9. I have to say even getting murdered I really enjoyed that race, was great to have a bigger grid. Was intense trying to close the gap to @milko, one lap I'd go faster then he'd pull the gap back in the next lap, all the while @Meers was doing the exact same behind me. After the pitstops my pace dropped off slightly and milko started to pull away. With about 15 minutes left go @Yannik had a brake pedal failure and unlucky for me was right on my tail, no hard feeling at all, shit happens. I just hope you get you pedals fixed. In my panic though to get the car going again I managed to switch my wheel into some xbox tuning mode or something which ends up dropping the FFB when I get it switched back. It is exactly like what happened to me in the 24 hour race at spa a while back. I figured out this week during practice how it happens, on the macca rim I've the xbox button as the ignition and the X button on the rim as the push to talk. Press these in combination and it goes into the xbox mode. I just forgot to rebind these buttons before the race. Without FFB I was 4 seconds on my pace and ended up losing another position in the final minutes of the race. Here's a clip of my opening lap battle with meers and the crash between myself and yannik.
  10. Hi @Amereto welcome! Looking forward to the bigger group this week even if I'm not very competitive at the moment in the Bentley.
  11. The map itself is very well modelled, if you wanted you could just freely drive around but the game is focused on doing jobs and building your company, there's quite a decent micro-management style game in it as well as you get into the guts of buying depots, trucks, trailers and hiring drivers, I believe in the setting you can turn off fines for crashing and breaking other rules. Not sure if you can turn off the fuel consumption, you could easily enough adjust your money with a mod so you would never have to worry if you just wanted to drive. Here is a video showing a log delivery job with G29 and H-shifter. And here's another one from the same guy showing one of the heavy haul jobs.
  12. Yeah that makes things a bit trickier then. Hopefully you find something, I can't imagine there not being a similar app to sim dashboard on ios.
  13. I keep my simdashboard phone attached to the rig and this phone has the bare minimum on it, I mainly use it as a timing screen but have been adding in extra information on the screen. Been meaning to do setup something similar to meers.
  14. Ah I misread your comment earlier and thought there was still a few more clicks of wing available. I stick with what feels good then like you've got your setup now. I have a spare android phone I'd be happy to ship to you. I would just need to wipe it and wait until I'm not infectious before shipping. You're in Norway right? Looking at the PostNL website it looks to be around €12 to ship a small package. Edit: the glass is cracked but the screen works just fine.
  15. To me it looked like you have better balance in the car than I can achieve using throttle and braking. If I try to get on power as early as you did specifically in bruxelles I find the car washing way out to the left on corner exit which screw the line for no name. And no braking into no name surprised me, I've always braked in that corner, I'm going to have to see if I can try it without and come of the throttle earlier. I imagine with eriks suggestion of more wing you could probably be more aggressive in those corners and gain a lot of time still.
  16. Really nice lap! You really manage to get the power down early in some corners like less comes and bruxelles. I've come down with the dreaded covid, symptoms are mild so should be good to race on Thursday. Will try to get a but if practice in before if i have the energy, I will be using the setup @Erik made for the 24 hour race, it's focused to be safer to drive in the wet but its what I'm used to now so will be good practice to try become one with the boat.
  17. Ha yes another trucking fan. I haven't played it in ages but I've put a lot of hours into euro truck sim 2 and American truck sim. I used to play with a steam controller and used the built in gyro to steer. It worked surprisingly well but nothing like the immersion having a wheel, I used to love cruising with some good music, there was also a lot of hours spent customising the trucks in my fleet. I have a h-shifter and if you plan to put a lot of hours into EVS2/ATS I'd recommend looking into them. There's some decent and relatively cheap ones available on the likes of aliexpress. You should, it goes on sale pretty often not just the base game but a lot of the dlc as well. Last time I checked about half a year ago SCS were beta testing official multiplayer with AI traffic. I'd love to do a rllmuk night chatting and doing jobs in one of our off weeks from the league.
  18. RLLMUK on ice! Those conditions looked really difficult, fair play to you lads for getting through it.
  19. Enjoy the race tonight guys, and I'll be back for next weeks race. Going to jump on and check out your stream.
  20. Yeah sorry about that I just braked way too late. Have to say last night was just frustrating for me, I'm still struggling to get to grips with the Bentley and it's an absolute diva in the wet. I really did not enjoy driving last night, had 3 major spins during the full hour and about 2 minutes of repair time, a bit during my pitstop and had to stop again with about 10 minutes remaining, almost quit out then but knew I should just finish it off. Zolder is a track I really like, it just wasn't for me yesterday, I couldn't extract any meaningful pace.
  21. My build was a semi-budgeted build. I went for the 5600x, ASUS B550 TUF motherboard, 16GB ram @3200mhz and a 1TB Samsung 980 Pro as a new boot drive. Kept my case, power supply and graphics card, keeping my eye on the 3070/3080 prices and thinking maybe I can splurge on one when the 40 series drops and so does the price of the 30 series. I also thought about delaying my upgrade for next generation but I really don't play AAA games, I went from my CPU struggling at 100% usage in ACC to under 30% on the practice server. Need to check on Thursday how it is during the race.
  22. Yeah this new build was supposed to solve all my problems in ACC and stop the stutters I was experiencing on my old CPU which it has but now everything else breaks I will be getting on for a bit of practice later and with FFB fixed from last night I should finally be able to get laps in
  23. Awesome thanks for the link, seems reasonably priced as well if you can buy everything with the points.
  24. Looks pretty interesting, I've been meaning to check out raceroom for a while now. How has it been picking up individual cars and tracks? Can you get them in packs and is there variation in quality?
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