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  1. I'm feeling better as the day is going on, ibuprofen really helped the aches. Waking up this morning all I wanted to do is sleep all day. Thanks for the tips, I've signed up in the EVO variant for now but will try out both versions and change if I feel I'm quicker with one over the other. I've not adjusted any engine maps when driving the Aston, I'll have to look into them for the Ferrari. I have plenty of time before the race to understand the car.
  2. I've signed up for this in the Ferrari 488 GT3, looking forward to trying out a new car and I've never driven Suzuka so a new track for me as well. I cancelled my registration for the bremgarten races tonight, I got my second vaccination yesterday and feeling rough today. maybe if I'm feeling better later I'll jump into the second race.
  3. It's been awesome, glad I made the jump onto the forum here. Hi @Yannik you will love it here the racing has been really fun.
  4. I'll have to try that, threaten them with switching to Ziggo. Will try to get on the practice server this evening to see how the phone connection continues to hold up.
  5. These internet issues are really frustrating, unfortunately not the first time this season. Really sorry for taking you out @milko. I guess its the latency trying to guess where my car is that I flashed up on the right side of the track like that and then inside or beside you at the apex. I hit the inside curb and launched myself across the track into the gravel further up the hill and rejoined after a couple cars went through so I never even realised I caused you to crash as it didn't appear like that on my screen, but that doesn't change the fact I took you out. I just did 30 minutes on the server using my phone data as a hotspot, it seems to be a more solid connection than my useless WiFi, I hope this makes the difference in the actual race session and these sort of situations don't persist.
  6. I'm so happy this weeks races are sprint races without a mandatory pitstop. The pit exit is a nightmare, I try to take it slow and still mess up spectacularly. I got on for 2 half hour practice sessions today, some flashes of good lap times starting to show but no sign of consistency unless you count trips through the gravel. I'm still looking forward to tomorrow will do my best to keep it clean even if it means taking it a bit slow.
  7. I like the idea of using a new car, I've only used 1 so far so I was thinking about switching next season anyway. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to switch between the GT3s and GT4s, maybe the season could favour the GT3 class for most races and do 1 or 2 in the GT4s spread out in the season. Or do a multiclass race for 2 events, pull names for half the field from a hat who has to drive the GT4s one week and then the other half drive them the next week, or even take a third of the field and do it over 3 races. Maybe it's a bit awkward if it's different tracks and repeating the same track may be boring. This has been my first league I've joined, I really enjoy the formats as they are so won't be unhappy either if not much changes for next season.
  8. Just did my first hour of practice around laguna seca, what a slippery track. I really struggled to get a lap in in the first 30 minutes, and it seemed to be any time I even just touched the gravel I was backwards or in a wall, it's not very forgiving. Going to do another hour of practice tomorrow and hope I can improve a bit before the races on Thursday. Maybe I should've done some practice over the weekend, to late now though. Tell me about it, I was going to book flights back to Ireland this week but how the numbers climbed so quickly I'm holding off a bit longer and hoping things don't get too much worse. The 'dancen met jansen' was just an idiotic idea.
  9. I got away with the contact and sort of bounced off the wall with minimal damage and facing the right way, I was lifting a bit too much in eau rouge as well all race as I wasn't feeling confident through there. The timing was super unlucky as @SneakyNinjagot passed you on the straight right after you let me back through. It was unfortunate as you had a large pace advantage over me as did sneaky, I got very lucky with my qualifying position to be ahead of you guys at the start of the race. Still I had some great fun tonight some good battles and really enjoyed racing in the tricky conditions. Bring on the corkscrew next week!!!
  10. I can see you take a lot more speed through eau rougue/raidillon and stavelot, I'm going to have to do some more practice tonight to see if I can get my time down under yours, I definitely feel like there's still a lot out there.
  11. Yeah that's exactly it, just swapped the whole pedal and swapped the cables and it worked. I could've probably swapped the springs but it was really easy to swap the whole pedal.
  12. Here is my qualifying lap in the wet. Super chuffed with it, I think swapping the clutch for my accelerator on my csl pedals made my right foot much better, the spring is heavier and easier to get smooth inputs compared to the regular throttle pedal.
  13. Not sure if it was me either, race 2 I qualified 2nd and on the first corner dropped to 3rd behind @Erik i stayed close-ish behind the lead pair for a lap or 2 and then had a pretty uneventful race to myself. I had two small off tracks looking at the mini map for yellows and missing braking points but I didn't really race anyone.
  14. @davejm @daifuco hoping for an easy speedy recovery for you guys. Oh nice I'm jealous, would love to get to a F1 race. I've been discussing with an Italian friend to drive down to Monza in September but still a lot up in the air whether it's possible. Ouch that looks like a nasty one indeed. Do you mean the cantas and other miniature cars, I've never seen them in Ireland and couldn't imagine them being on the roads in the UK either, maybe the odd one in a city but nowhere near as common as here in the Netherlands.
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