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  1. Brake ducts and pads have by far the greatest effect. Then toe and camber. Everything else very minor. Sometimes you just cant get them within optimal temperature range.
  2. Is it properly grounded? The DD. Remember its not just for safety but also to make sure its in the same potential with everything else
  3. Yeah tbh I get tons of stuttering and screen freezes in Zolder so running no practice may be the least frustrating way to do a Zolder race week
  4. Right, does that mean we get 2 weeks of qualifying for Imola? Ill have to practice for Imola and Misano at the same time
  5. Is the Zolder race this week? I though it'd be next week. I should be able to race but I likely wont be able to turn a single practice lap
  6. I watched most of the race on Yannik's stream until signal strength finally got too bad and it was stuck in buffering. I tried VR for the first time today, in Il-2. I think I may need to get a VR set and see if I can make ACC run smoothly.
  7. Last weekend I followed a enduro race where Tortellini was lapping 2:17s in Spa, in the Porsche. In traffic, with full fuel and 10 kg of ballast. He barely turns the wheel in most corners. His stint starting here:
  8. Yeah they are quite different. In the preset front is very damped, sits on bumpstops and doesnt pitch or roll much at all. For me that results in very understeery feel and sliding front tyres a lot. I find the car also does not like touching kerbs. Increasing bumpstop range and reducing damping improves all that. I found that to compensate for front changes rear also needs some changes to stop low speed entry oversteer. Front wheelrate doesnt necessarily need to be softer though, my mistake there. Its not necessarily any faster than the preset, just different. For me car becomes more predictable and stable with more grip, but responds slower. Can anyone stream tonight's race?
  9. Good, but I know mid 1:45s are possible with full fuel so everyone should be able to improve quite a bit
  10. McLarens are clearly struggling a bit again. Try something like this, makes the car softer and less snappy: Aggressive preset+ -wheelrates 1 click down -some clicks more bumpstop range(experiment, difference is how it reacts under brakes and high/medium speed turns) -lower rear ARB and diff. preload -front 54 mm, rear 68-70 mm, max wing. If its still snappy or bad over kerbs raise front or lower rear more, 1 mm at a time, dont bother trying lower wheelrate or damping -dampers front 10-12-11-12, rear 19-16-23-16
  11. This is on the weekend before our Misano enduro weekend. I'll think about it. I wont make it to the qualifying race though.
  12. Those Ferraris were fast on the back straight. Over 285? edit: heres the 1:54.0 race lap of mine. As you can see its not even particularly clean or smooth and later I could improve up to over 3 tenths in sector 1. Its just so important to carry speed through the long corners and get back on power as early as possible in final corner and the hairpin. https://streamable.com/ws13je
  13. Steyr Mannlicher Match 91. Its quite old, from 1993. Its from the time before PCP was a thing. It looks similar to the one below: I turned a dozen laps around Snetterton and the best one was 1:49.152. I'm not sure if I like or hate this track but I'm sure that time will get beaten.
  14. The noise doesnt bother my neighbor. We have a mutual understandment pact. She knows that I know that she smokes weed.
  15. See the youtube link in my message above. Besides the occasional movie and football world and euro championships I havent really watched TV for years... I mostly play or read. F1 and enduro races I watch on my PC. I recently built an air rifle "range" in my apartment. The lane goes across my bedroom and living room. Offhand shooting at the 5 mm / 0,2" bullseye takes a lot of concentration and focus on many small details and trying to minimize heartrate and muscle vibration. I find it great way to relax and clear thoughts after work and dinner, before racing.
  16. Racing related? Rush and Talladega Nights of course https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1Nh_3JCFj8
  17. Thanks, lets do some practice together soon. Poke me on discord or something, or here. About year and a half ago I was in a phase where I felt I couldnt get any faster. Trying to replicate alien streamer laps, watching drivers faster than me drive in game, nothing worked. They didnt seem to do anything differently yet were seconds faster. I was stuck at laptimes like 2:22 in Spa and 1:50 in Monza. Couldnt see what others were doing differently and I thought it was about being inhumanly precise and brave, catching car at limit of grip every corner. Possibly controllers. If that sounds familiar, be adviced that no you do not need to be alien precise or robot consistent to improve a second or two, rather work on fundamentals: slow in, fast out, use all of the track, have smooth inputs. Approach the limit from below, not above. What I think really helped me was racing with people who were equally fast and a bit faster. For this race it helped me a lot that I had been here before, so I knew exactly what kind of laptimes myself and drivers as fast as or a bit faster than me could do. I reached them almost immediately and after raising the car a little it felt very safe and consistent, so I didnt feel pressure to shave away those final tenths. Snetterton is completely new track to me so its unfortunate I cant race. I'll try to turn some laps in practice still!
  18. Two uneventful races for me, but I'm happy with how good my car was and laptimes were excellent considering I hadnt practiced more than an hour. My fastest lap in race 2 was 1:54.0 and I nearly turned 1:53 multiple times just to make a mistake in the final corner. I cant thank enough all the sponsors, Aston Martin, Thrustmaster, Logitech, nVidia, Laphroaig, wouldnt be here wihout you. It looked very, very close from P2 to P8 in both races! Looks like I will miss the next race in Snetterton. But if someone wants to stream it I should be able to watch it.
  19. Remember to leave the current race server before it advances to race session
  20. I would not put push to talk and brake balance on the same side because you might want to talk while adjusting BB. On some tracks I set lower BB for hairpins or hardest braking zones before slow corners, like Monza and Spa T1 or Donington's hairpins.
  21. When I followed you for a bit you were overdriving the car. You need to be smoother. You were getting very loose in exits so be easier on the throttle, and if that doesnt help try engine map 2 or 3 or small setup adjustments to make it more stable. Dave, hope to see you on track soon. Recent races have had smaller participation than previous season unfortunately and every driver more is good. Maybe you too need to experience the madness of 45 car multiclass endurance?
  22. It helps me that I drove this track in a enduro last spring so I more or less know where the line is. Taking fuel out should should be more than a second and I'm sure theres another second in driving better - especially in the final sector.
  23. I have a 1:52 in the car, easily. Its just the aggressive preset but I lowered wing angle to minimum, lowered rear ride height and straightened toe angles. Thats it.
  24. I like the straight. It makes the sweeping right hander at the end of it interesting. One often sees drivers attack it too hard and have massive slides, or bottom out on kerbs and spin.
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