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  1. There should be 19 tracks in total. You can race them all and any car class you wish and in any order by selecting open championship.
  2. McLaren 720 can use max wing on most tracks. Its very aero efficient and doesnt lose much of top speed. For Monza my quali set had wing 4 and I thought I could maybe go higher still.
  3. In 1.8 the Boat has become mega understeery yet has trouble putting power down and snap it oversteers in exits. I want to get into 41s race pace but that might be impossible for me. High speed understeer needs to be reduced without ruining it elsewhere. @davejm maybe some races, I didnt look at the schedule yet but there are some conflicts on thursdays. Besides I think I already drive too much.
  4. @Meers they might go with 4 splits if there are enough participants. How they will be named we dont know yet. Personally I would be fine to drive 24 h in a 3 man team, but likely not everyone wants or is able to drive 8+ hours. Or be able to clear the 24 hours from work and family duties... so 4th and/or 5th drivers are needed. They key is consistency. You of course dont want to be slow, because being slow for a full stint loses a lot of time which will be very difficult to regain, but even more so you dont want to crash or spin. Or take penalties. Better to get stuck behind a slightly slower car than to punt him out of the way and get a drive through penalty from stewards.
  5. Heads up if you love endurance racing! RCI's next endurance, 2022 World Tour, will launch in February. Featuring around 45 GT3 teams per split in 6 race events with live stewarding, live timing, top 10 superpole qualifying the weekend prior to race and a total of 70 racing hours. We will try to field 2 teams with 3-4 drivers each. Exact teams and cars are not decided yet, but they will very likely be 2 different cars out of BMW M4, Bentley, Aston and AMG. As of now there are a total of 191 registered teams so this is huge! May 14 will be the big day: 24 hours of Spa Francorchamps. For that race we will need reinforcements because 24 hours is too much for 3. Dont be afraid to contact me if you are interested. We will practice many times well before the race and bring you up to speed and get you used to the car and running in traffic. Right now there is no target laptime but you should be good if you can consistently lap sub 2:22. If you dont want to or cant dedicate time for the entire race, you can probably drive just couple of stints(minimum and maximum driving times are not public yet). Every bit helps the rest of the team.
  6. Lift a bit and turn in very early. You can try shifting down too. Blanchimont is annoying.
  7. I feel the same way now. And after arrival to Arrakis its non stop rush to the end. Just 5 or 10 minutes more with some of the characters, and maybe the dinner scene, would have made wonders. Maybe we will see those in an extended cut. Maybe the movie should have been the same running length but end when Paul and Jessica's ornithopter disappears in the storm while Harkonnen troops round up POWs to be executed by Rabban.
  8. Its homologation weight is apparently 1420 kg, so yeah maybe fuel level has slightly smaller than usual effect. It needs 45 or 46 liters to be safe in a 30 minute race that does not have full formation lap. I played a bit with setup but I only managed to make it slower on a straight line, so I feel the preset is pretty good. Damping is again very weird so I'll just ignore it
  9. Thats already a very good time if its with fuel. The track is so long that where a gap would be normally be 5 tenths, its close to a full second here.
  10. One contributing factor must be that the Chevy has very low caster angle, like the Ferrari. Wheel centering force is light and becomes zero if the wheel gets turned enough, so compared to higher caster angle and feedback cars it can be more difficult to feel what the front is doing. I like it. Yeah its heavy and cumbersome and understeery, but I like it.
  11. Arent pretty much all GT4s understeery in 3rd and higher gears? Spa's many fast sweeping corners dont help. I wanted to record a lap or two yesterday and I'm SURE I pressed the right button, but it didnt save the replay.
  12. Great thing about the Chevy is that it doesnt seem to suffer from not being able to keep front tyres in optimum temperature range for most of the lap. Unlike Alpine, Ginetta, KTM and many others. That must be because its heavy. Tyre wear on the other hand might be pretty bad in the long runs...
  13. All it might take for Max to lose is another turn 1 pinball game by Bottas, Stroll or Ricciardo. Or yeah, attempting to lap Mazepin.
  14. Might be. Most teams have a lot of experience and speed, but they dont care about anyone else. The start already had a car dive bomb from 6th or 7th to 2nd, making cars ahead dodge out of the way. Its been the same every race now. I suspect the lack of live stewarding also plays a role. It hurts more to get a 30 s stop-and-go during the race than losing 1 spot in post race penalties.
  15. TBH I was expecting to get punted and then go a lap down early. Some of those people are very aggressive. What sealed the deal however was the evasion slide, track cut and automatic DSQ that put us almost 4 laps down from the 2nd to last GT3.
  16. Probably not many more, because I was so much faster in the wet, and I didnt have trouble staying on track. Just with pace and sliding
  17. It rained for final 2 h or so, but at that point I was out of the 2 h 40 min driving time because I double stinted.
  18. I didnt get to drive in the wet, but it wasnt too bad in the practice. Judging by Thursday practice I was much faster in the wet than I was in the dry, relative to other teams and Nicolas. My immense dislike of the McLaren and its handling, FFB and inability to touch curbs and not slide continues.
  19. If you dont have anything better to do tomorrow, you can watch us fail in Misano. Zero confidence in the car and it will almost certainly rain a lot. Quali starts 10:30 and race itself 11:00 GMT channel is https://www.twitch.tv/erikm_
  20. Thanks. I tried to find old replays or my recorded videos and these two migh help to demonstrate a bit. I drive Bentley in Monza in them both. First one is from June 2020. I'm chasing a Nissan, but I'm a bit sloppy and indecisive behind it. Laptimes in the 1:50s. I clearly dont have the track quite nailed down and I'm not attacking corners or using all of the track. In many corners I cant put the power down until car length or two after the apex, and becuase of the Nissan I cant see my braking markers. https://streamable.com/1zfuj2 The second one is from our Monza endurance race last April. We had a fast and safe setup and I had learned the track, now being able to use all of it even when running close to a car ahead and taking alternative lines. Confident with both the car and the track. At this point I had been driving 60 laps on the same set of tyres, averaging in the 1:48s, and had just caught the race leader(white Lamborghini) and backmarkers(McLaren and Merc)ahead. https://streamable.com/nlieoa
  21. Hey, safe isnt necessarily slow. If the car is safe and predictable enough that you can push hard in it, in my opinion one probably ends up faster than in a theoretically faster but more loose and nervous setup. For this race my setup was also very safe: car was quite high, near max rear wing and so understeery that unlike the rest of you I needed to use 2nd gear to get around Piratella - the off-camber left hand corner before Acqua Minerale. Alien setups tend to be loose because for their car control skills they are stable and safe enough. For extreme example see Tortellini's Porsche hotlaps: he does minimal steering inputs and the car turns mostly by throttle and brake inputs. Very fun, very efficient, very fast, but also extremely difficult to drive. But even he uses safe setups in races.
  22. I wonder if hot, slidey conditions caught many a bit off guard. I was not expecting to be quite this fast. I had blistering in rear tyres, probably everyone did, and I had maxed out brake ducts and high wing setup to reduce sliding. New tyres were over a second quicker for me so the fastest strategy was probably to start with fuel for 45 min and swap tyres with pressure adjustments. Dave had his fastest race laps in the 1:42s. You need to drop the sandbags earlier! Didnt you do a low 1:43 in practice, with fuel I presume? And you have shown hints of speed in previous races too, in quali and best race laptimes at least. Maybe you know what to do, but being in a race and cars around you distracts you a bit. I think you would benefit a lot from practicing just 30 min or so more before or day before race to build consistency.
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