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  1. I'm also trying something new and just did some laps in the McLaren. Drives okay, brakes are weak and turn exit understeer is worst I've experienced in a while but it feels quite safe.
  2. Looks very good!! Maybe some more tinkering needed with the presentation. I liked the coloured backgrounds in Results Companion. And it looks like at least P Rooney is missing from the leaderboard
  3. This is what I've done many times: load single player custom race weekend with 60 min practice session. Start the practice, go out and follow AI cars. I find they want to race you a bit too. Unlike real people they will avoid contact but they are very useful for practicing how to drive close behind another car. You cant see markers as well and need to brake early.
  4. Thats P14 and P20 in the end. Should have been faster, smarter, better... Car was very difficult to drive in the wet. No penalties for us, but there must have been more than a lap lost in spins and offroading.
  5. I think I threw away top 5 finish right at the start. Tried to use the inside kerb in hairpin to rotate car when track was green... half-spun, got hit in the rear and with the damage I was closer to a second off the pace rest of the stint. Next stint I messed up with the pressures and was driving with 26.9-27.1 psi tyres and again way off the pace. 3rd stint I probably ruined the tyres early and was again off the pace after first 10 laps. And now its raining.
  6. RCI 10 h of Nürburgring live timing. Green flag is 13:00 UK time. We are cars 11 and 199, starting P5 and P6 out of 40 teams https://pitwall.live/timing/rdb
  7. That is actually if in doubt, max toe out. Or most likely this:
  8. No, it wasnt, that was in my hot conditions single play practice. It was also over a second faster.
  9. With 100 litres? You too should try what Dave is doing, basically max cambers, max wing, raise rear height until you cant handle it anymore. Rear bumpstops if you are brave
  10. Heres my 1:54.330 where the line is more or less right. Some hesitation here and there and not using all of the track. 28/30 degrees so quite hot, but McAuley in same conditions on the same day did a 53.485 in Bentley so I'm a full second off the pace. https://streamable.com/xjes6d
  11. Yep, thats up to a second off the pace. Wheres the time? I'm not sure.
  12. Before today best I did with 100 l on a hot 28/34 C track was 1:55.2. Now I'm a second slower and it doesnt seem to make any difference to anything including wear and pressures if I run -0.4 or 0.0 rear toe. Car is just a bit less wonky but more understeery with 0 toe.
  13. I'll try to drive at least couple of hours tonight, but dont know yet how exactly. Maybe full race stint or two.
  14. I'll try to participate in the Nürb race, as practice for enduro
  15. Thats only because the RCI enduro prequali had no maximum time. Just had to be within 107 % of ones own best lap in the same stint for a lap to count. I did the LFM quali couple of days ago just to get it out of the way and I can reconfirm that Zandvoort is my least favorite track together with Snetterton. Endless narrow right handers and going slightly off line puts you on gravel, disgusting.
  16. Re multiple stints, we dont yet know what the maximum driving times are, but since those tend to depend on number of drivers in the team it can be difficult to have someone who can only do a stint or two and keep everyone else below their maximum times. If I can still do my 10 hours we can of course have visiting star or two drive a stint provided they are motivated, fast and safe. Keep an eye on our discord and dont be afraid to ask anything there.
  17. Hey Dave. Right now we have 2 teams: Bentley 18 with 3, and BMW M4 with 4 drivers. Both cars are now in the same split(race) and class which is nice and may open options for some team orders strategies. There are also some reserve drivers who cant take part in the full season but try to make it to a race or two. Event schedule and other info you can find here: https://racerci.com/championships/93/info Like Meers said the obvious one where more drivers are needed will be the 24 hour race at Spa on May 14. We will likely go with 4 or 5 drivers per car. You and Cillian were both interested so we will see what kind of driver lineups we can form a bit closer to the race. There may be need for more in the earlier races too, we'll see. Its not impossible for someones PC to die shortly before race, real life things to take priority and so forth. Obviously we would like new drivers to be well prepared and not just show up on the race day half an hour before its their turn but of course we all have limited amount of time and sometimes schedules just dont match.
  18. They didnt reveal what the problem was exactly but apparently it wasnt a thing before 1.8. During the past week many people have tried all kinds of weird and extreme combinations in various cars and it seems that there arent any more major setup or physics related bugs left. Or at least they dont give more speed. I'm busy again today until quite late but also getting my 3rd vacc in 25 min. These races are a bit too late for me. In all honesty I dont think I can turn 1:59 here either, I've driven Suzuka very little.
  19. Where are the 1:59s? There should be a game update today or tomorrow, with more big changes to tyre physics. I hope it wont be Episode 2: BMW(and 720) Strikes Back, but we'll see.
  20. Whats your setup like, wheel and pedals etc? Changing cars may help a bit or might not at all, because you will then have to learn a new car. Suzuka is one of the most difficult tracks in game so if you wish to have a practice session with Meers and myself some evening I can fire up the server with whatever is your favorite or strongest tracks. And then we'll focus on the basics and making the car more predictable and driveable, if it isnt.
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