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  1. Okay guys I think we need a driver for the Spa 24 hours next weekend. Car is the boat and you'd share it with me, @EuroVapeSim2 and a Briton named Sam. Your share would be absolute minimum 3 hours. It will likely rain a lot but I'll try to be available through race so I can drive more when its wet.
  2. I tried this car briefly yesterday and its a lot of fun isnt it? Not at all like the barely driveable mess that is the older Porsche Cup. This one is more like a GT3. Much more lively yet responds well to to inputs unlike lazy GT4s.
  3. Game became 1-1.5 s slower in some update but I cant recall which one. And again tenth or two slower in 1.8.
  4. Due to recent developments and being a bit busy and needing a good long sleep I chose to sign out of tonight's races. Maybe next week!
  5. In ACC one sets the vertical angle fov, so make sure thats what you calculate.
  6. I want to comment this a bit. In ACC they didnt want to create FFB that has effects, but rather a simulation of what kind of forces a driver feels through steering wheel in these cars. This is why FFB different quite a bit from car to car: they have different power steering, different suspension geometry, you can feel cold and hot tyres differently, car setup effects FFB feel etc. "road effects" are completely artificial and there for people who like FFB like it is in some other games. You wont miss anything if you turn it off. Play a bit with gain and damper. If you have no wheel oscillation on straights then damper can be 0 or 1 %. Turn off centering and damper in wheel drivers.
  7. Can you customize mirror(=rear view) on consoles? On PC it has major effect on performance so many, me included, set it low resolution and framerate. Some turn mirror completely off and rely on radar.
  8. That might actually be carry over from PC, at least partly. They made car models and other stuff in menus a lot lighter to help people with lower end PCs. You should still see full quality car when you enter car selection and livery edit menu though. Do it.
  9. Also no entrylists or team races. So big grid endurance races where ACC really shines are missing completely on consoles. I think this about a second off the pace. Comparing laps I noticed that the McLaren is about 4 kph faster at the ends of front and back straights and those straights arent particularly long or even straight.
  10. Cross platform play wont be a thing. Consoles will be always dragging behind PC updates, they have cut corners in places in physics and even the latest gen only supports max 30 cars, older ones 20.
  11. I understood that this update brought many of the PC features on consoles. FoV and camera adjustments, improved tyre physics and FFB. Sounds good. Looks like I cant drive this track, so far my best is only 1:32.5 and the car behaves oddly. I mean, the Audi is slow, Aris please buff it.
  12. I believe Maserati is actually pretty fast, but I think I'll try my luck with the Audi instead unless someone else picks it.
  13. Camaro actually isnt very heavy, only around 1400 kg and over 100 kg lighter than Audi. But its very soft and bouncy. ps. I'll again try to drive something that nobody else does
  14. Heres one of my laps, a 1:33.235. I like how the Audi turns with minimal steering inputs without feeling like its on the edge and wanting to kill me. Unlike the Alpine. Ignore grass cutting and how I brake about 40 m too early into Surtees or turn turn 4 - thats not the line. https://streamable.com/kdcoh8
  15. I'm also trying something new and just did some laps in the McLaren. Drives okay, brakes are weak and turn exit understeer is worst I've experienced in a while but it feels quite safe.
  16. Looks very good!! Maybe some more tinkering needed with the presentation. I liked the coloured backgrounds in Results Companion. And it looks like at least P Rooney is missing from the leaderboard
  17. This is what I've done many times: load single player custom race weekend with 60 min practice session. Start the practice, go out and follow AI cars. I find they want to race you a bit too. Unlike real people they will avoid contact but they are very useful for practicing how to drive close behind another car. You cant see markers as well and need to brake early.
  18. Thats P14 and P20 in the end. Should have been faster, smarter, better... Car was very difficult to drive in the wet. No penalties for us, but there must have been more than a lap lost in spins and offroading.
  19. I think I threw away top 5 finish right at the start. Tried to use the inside kerb in hairpin to rotate car when track was green... half-spun, got hit in the rear and with the damage I was closer to a second off the pace rest of the stint. Next stint I messed up with the pressures and was driving with 26.9-27.1 psi tyres and again way off the pace. 3rd stint I probably ruined the tyres early and was again off the pace after first 10 laps. And now its raining.
  20. RCI 10 h of Nürburgring live timing. Green flag is 13:00 UK time. We are cars 11 and 199, starting P5 and P6 out of 40 teams https://pitwall.live/timing/rdb
  21. No, it wasnt, that was in my hot conditions single play practice. It was also over a second faster.
  22. With 100 litres? You too should try what Dave is doing, basically max cambers, max wing, raise rear height until you cant handle it anymore. Rear bumpstops if you are brave
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