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  1. Thats probably with low rear wing isnt it? You should be able to improve by half a second to a full second in middle sector.
  2. The trick is to turn at the bottom and as you climb up the hill and straighten wheel as you drive over the crest. Also it may be bottoming out. More wing, more bumpstops. I could fix that though it still needs to take a very precise line not cutting too much of the bottom left kerb(it upsets the car) and touching the right hand side kerb only a bit(or it will also make the car bounce and then you go wide). setup for 16/22 degrees C, max fuel(fuel tank isnt big enough for 60 minute race using map 1): first try: heres 2 laps and 3 Raidillons, first lap is the fastest one from above. Second lap would have been 3-4 tenths faster still had I not missed braking point in the bus stop. edit: I used that view so you can see the wheel, I dont use that to drive looks like you need to select better quality, Streamable wants to default to lower quality: https://streamable.com/8cfn1o
  3. I realized yesterday that many just pick the preset setups and dont adjust them much if at all, including electronics. While I dont think setup work is critical you will often be slower and/or the car will be more difficult to drive than if you prepared it a bit. Its good if you drive the same car a lot because you then know what TC, ABS, BB have worked before and how car reacts to setup changes. Heres my supersimple workflow for preparing for a race on a new track-car combination. Many of you already do this and more but I hope this will help someone. Next race will be on a familiar for everyone track and its likely dry. I'll try to find you guys on practice server and be on voice comms to help you out with driving and car tuning
  4. Hes probably new to ACC so heres my short list -drive any cars and tracks you want to except for older (2016 or 2017) Porsche and Monza -use safe setup preset first, you can always lower ABS and traction control -the most important setup thing are pressures. Adjust cold pressures so that hot pressures(after couple of laps) stay between 27.3 and 28.0 PSI -drive many laps, then some more. have fun
  5. Seems to be possible. And if there are 10 cars on track displacing water it becomes like 2 seconds faster.
  6. Erik

    NASCAR Heat 5

    Allright, I started career in Trucks series and 7 or 8 races trying out different settings. +we're turning left yeehaw +dynamics of oval racing seem to work okay. Theres draft and tyre wear and often multiple lines seem to be fast instead of just bottom. Taking air from car ahead doesnt seem to work but I didnt expect it to. Setups and driving effect tyre wear. +Career and championship modes seem okay. Theres car development, friends and rivals, contracts, bonuses etc +AI seems okay, they are not on rails but keep driving different lines(depending on tyre wear and driver, or randomly?), race each other and give space to player. Some seem more aggressive and drive closer, some are more careful +AI is customizable, AI vs. player balance can be tuned and of course race rules are all there and they are customizable so you can have full length 600 mile race without stages! Physics seem quite simple. There are no cold tyres, driving is quite forgiving. There is a extensive setup menu but you can only save 2 custom setups(race and quali) per track. What each setting does isnt explained anywhere and changing things other than grille tape, steering offset and wedge didnt seem to effect handling or speed much. There might be a lot going on under the hood and more testing needs to be done. Maybe all the setup things have more effect in Cup cars than Trucks. Steam community seems to have zero discussion on setups so either fine tuning is useless or I'm the only one who cares. -FFB is poor. It does convey tyre wear with weird vibration and grip level with heaviness of centering force but it cant be tuned and there doesnt seem to be anything for sliding or understeer or aero wash. -Controller settings are extremely simple. No response curves, no deadzones, there isnt even a test screen -Field of view is fixed and I dont think there is VR either. Limited video settings -multiplayer with randoms is worthless bumper cars experience -you dont get to drive in pits or during yellows
  7. Unlikely as I did a decent lap and am still almost 2 seconds off that
  8. My setup. Racing pedals are kept in place by flight pedals
  9. I dont know what it was, but my ride heights were quite high at 80 rear and 56 front with max wing, softest rear wheelrates. Maybe it was too soft or high at the rear or something.
  10. Erik

    NASCAR Heat 5

    I watched some gameplay videos and I think I need this for some single player no brains needed fun. Yeehaw. Will report back later.
  11. I noticed that the Lexus is only slightly nicer than Bentley in the wet. It has the same horrible ABS, somewhat better turn-in but very slidey and oversteery in exits and even in straight line when touching water. In that left kink over a small crest between 2nd chicane and the hairpin it kept snap oversteering and went sideways every lap. I dont think I had a single good 1st chicane and I spun there once. I often went wide in 1st corner too because similar to Bentley it just doesnt turn when braking(in the wet) and one cant use full brake pressure.
  12. Erik

    NASCAR Heat 5

    How detailed are the physics in this game? Drafting, tyre wear, setups and damage are very important in oval racing. iRacing does ovals allright but I feel that compared to more recent driving sims its in many ways outdated and tyres are like 4 cheese blocks
  13. Yeah focus on staying on the line, not outbraking yourself and not eating the kerbs too much. Laptimes will drop with practice and consistency. That caster change may have been placebo. The more caster there is the heavier the wheel becomes(more centering force) but the more camber increases as wheels turn, and the more they need to be turned before the centering force is lost(when wheel becomes light).
  14. Today works for me. I went through the replay yesterday and I think I can show you exactly where you can still improve.
  15. Press the throttle pedal harder. Should we analyze the race? I'll be on tonight so we can take a look at that and drive Barcelona or Zolder or even more Monza if you wish.
  16. What I personally dont like in iRacing and LFM is the statistics. I've played played games that track player statistics very precisely and/or do rankings and because I'm quite competitive those stats soon start giving me pressure to perform. As nice as statistics and rankings are I may suddenly no longer want to not play or race unprepared or alone or just for fun on a Friday evening in fear of not performing. Sooner or later I'll just stop. Ive played grinding games and dont want to anymore. I'll rather lap alone in a practice session, do single events or just play single player or something that doesnt track stats. That said there I did enjoy iRacing enduros and they also have some fun unranked series such as NASCAR Trucks.
  17. I often find safe presets with small adjustments to be better than aggressive. I think the slower the track the less setups matter.
  18. For what its worth heres what I think was my best lap of the event, 1:48.177 and the final lap of the race. Still far from perfect as I miss apex in Lesmo 1 and I see I probably could have carried a bit more speed everywhere, especially in Ascari. Notice top speed on the pit straight: 281 km/h or 175 mph!! https://streamable.com/8ez5ra I reviewed best laps of some of you who turned low-mid 1:49s and they were not bad at all. Its difficult to find speed around Monza, one needs to be very precise and any mistake or km/h not carried through a corner or track left unused in exits will cost tons of time as most corners are followed by long straights.
  19. Shame about the many technical problems and Dave's SG30 penalty as field looked very even in pace. I think it could have been very close from P2 to P9. Nice job @Meers looks like the many practice hours and race experience are starting to pay off in pace and consistency.
  20. You probably need just more laps and some analytical approach to how you drive. That might need someone else to take a look at your driving because its often difficult to see one's own mistakes or where to improve line or braking or inputs. I'll try to catch you on the practice server.
  21. I have tried it on some tracks. I like how it drives but I dont know if I'm fast in it because for me it takes quite long to adapt to a new car. Try these regardless of track: raise rear bumpstop range(stops exit oversteer and makes it less bouncy over big kerbs), max toe out and camber, you can go overall 1 click softer wheelrates and arbs. In Monza you can use some wing, up to something like 4 or 5 it doesnt seem to effect top speed much. ABS4 TC4 work well enough, BB 56 or 57 %. Try these dampers, they might make a big difference to how it drives and feels to you: "dampers": { "bumpSlow": [ 13, 13, 17, 17 ], "bumpFast": [ 6, 6, 15, 15 ], "reboundSlow": [ 22, 22, 19, 19 ], "reboundFast": [ 29, 29, 25, 25 ] }, Heres some Lambo setups. Monza setup in it can definitely do 1:48s with high fuel load but I dont know about absolute pace. Some are mine and some are by someone elses but I may have tinkered with them a bit. They might suit multiple tracks, for example one season I used the same Aston setup everywhere, just reduced wing and lowered rear for Paul Ricard. No refunds. You probably need to adjust pressures and brake ducts and it might be a good idea to try max toe outs. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1usisNco-AOipZG91MZoYRTQwUIIzAH7P/view?usp=sharing
  22. Okay heres one for Aston. It didnt feel as safe as I'd like in Ascari but you can probably fix that by raising the car couple of mm and maybe a click of rear wing. In ten or so laps best I did was 1:48.9 with max fuel which is too much as its enough for something like 38 laps or 1 h 10 min https://drive.google.com/file/d/1frQUGILtNC4gskknaSWrhWBlKZy0Gvn9/view?usp=sharing
  23. Which car will you use? You havent signed up yet. I'll choose something nobody else drives that isnt Bentley or Aston but I might have setups for Monza and other tracks.
  24. I have turned a 1:48.3 in version 1.8 and 48.0 before with a full tank of fuel but now I cant get within a second of that.
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