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  1. Unfortunately it looks like I will miss at least the 2 first races. Maybe race 5 and 6 too. 7 and 8 I dont know yet, depends on where I will spend my summer vacation and if I need to practice for a weekend race with my team. But I will try to improve my time this week before I leave home for some... outdoors activities for a couple of weeks. @EuroVapeSim2 I think you have improved massively over the past month or so. 1:51 in Imola especially in high temperatures needs a clean lap, especially sector 2 is good. I told you that you just need to take it easy and drive more laps.
  2. Sounds good. For many years I used Logitech G25 and its pedals, and only quite recently switched to T300 because I wanted better FFB and more than one working button on the wheel. I have the better Thrustmaster pedals but they are not load cells. I dont think I'm now any quicker in absolute pace - I have not been able to break many of my lap records when I tried to - but its noticeably easier to be consistent. Endurance driving is not as exhausting as before, some time ago I drove over 3 hours straight in a Monza race and when I finished I felt I could do another hour or more and stay in 1:48s. Same thing two days ago in Paul Ricard, I was fastest at the end of the race and could have driven more. Because its easier to brake and put power down more precisely and smoothly, when car doesnt react exactly as I think it should have I know much better if it was me or the car, or changing conditions.
  3. Reach for me. Only thing I dislike is how quickly dropped weapons disappear(which I read has to do with multiplayer balance) if I dont look at them - and often even if I do - which meant I had to restart the final level at the very end. Out of weapons, couldnt go back and checkpoint was in the same area.
  4. I actually find Imola even more difficult than Hungaroring. Most corners lead to either another close corner or longish straights so its very important to get the exits right and to use every bit of kerb the car can drive on. I have like 6 tenths between best lap and theoretical best and I keep making the same mistakes in the same corners again and again
  5. You can adjust brake gamma(how progressive the response is) and deadzones on both ends. I think I use 2.00 gamma and have the smallest possible deadzone in both ends
  6. Bad qualifying and started 11th. Contact on lap 1, punted away a car ahead that braked way too early and hard on the middle of track, then more contact a lap later when two cars in front punted each other out and they spun in such a way that we hit them both. We knew there would be splash and dash in the end so lap 10 we pitted for repairs and went off-cycle with strategy. Drivethrough for lap 1 put us even more off strategy so we mostly drove alone or with cars that were much slower. I did the final 2½ h. Had good pace, I didnt get a single track limits warning and unlike many others we avoided that penalty. I was even more consistent than I had been in practice so I was happy about my driving. I caught and overtook three or four positions on track and would have finished 3rd in the end if not having to enter pits to reset stint timer on the penultimate lap. I was 1 s behind the overall leader but when crossing start-finish line race had 5 seconds left(+1 min 56 s for final lap) and I only had 1 min 55 left on stint timer. My bad for calling previous driver in too early.
  7. We found whole new way to fuck up. Driver in the car was struggling a lot so we called him in before his driving time or fuel were out, but that was a lap too early and in the end we would have ran out of stint timer by 2 seconds. So drive through pits to reset timer. Class win was again in sight but out of reach
  8. Looks like Hungaroring was great fun after all! Some of the corners are very tricky indeed and need practice to not go wide in exit or cut too much. Tomorrow Saturday 15th 14.30 UTC or 15.30 UK time our team will drive in RCI Endurance World Tour race 5, 6 hours of Paul Ricard. This is a GT3 class endurance race with 3 drivers in each car, divided between Silver and AM classes. Race will have video stewarding and about 30 entrants. Challenge here is high tyre wear combined to only 5 sets of slick tyres allowed for qualifying and race, so we have to use worn tyres in race and managing the tyres will be crucial. Unless if it rains. Only the invite split race, with the aliens and youtubers, is broadcasted on RCI's Youtube channel, but our race will have online live timing and be streamed by multiple drivers and teams including these: 101 AM AMG: https://www.twitch.tv/dumous/ 412 AM AMG: https://www.twitch.tv/lokilogaming/ 102 Silver Aston Martin: https://www.twitch.tv/sacame/ 13 AM Ferrari: https://www.twitch.tv/cybershrike/ 79 AM McLaren: https://www.twitch.tv/valmathor/ We drive the #99 Bentley 2018 in Silver class. I have no idea what to expect besides many track limits warnings, problems overtaking and lapping because everyone except the lone Porsche and maybe McLarens are faster than us on the long straight, and horrific rate of tyre wear. I'm still somewhat uncomfortable with the track but we should have allright pace in the 1:55 to 1:56s range with race fuel for 70 minutes. I havent seen other silver teams in practice but probably some are faster and some slower than us. I will myself probably drive about 2 hours and 40-45 min, mostly or entirely in the final 3 hours.
  9. @milko could be that game has no access to my files?/ACC folder, or cant write there. Setups and custom liveries both go there. What happens if you run the game as admin?
  10. Well done, the magic is all in braking and smooth inputs! 1:53.088 for me, if I spent all evening stringing best sectors(or trick server to go back to night or early morning) I could do 1:52.8 but not tonight, sweat has glued me to seat again
  11. @Valver, Took me some time to unlearn BMW and learn Porsche a bit, I still am not confident with it, but here is a Porsche setup for Hungaroring I just made for myself. I mainly wanted to deal with the oversteer when putting power down. Maybe you will like it, no refunds. I turned some fast laps starting with 35 liters, still many mistakes so dont expect miracles, heres the video: https://streamable.com/559vhs Below are the setup and and motec telemetry files(I dont know if you need both or just one) if you want to compare your driving to mine in the same car and setup. setup: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Lyo1TxXs-shk2JNwzmPQDwMQ5PNirv54/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bCk1w2Dfa-PpzlaOsTjhMPPrAaTn1aK6/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c9pX-MQ1xtK7bZlHQmnlg0WkiFGEEvm9/view?usp=sharing Like many things in life practice makes you perfect!
  12. I think its mostly just BMW's weird gearing. I found if I downshift mid corner it often wants to snap oversteer(engine brake?) so I hold that higher gear far into a corner and downshift only when I'm about to get back on throttle, unless I can downshift during straight line braking before turn in point. You can see this in T5 and 2nd to last corner. Its very important to carry speed through corners because GT4s dont have the power to weight ratio of GT3s and acceleration takes time. I try to trail brake very deep into all corners, avoid kerbs that upset the car the worst and use just a touch of throttle in long corners to maintain speed. As you can see I'm often on brake and throttle simultaneously to keep the car balanced. The setup is very close to aggressive, just couple of mm higher rear ride height and lower toe. If you can touch apexes your turn in points should be more or less right. We can compare our braking points, turn in points, apex speeds etc. from video but we can also use telemetry and MoTeC. I didnt record telemetry yet but I can try to match this time and save the telemetry for comparison. You can also record a lap of yours, telemetry or video, and let us see it, because others tend to see mistakes that you cant. Regarding rotating car in corner exits, more rear ARB and higher rear ride height also induce oversteer. I personally dont like high differential preload, I find it tends to make rear snappy and induces turn in understeer
  13. Heres the 1:53.160 lap. Chicane was quite slow... I wonder if the server sometimes loses the set start time because it was night here? https://streamable.com/d2rf6l Does anyone else adjust setups? GT4s dont have a whole lot that can be changed, but things like excessive over or understeer can be fixed. I'm no master with setups but I know the basics so can try to help, and I'm sure many others know a lot about setups
  14. I have a 1:52.x in best sectors, but its so easy to make a tiny mistake in any of the corners and bam its 2 or 3 tenths gone. Usually its under brakes: I brake too late, too hard, engage ABS and then understeer and miss the apex. I probably cant race on Thursday, I'll either be away or practicing for weekend's endurance race because I'm still slow and way off the laptimes I want to be able to do. Also Paul Ricard has quite strict and weird track limits and I dont want to be the driver who gets the drive through penalty I too experienced oversteer first and lowered rear ride height all the way to lowest possible setting. But that oversteer is mostly gone once tyres are up to temperature and pressure(26.5-27.0 PSI) after 3 or 4 laps, and now I use higher rear than aggressive preset and it feels safe. But the BMW is definitely not as on rails nor as nice over kerbs as Porsche, AMG or Aston.
  15. Grenades and the sword are your friends. Fortunately you are invulnerable when mounting Regret's throne, sometimes you can jump on him 2 or 3 times before having to hide to recharge shields.
  16. Somehow the long and technical sector 2 is very close, 9 people within a second. Over the full lap 6 people are in 1 s.
  17. I'll coach you if we meet on the server. Could you be on discord voice comms?
  18. I wish! In this game, no matter how much I drive theres always someone(or the entire grid I end up in) a second or more quicker!
  19. @Meers you can use more track in most corners. I think your 2-3-4 is very good but in 5 you can cut a lot more, just stay off the brakes and throttle as you go over that kerb. In 6 you can trail brake very deep and get on power early but dont touch the gray inside kerbing. Chicane I dont know how it should be driven. The mid and final sector of the track are all long corners you need right line into and out and even more trail brake. Ignore the first sector, somehow 1:53.688 - air 24 track 33 with about 20 l in the tank - in the BMW but the bimmer doesnt seem to be as nice as the Porsche on kerbs, and loves to snap oversteer out of corners. And the ABS feels useless. Maybe I should go back to the Porsche? https://streamable.com/xum7h0 1:53.440 thats enough practice for tonight!
  20. On Hungaroring I think its very important to maintain speed through the many long corners and use all of the track and kerbs. I see I did 1:53.6 here in a Porsche some months ago but that can surely be improved. I remember I had trouble braking and turning in the most, car sliding every corner
  21. I will be unavailable tonight, but might be able to race next week. I will see. @MeersI'm from Finland. I have played racing and rally games every now and then for years, but two years ago I decided to give iRacing a proper try. I liked it, but when my subscription time ran out I didnt renew it. I felt it was too difficult, a little odd or unrealistic in some areas, not rewarding enough and way, way too expensive. Then came ACC, I started improving quickly, having more fun and now I'm addicted. In ACC I am currently mainly focused on endurance racing and RCI World Tour endurance championship. This championship has one race in a month for a total of 6, and they are between 3 and 24 hours each. Depending on race and team there are 2 to 5 players driving each car, and the grid has up to 40 cars, though typically around 34 or so. I dont know what we will do once this championship finishes in June, but we might try to find one or two more drivers and enter 2 cars in next championship or one-off events. I'm sure some of you know what endurance races are from personal experience or from following streamers, like Jimmy Broadbent, who have driven enduros in iRacing, ACC or rFactor 2. If there is interest, I will later write something about endurance racing and my own experiences in preparing for and participating in them.
  22. I think managed a 2:13.7 in the Porsche, 2:13.5 or so best sectors. I dont know if my changes made it faster or slower, but I lowered rear wing to minimum, rear toe-in to zero and reduced front toe. First laps on cold and low pressure tyres it behaves interestingly, but understeer is mostly gone and it can do the Quarry turn flat out. Keep the foot down, turn in early and close your eyes
  23. Always brake pad 2 for GT4s! This is something I only recently learned from developers Aris and Panky. Pad 1 is apparently heat too much too easily for most GT4s because the cars are soft and have loads of weight transfer. Exceptions can be the lightest cars like Alpine and maybe rear brakes.
  24. If you can use 5th gear on Mountain Straight and 6th on Conrod, acceleration and top speed should be fine. Compared to GT3, GT4s are slightly less about smashing power down on apex and late braking, and a bit more about maintaining speed through corners.
  25. @Meers, I too have CPU bottleneck. I can max out everything but the CPU will scream at 100 % if there are many cars on track, regardless of if they are AI or players. Only thing that reduces CPU use and especially the microfreezes to me is lowering framerate cap, which is to me now 35. Lowering resolution might also work but I dont want to do that. You could try a cap of say 50 and see if the freezes become less frequent.
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