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  1. I dont know how exactly GTS works, but in ACC comparing laptimes is less useful because conditions, fuel and tyre wear all have very big effect. Between full tank and quali fuel there is usually more than a second, and another second or more between low temperature overcast(or night) and hot clear sky.
  2. I feel I cant make the BMW work here. Just understeers everywhere but snap oversteers in some medium speed corners. Weird. For people who use ACC Results Companion, it looks like it doesnt count laps driven on the server as mine because the server sets me a different name. Now I have 2 Eriks on the leaderboard and my laps didnt count as my own.
  3. As long as the brakes never go yellow or orange at any point you are good. Warm brakes wear quicker but pad 2 will still last 12 hours or close if it stays green and never turns blueish. If you have motec, see that brake temps after some laps never go above 750 or so degrees.
  4. @mrben09 lets drive some together after next week's Friday when I return. To gauge what are your biggest obstacles in improving and try to remedy them. I dont know what happened exactly, but Im sure everyone has been that guy who takes out a dozen cars in turn 1 of an important race... I know I have. One cant but learn the hard lesson, be more careful at the start and first lap and hopefully it never happens again.
  5. I think somewhere around 1:43.5 is a very good low fuel laptime around Barcelona. But I havent driven there for a year soon and of course track state and temperatures have big effect. And all cars are a bit slower than they were last summer before physics updates
  6. What?!? Cant hear you over the flat 6
  7. Hello, new information on the RCI July Endurance has been released. I'll copy it below: The least popular class is likely to be the Super Trofeo. But a team signing up early should be able to get a GT4 or Cup class place in the AM race. My team discussed this briefly and we want to enter 2 cars in a class or classes that are not GT3. 3 to 5 of us will try to enter in probably Cup and GT4 classes. Theres still more than a month before signups open so plenty of time to think. Let me know if you want to make a team together or join us!
  8. A great thing about GT4s is they can take hits and go off the track on grass or gravel often without much or any lasting effect on speed, balance or laptime. GT3s can ruin their tyres in a spin or long drift and sometimes the smallest car to car contact or wall tap can ruin the car.
  9. First start was clean and looks like the 3 Porsches had a great battle through the race!
  10. @SANtoOos Here are the two replay files https://drive.google.com/file/d/12bAlrTO7c-ynfaBzX4HwN5e-q_XLPeFd/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UG3oLCyiGaCyZ45rpz_t-bbpWSE1phWt/view?usp=sharing
  11. Last year I drove 8 h 45 min + 50 minutes of qualifying in one race. I forgot to rest my left leg and that race gave what must have been tennis elbow on the left knee. It took me almost 3 weeks to recover. If it hurts, something is wrong and you should probably rest!
  12. Content Manager makes modding AC easy. One can use the in-game mod browser or drag and drop the files... I think. But AC shouldnt need too many mods up be "up to date", mostly SOL and whatever tracks and cars are wanted.
  13. Race 2 would end 23:35 or 00:35 which is too late but I might take part in race 1. Maaaybe both. I will leave home for 2 weeks early on Saturday so I have some work and packing to do before. I believe RCI will be arranging 2 big enduros in July or late June, once the endurance championship that finishes in June is over. No dates or details confirmed yet, but the other race will apparently have GT4 class only. Depending on when exactly these races happen and long they are, we might enter 2 cars and this would open 1 or 2 driver positions for people who would like to try out endurance racing in a relaxed one-off race and dont want to drive like 4+ hours but rather only 1 or 2. https://www.racingclubinternational.com/ signups page with open and running events is on the top right
  14. Thats pretty much what I also do. Out of GT3s I only drive a few of them, mainly the Bentley, and for some tracks I've done a lot of setup work to make the car suit my brake and throttle heavy style better than aggressive preset. Couple of months ago I pretty much just tried some random changes and after some more minor tweaks I lucked into a setup that is both very quick and that I enjoy driving and feel very confident in over long stints. It works well on a couple of tracks and with some changes on 2 or 3 more. It is important to identify the exact problem, what effects it, and assess if it can be improved with driving or setup. This all gets even more interesting when 2 or 3 people share the same car, and everyone wants to change something different
  15. Yeah but how do you know whats supposed to make the car better actually makes it better? You dont, move all the sliders and revert when it drives worse than before. I think this 7 video series by Aris is very good introduction. He prepares Ferrari 488 for a race in couple of short sessions, starting from a preset. Short practice and relearning the track, pressures, some simple setup changes to make the car a bit better or safer for him in key corners. He explains everything he does and then some more. https://youtu.be/53v_6mWCBmw
  16. Try to brake early, use more of the first kerb and little or even none of the second, and have a tiny bit of throttle and no brake when touching the kerb. Try to have steering more or less staight when going over the kerbs. Bumpstops are rubber blocks. Think of them as a second spring that is only used when suspension has been compressed enough. They can be used to limit and control body roll or pitch down under brakes. Also we dont want the suspension to compress fully because then any additional force goes directly and undamped into chassis and bumpstops are there to make sure thats less likely to happen. The closer they are(bumpstop range is smaller) the sooner compressing suspension will touch them. So when braking or entering a corner and loading the outside front tyre, main spring(wheel rate), anti-roll bar, bump damping and bumpstop distance and stiffness all work together. In GT3s when braking suspension will touch bumpstops, usually when cornering too on one side. If range is increased or the stop block is softened, it lets suspension compress a little more(that corner of car rotates deeper) which often results in more turn-in and maybe more overall grip, but slower response and of course more body roll, more pitch-down and thus more rake which in turn might reduce rear grip. Unlike ARBs they also effect straight line braking and modify high speed behaviour when air pushes, or doesnt, car down onto bumpstops.
  17. I do try to adjust them if I feel the car feels too soft or hard and other things dont work. But testing every change is a lot of work so if car feels good enough and laptimes arent terrible I stop trying to fix what isnt broken. Dampers are magic and confuse everyone, and unless they are way off I think they should be used for fine tuning only. Safe and aggressive presets are made by Kunos' physics lead Aris and the latter are considered to be very quick in right hands. Couple of months ago there was an update that changed yaw angle's effect on downforce generation, and many aggressive setups became a little too aggressive at high speeds. If you experience things like spinning in Blanchimont try first to lower rear ride height by 2-3 mm or just add a click of wing angle.
  18. I've noticed that judging by their inputs some people must be using a game controller instead of wheel. Problem with the controller is that doing small and smooth inputs is much more difficult than with wheel and pedals. ACC is perfectly playable with a game controller - or even mouse and keyboard, check out this guy https://www.twitch.tv/icey0082 - with the right settings. I found some kind of settings guide here https://coachdaveacademy.com/tutorials/ultimate-assetto-corsa-competizione-controller-settings/ that recommends these settings for Thrustmaster controller: In car setup and electronics there are some more things that can help a controller user with excessive turning and oversteer when turning in and putting power down. There are many long setup guides but I think controller users are primarily interested in controlling steering sensitivity and oversteer. Some of them are TC: higher value intervenes more, kills wheelspin and thus exit oversteer Brake balance: more ahead means more understeer and less turn under brakes wing angle: more wing is more downforce and more understeer, especially at high speed. Moves aero balance and variation towards rear ride heights: less rake angle usually means more understeer and less rotation and turning. More rake moves aero balance and its variation at speed towards front. Adjust 1 mm at a time, front is much more sensitive than rear. In GT3s I think front ride height is the single most influential setup setting. steering ratio: degrees of steering wheel rotation to turn wheels 1 degree, the higher the value the less sensitive steering becomes anti-roll bars: stiffer front means more understeer braking and turning but quicker to react. stiffer rear results in more oversteer when going back on throttle but might give more stability differential preload: higher value lets inside tyre spin more before differential opens. Lower to reduce exit oversteer and to increase initial turn-in(you can balance this with stiffer front ARB or less rake) Try to not change too many things at a time and drive at least a bit before making any changes, so that you will feel the changes better.
  19. I have i5-6600K which I've overclocked but its still a pretty bad bottleneck. Using 1680x1080 resolution I could max out most things in graphics, but depending on track and number of cars CPU load on at least one core will soon hit 100 % and then game stutters and freezes. The only thing I've found to help is lowering frame limit which I've now set to 40(and mirror resolution and frames to lowest), but in Zolder going as low as 30 doesnt help much. When spectating or viewing a replay file the game is much, much lighter and it can usually maintain 60-ish fps even when recording videos. My PC is enough for other games I've play but unfortunately corona hit the continent right when I started playing ACC more often than couple of times a month. Right now upgrading my PC would be very expensive.
  20. Here is the quickest lap. I thought it would be a slow one when I used turn 2 kerbs a bit too much, bounced and slid in exit and TC engaged. This evening Tosa was the worst corner to me, I almost always either braked too late or downshifted too early which resulted in snap oversteer and a long slide. Then I slid more when I hit the kerb on the right before Acque Minerale. Somehow kept the rest of the lap quite nice and tsädäm that was it. Looking at the lap now on video it looks like the car is on rails almost https://streamable.com/khapv6 @davejm @SneakyNinja I know the feeling. You see what lines and braking points, gear etc. someone faster is using but you just cant see the difference. I'm probably carrying bit more speed everywhere, especially the chicane on top of the hill, and able to put power down earlier in some corners. edit: on the exit of the final chicane, on the right theres Italian flag colored stripe. At the end of it is a white part. When hitting that, you have 129 to 131 km/h in McLaren and 125 km/h in Porsche. I have 135 to 139 km/h.
  21. Thanks guys. I see theres a 1:49.680 in my best sectors but I cant extract that tonight. Stupid number of practice laps does help. I see on youtube theres a fairly recent 1:48.885 (albeit in Hotlap mode and in the Porsche and not BMW) so I'm still far from being an alien in any regard
  22. I think the new DLC tracks are mostly optimized better than old ones. Also I think its worse on tracks where the layout loops so that pits area and/or or large parts of the track are in view and nearby. So Zolder, Zandvoort, Monza(approaching Ascari my game often stutters), Misano(turn 4), Spa(Bruxelles and bus stop chicane), Brands(turn 3). Bathurst is huge, has no hairpins or sections where large parts of the track is in view and nearby, and its probably the smoothest running track for me.
  23. I didnt race in the league but I wanted to drive the Zolder multiclass race. Unfortunately Zolder runs really poor on my PC even if I'm alone on the track. I get constant microfreezes and a proper freeze every 2 laps so, its almost tolerable when driving alone but not in a race.
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