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  1. I think I have found my least favorite track-car combination in the game. Such a chore to fight the wobbling and sliding and oversteering car every single corner, every lap. Going from min to max in many setup sliders doesnt even do anything.
  2. Its probably summer and people spending their time outdoors combined to football and vacations. I will keep an eye on enduros in several communities and on raceapp.eu. Next big one that doesnt have only Germans is probably RCI's multiclass 10 h of Silverstone on July 31.
  3. Monza. Massive safety improvements and more passing opportunities. I'd like to say Spa as well with the reworked bus stop , but now the lack of gravel in Les Combes is more forgiving and sometimes allows for defending cars to maintain position even if they brake too late and go wide.
  4. Okay I turned some practice laps and as expected the BMW is a steaming pile of you know what around this track I guess it needs straights after slow corners to stretch its legs and really, really hates all these many long fast corners. Chronically understeery, couldnt fix that with setup changes yet, and as cherry on top most corners are between gears.
  5. @SANtoOos dont get me wrong I like to drive many of these Mickey Mouse tracks, just not race them. Flashbacks of 40-car qualifying where I didnt get to drive a single uninterrupted lap and then getting stuck behind a train of slow cars for 60 minutes
  6. In my opinion for GT3 its the worst track to race on together with Oulton Park and Zolder. No places to overtake, narrow and only 2 interesting corners. How good it is for GT4 we will see soon
  7. Some more screenshots below and a short video here https://streamable.com/o7y0ex Its such a pretty game isnt it? None the video settings settings isnt even highest in these.
  8. I didnt get to sleep more than 5 h, today 42 km of cycling and 4 hours of kayaking with our company and Im ready to sleep till Monday One final thing about tyres. If youve driven bit longer you may have noticed that tyres sometimes get grained, especially in low temperatures. Graining/tearing plays a significant part and is often more important than wear or even pressures. Its created by sliding and locking tyres. A tyre that has 1,5 mm left can still give one good laptimes if its not grained, but a heavily grained tyre will not. Some time ago we drove a Monza enduro with limited sets of tyres and we were forced to double stint tyres. Lot of effort was put to setup and driving to maintain tyre life, and well over 70 laps in for the set of tyres I had I still managed to clock some 1:48s and I was less than half a second slower than I was with fresh tyres. Tyres we have in this sim for gt3 - especially 2020 tyres - and gt4 are very durable, but dont underestimate how important it is in long races to keep them good and in right temperature and pressure window.
  9. You could try to share connection from your cellphone, maybe that would be more stable? Horrible reaction at start by me then overshot T1. T4 we had the tiniest contact to my rear and it was enough to break the grip as I was already oversteering into the corner. Fortunately I didnt spin, instead I had a massive slide and then hit the wall on the inside. Lap 2 I found myself P2 with Santos ahead pulling away. I went full tyre conserving mode just trying to stay with him. He had very good pace in the mid 42s and even if I didnt have damage he may have been able to stay ahead. About 12 laps into the race our gap stabilized around 9-10 seconds. After halfway point he pit and I stayed out to try to make use of clean air and relatively good tyres that I had overpressurized a bit at the start and were now still above 27 PSI despite it getting dark and colder. Somehow it worked and despite the horrible pitstop I won over 15 seconds in the final 18 or so laps to finish first. edit: here is my pretty messy pole lap of 1:40.881: https://streamable.com/wvg8a8
  10. 107 or so should be safe for the race including formation lap even if you use map 1
  11. I noticed something similar yesterday. In single player during the day it was barely playable mess, but it was noticeably better when I joined the practice server where sun was getting low. Very weird. Usually things get worse when sun is low and shadows become long. Maybe its not about shadows at all but something else.
  12. I still get freezes every lap in the final sector, they're bad enough to make me miss corners and go off track. Its weird because I have driven here before and I dont recall problems then, and the framerate is good. Trying to solve it
  13. Theres many ways to fix exit oversteer. What works best with least side effects depends on what the problem is exactly. From your video I can see the car is actually understeery on throttle, so maybe its just the immediate wheelspin or torque that you cant control yet. I would first play a little with the TC settings. Bottoming out can be fixed by raising the car, stiffening wheel rate and moving bumpstops closer. Unfortunately all those have big effects elsewhere on the lap so its usually not an easy fix.
  14. Did you know you should always rev the engine as close to the limiter as possible? Nils Naujoks has some videos where he tests the gearing and drives the Honda. Some of the aliens are also very fast in it. Its no definitely no Jaguar, Aston V12 or REX that are only competitive on a handful of tracks.
  15. One can live with it but it can be fixed. Its similar to what happens in Eau Rouge: downhill becomes uphill at high speed which makes the already low to the ground front end fall the way to the pavement. Whether thats a problem depends on where exactly the bottoming out happens, how long, which part of the floor and does the car need downforce there. In Eau Rouge bottoming out while turning can induce snap understeer and missing Raidillon, or even snap oversteer and a spin.
  16. It bottoms out. That place is super dangerous in the wet because a big pool of water will form in that left hand kink right where cars bottom out
  17. In T6, the long right hander? I think its his rears sliding a little when turning, happens in a couple of phases there as weight shifts around. It stops when he puts power down, to understeer
  18. No major mistakes there. You miss T1, T3 and T7 apexes and in some others you are bit late on throttle. Lots of exit understeer. Try to brake just a tiny bit earlier, 2-3 m is probably enough, and you can let the car run wider and steer less. Apex kerbs upset the car much more than exit kerbs here, just dont hit grass. You also have pretty high TC settings. It allows you to get on throttle early and a lot and keep the car stable, but you are probably better off lowering those settings a bit - Honda has very good TC. I dont see any oversteer on brakes so moving brake balance couple of clicks more rearwards could help you get the car turned. Theres 1:41 in that driving, you just need to polish it a little. Honda is tricky but its definitely not slow except maybe on some bumpier tracks like Oulton. Around Monza my best sectors in the Honda make a 1:46.9, I just need to drive those on the same lap
  19. Can you upload a video with couple of laps? Sometimes cars are different and you just cant drive them exactly the same way. I see I drive all corners quite different to Tex. In my experience the Honda is quite difficult to drive fast and it hates kerbs. At least its traction control is amazing.
  20. for a very brief moment I thought I was having a stroke or still asleep and not sipping coffee at work google can never get the word order right
  21. Does anyone else get short freezes on this track? I get them before the esses and then more just when I'm turning into the dangerous penultimate corner. Not all the time but every 3rd lap or so.
  22. @texlex45 custom skins you downloaded probably need to be on everyones folder to be visible to them. But the ones you create with the in-game editor always show to everyone.
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