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  1. ducts 2, about 27.5 PSI all around gives me 30 PSI after couple of laps
  2. Its partly because setups often dont matter much, and partly because Aris' presets are very, very fast and only need to be tuned to conditions. Quickest one lap driver in ACC is probably Tortellini, and even he says he doesnt have a clue about setups and sometimes randomly clicking things up or down makes him faster, or slower. Some cars like Bentley dont have track specific presets and need more work... but I still find that the more I work on it the more I like aggressive preset. Might as well use it, just adjust couple of things to personal likings.
  3. Lower front arb, lower front and/or higher rear, softer bumpstops and/or higher bumpstop range or lower brake bias.
  4. I have no idea whats a good time in these conditions. I could only improve couple of tenths going from high fuel to low fuel, but in the dry that difference is like 2 seconds, 2:19 to 2:17. Something suspicious going on with my car and wet preset seems to be the same as safe preset, just with more TC, so that wont be saving me.
  5. I like Spa a lot, but looks like I need to spend some time improving my driving and the setup.
  6. I managed a 2:27.6 but theres lots of time on the track still, couple of tenths in Raidillon alone. Your driving looks so stable that you might benefit a lot from lower TC and pushing a bit more, just dont touch kerbs under brakes.
  7. I can juuust make it, but I will be away the days before. Fortunately we can set the qualifying times on the practice server the previous weekend already so I might be able to get away with little to no practice
  8. Is practice server set to 60 % overcast and 15 % rain, non-dynamic?
  9. @Meers its not a bad lap. Did you try toying with TC2 settings yet? I often see people who drive Ferrari and Aston use settings like 1/6, 2/6 or 6/2.
  10. Erik

    Assetto Corsa

    Both AC and ACC do. I dont use it because I find its difficult to see small movements of the car unless I keep my head perfectly still. Maybe it would work with large deadzones and just for peeking left and right.
  11. Its just the knee fortunately and its definitely muscles only. BMW has pretty heavy ffb and centering force and the wheel needs to be turned a lot, it made me also start to feel my left wrist. I lowered ffb gain and steering ratio which helped a lot
  12. @davejm about your knee, is it pressing or holding above the pedal that hurts? For me its the latter. So when its stressed by simracing I can walk, run and cycle no problem but holding the leg lifted up before braking is what hurts.
  13. I did much better than what I expected, happy with the result. I managed 1:43 in practice https://streamable.com/9f7xvz but could not get anywhere near today. Maybe if I had realized there was time for a 3rd fast lap I could have taken pole for race 1... In race 1 itself I had way too low pressures and lost more on the kerbs which resulted in me being slow, but it didnt matter in the end as Santos had to take the drive through penalty and gap behind me quickly grew anyway. In 2nd and wet quali I had 24 PSI because I had no idea what pressures to try, so 3rd was again better than expected, and then in race I took 2nd in start. I could stay with Santos and ever so slowly catch him but in the end I ran out of time and my car hated slippery conditions early in the race even more than optimum, what a surprise. My car was very difficult to drive the whole week and I tried pretty much everything setup wise without much success. Its not that it wanted to spin, but rather that it was very lazy to turn into corners even with lowest ARB and diff, slidey, bouncey and wanted to drift when getting back on power. Glad to move to next track and GT3.
  14. Gentlemen remember to sign out of the race if you cant make it tonight. Server is starting in 10!
  15. Is anyone here interested in the iRacing special events? Here: https://www.iracing.com/specialevents/ I have been thinking about subscribing again to drive the special endurance races. But I wont do that before I know I will have a team to race with. I'm mostly interested in Petit LeMan, Suzuka 10h and Daytona 24h.
  16. I just move my chair or the pedals when I need to find a more comfortable position Speedy recovery to you both. My vaccine arm hurts like hell now in certain positions but it should go away in a couple of days. And since I still havent found out how the heck the BMW is supposed to be setup or driven around this track to get any speed out of it I think I'll just take it easy tonight and cruise around the dunes
  17. For PC, some of my favorites that I remember without looking(meaning I played them a lot and liked them or recognized them to be great but not quite my thing) from the 90s
  18. I dont think these mRNA vaccines simulate a virus attack so symptoms are mostly because of body becoming weaker when adapting to recognize and combat the virus. And/or related to stress as Im sure many are frightened by needles or getting vaccinated. So it would make sense to me that there are less symptoms if you just had covid and the immune defence system is already mostly adapted and ready.
  19. T8 / Mastersbocht has a big kerb where its possible to lose pressure and make the car bounce. You want to cut there, but miss the highest sharp square part. Jab taken, mine was Moderna.
  20. Same for me, many corners where I need to shift down but for that I need like 50 % throttle or the rear kicks out and bye bye laptime. Horribly understeery in most corners too. I have 3 or 4 tenths there but two key corners are very difficult to carry any speed through. I'm also getting my first vaccine shot in an hour!
  21. I have no sense of humor I had a revelation late last night and then another one in sleep. So hopefully yesterday's 3 hours of banging head against the wall didnt go to waste. Now I'm also certain theres something in the BMW that works differently to other cars and at least partly explains why I've been chasing setups and why it behaves so oddly.
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