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  1. Hamilton had been given space on the inside, he has to use it or give up... or understeer into the car he is trying to overtake. Rare mistake by Hamilton and I dont know if its worthy a penalty(there have even been DSQs for similar incidents some decades ago) but Hamilton is at fault here, sorry.
  2. Hamilton has space for more than 1 car on the inside, but is unable to use that space. He understeers into Max, who is even trying to give more space mid corner. Hamilton's fault.
  3. I like Monza. Its simple, fast, between and often under trees and traditional - except for the understandable tarmac off-track areas in Variante della Roggia and Parabolica. Easy to learn, very difficult to master. Then again I also like Red Bull Ring and Hungaroring so what do I know.
  4. Your best sectors, from different sessions, together make 1:48.570. Some practice, smooth driving and you'll get there and lower.
  5. After Monza I also need to be away for some Thursdays. One more idea - is it possible to configure SGP to ignore results of a driver's worst or 2 worst results in a championship or series, absences included? I know raceapp.eu has this feature. This would allow someone to be away for a race or two, or to have a disaster race, and still compete in the championship. It would be beneficial to attend to all races just to deny points from others, but a bad race or absence wouldnt matter much as long as theres just one or two.
  6. Also congrats to @Count Buffalos for great quali and P2 in race one, no mistakes under pressure! And @Meers, mr consistency and lucky number seven:
  7. Two horrible qualifyings for me with some bad luck with the traffic, I was much quicker in race!! Congrats to Tex for getting both poles! Race 1 Tex ahead of me made a mistake and spun in the corkscrew, gifting me P1 and race win. Happy about my pace in race 1, I probably averaged around 1:31.1 or so and got fastest lap with 1:30.4. Race 2 I managed to overtake Santos at the start and then maintain position. My tyres and pressures were good and conditions were much colder than race 1 so I was surprised to find myself missing apexes, sliding all over the place and in general being slow. Towards the end I started matching Tex ahead and the gap wasnt too bad. I'll take P1 and P2 from my first Laguna Seca event.
  8. How the heck did I manage a 1:30.0? This track is so slippery and my car wants to overshoot every braking zone, ABS flashing Dave, how will qualifying for Monza race work, is it simply by best valid lap turned on the practice server?
  9. I'm not sure about this. I have setup and pressures dialed for one or two conditions for almost all tracks, but I dont think most have. Many tracks are quite difficult and I'm sure there are some many havent driven yet. It would at minimum require everyone to be able to join and practice 30 min or so before qualifying starts, extending time needed from around 1 h 30 min(quali, session ending, pre-race time, formation lap and race itself) to 2 hours or more. I fear it would only result in more retirements and larger gaps between players, but I've been wrong before.
  10. I like this race evening once a week thing. Its not too serious so I dont need to practice every day and I can skip races. If races were only every 2 weeks it would suck hard to wreck or have technical issues, or to miss a race. I will swap cars but I will see what others pick first and then pick one that isnt driven by more than one other driver, max.
  11. I would like that too, but right now I feel the greatest pressure is in finding air for a clean lap in just 5 minutes, and not in trying to turn a fast lap in just 1 or 2 attempts. I think this would work much better if every car was alone on the track like in iRacing 2 lap qualifyings.
  12. In my opinion the Porsche lethality order from easiest to worst is 718 GT4 - 991.2 GT3 - 911 GT3 Cup - 991 GT3. Older GT3 is by far the worst even if it has traction control, unlike Cup.
  13. I might like mandatory tyre swap for longer races. It makes the pit stop length the same for everyone, allows fixing pressures if one gets them wrong at the start, fixes possible flat spots and makes undercut more powerful as coming out of pits tyres will be fresh and warmer. Also longer quali sessions
  14. Sounds like Laguna Seca is the full wobbly slidey BMW experience for everyone I have only turned a couple of laps so far. Never raced on this track and I've only driven it before in AC and iRacing practice a bit. I dont like it but its more fun than Zandvoort. Its been so hot for so long that I dont even want to drive before midnight... I think gaps are still pretty small in a typical dry race. Even if you would be unable to benefit from faster guys crashing out or having other issues, sometimes things just click together and one can find that missing half a second and be up there in pace.
  15. Erik

    Assetto Corsa

    GPLaps has a nice video on this track and mod, also driving the Maserati 250F:
  16. Erik

    Assetto Corsa

    A lap in the Alfa Romeo GTA https://streamable.com/68lfyn
  17. Erik

    Assetto Corsa

    Some times. edit: Maserati 6 cylinder now 2:34.035. Still second or two there but try to match it.
  18. Erik

    Assetto Corsa

    2:26.963 in the Lotus 25, still many seconds on the track. This is one hardcore track!
  19. Had to work hard for this one! Track developed massively during qualifying, and I felt I had to improve on the final lap. I think the previous time would have been enough, but when I felt how much more grip the track had I didnt think it would be. Race start and couple of first laps were good, which is not typical for me. Again I had made last minute setup changes which were not worth it as I started to lose my rear tires quite early, which I feel played part to Santos maintaining the gap close. We had some moments with lapped cars where I lost the gap behind entirely, but fortunately Santos didnt get to attempt an overtake. Santos again pit before me and I would pit 2 laps later when I was catching lots of traffic again. Nailed the pitstop where this time I took some fuel, found myself nearly 5 s ahead at pit exit and took it easy and safe the final laps to chequered flag!
  20. Heres one of my faster laps. Dont touch the astroturf on throttle! Still some mistakes and missed apexes but better than my average lap https://streamable.com/tjekws
  21. Yeah well done, this track is difficult enough in the dry... I fear it'll be a race of attrition but I hope everyone will finish even if they need to do repairs. I had 2:25.8 in the laptime prediction 5 or so times, but always made a mistake in Stavelot or bus stop. Some corners in the middle sector are very difficult to carry speed through for me
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