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  1. Thanks but in all honesty I'm still learning this track. I have now turned total of maybe 30 laps, still finding the line with the least bumps... I think theres even less margin of error than in Bathurst!
  2. These are all Saturday races and for whatever reason have quite early starts, unlike usually. November 6 event starts at 10:00 GMT/UK time and the race itself at 11:00, lasting till some minutes past 17:00.
  3. We are again looking for a endurance driver, this time for RCI's more relaxed - than what we had earlier this year - multiclass enduro world challenge season. Car is GT3 McLaren 720S. We are entering a AM car and a Silver car, currently with 7 people(4 for silver car, 3 for AM) and one more would be nice so that nobody needs to drive over 4 or 5 hours. You dont need to drive every race as each team is allowed 4 driver changes after they have a complete team of 4. So just a race or two is okay. Dont worry about your pace - we'll bring you up to speed and in AM pace isnt super quick. This might be your perfect opportunity to experience endurance racing. Following races are: Oct 2: 12 h Donington Nov 6: 6 h Misano Dec 4: 12 h Bathurst Jan 8: 6 h Monza
  4. Its the short name you've entered in the in-game profile. Default is PLY for player. If you've changed it and it still remains PLY in game, you need to go to the my files/acc/ and find the .ini file where it is and change it there, thats what I had to do.
  5. Is that aggressive preset? There was an update to physics some time ago(9 or 10 months or so at this point) that made yaw angle have greater effect on downforce generated by body and wing. It made all cars more loose at high speeds, but setup presets were not updated. You will probably find the Merc will also want to go around in Raidillon, Pouhon and Blanchimont in the same way. Lowering rear and/or increasing wing helps. Increasing diff. preload helps too. You can also try to not fully lift throttle as you brake until you've shifted down to 3rd gear.
  6. Heres how I've set up mine. Maybe I should unmap TC and/or ABS for lights and indicators as I need those more often...
  7. What have you mapped on buttons now? I have the Thrustmaster open rim. It has 8 buttons, 4-button d pad and a... thing that can be pushed down or turned up or down for 2 more buttons and it gets returned to center by a spring. I use these for: Push-to-talk, MFD next menu (d-pad for navigation), brake bias up and down(changing conditions, sometimes I change it corner to corner, depends on track), TC up and down(changing conditions mostly), ABS up down and (changing conditions) and engine start. I would like to have 6 more buttons for lights, indicators, ignition and pit limiter.
  8. I think it was worth at least 2 tenths, maybe as much as 5. Because I couldnt break into 1:34s in race. 26 l of fuel should weight the same. You can go wide in a hairpin, but you will lose a ton of time. Lapped cars have races of their own where every second might count so dont throw them away. If you go wide in a place where its easy to go wide, such as at the end of that back straight in Misano, car behind cant be sure if you just made a mistake and you are rejoining immediately. Being predictable goes a long way to avoiding contact and losing least amount of time. Its best to not panic, stick to racing line and lift slightly when faster car is alongside or when a lapping move is clearly on. Dont lift in an acceleration zone because you can get rear ended. Basically drive as you would, dont defend and if possible lift on a straight to lose the least time. You can also try use indicators or flash. I'll try to find good examples in my endurance replay files! Regarding AC event next week, I can host. Nordschleife or the new island?
  9. Great pace early in the race @SharkyOB I think we were within a tenth or two for the first 20-ish laps. You mentioned how your pace slowed towards the end - the same happened to me, I turned my best laps on laps 23 and 24(1:35.0) and then my pace slowed to high 35 and low 36. It may have been low tyre pressures as temperatures fell quite a bit, maybe tearing/graining too from overdriving. Early in the race I had pressures 27.8-28.0 PSI but only 27.3-27.6 in the end. Worst tyre was front left with 2.08 mm left and light graining, so I had been sliding and using front tyres a bit too much. Theres something I want to write about lapping. You dont need to slow down and move aside as soon as you see the blue flag, at least not for me. I'll return to this later with a video example or two.
  10. welcome @kiroquai dont be afraid to join us even with controller. We'll set you up and bring you up to speed if you wish so. Maybe Aston was a mistake for me. Its stable, but very understeery. I improved a little but thats still a full second slower than my record from a time when I think I was much slower.
  11. I'm looking forward to improved siege battles and AI. Not the least because in my opinion those are the 2 weakest areas of TWWH I & II and unimproveable with mods.
  12. Lets hope it wont be the serious kind. Try to take it easy now and rest well. I'll get my second vaccine shot tomorrow, and I expect to again race with a hurting arm and elevated temperature.
  13. Never try to fix anything with more electronics. You are losing rear grip mid corner in T1. You can try 1 click higher wing, lower rear ride height or softer rear ARB. One at a time, those should help. If induced turn-in understeer then becomes annoying you can try to move brake bias more forwards, I use 53-54 % in the McLaren and can go as low as 51 % if braking zone is straight(Monza T1) Right now I cant get within 2 s of what the game thinks is my personal lap record. But thats hopefully just lack of practice. I'll drive some on server tonight.
  14. Not bad @Meers but you can cut most apexes and use the track more still. Car is maybe a bit loose in the turn in is it? I havent driven Misano for 10 months... Its much more fun than what I remembered, but damn am I slow. I have 2 more days to improve.
  15. @milko Looks like you oversteer and lose it before you even touch the exit kerb. There seems to be a tiny bit of oversteer the corner before too. I think this was caused by too much steering and throttle combined to damage that you suffered the previous lap.
  16. I have the same Thrustmaster open rim as Dave has/had, and I feel its mostly getting flattened. Its also slowly losing some of the material - after some of the first sessions my hands turned gray of the alcantara... Now that its flattened/worn/gunked up everywhere where I touch it I gave up trying to save it and just drive without gloves.
  17. Did you do any changes to safe or aggressive presets? I should be able to review the race 2 crash. In iRacing I've seen a car place its tyres in just the right spots to bottom out on T1 exit curb and launch across the track to the left. Maybe something similar happened to you.
  18. @Valver it was your connection - even your voice was getting corrupted. Looks like the highlights were messed up too, a lot of the time theres nothing happening in them. As if the highlight moment is half a lap or something too late or early. They also dont have crashes... I might go back and record those, I understood that they were spectacular. Great job in race 2, very close fight through the race and 4 of you finished within 3 or 4 seconds! My qualifying pole was most undeserved because it was accidentally done on race fuel and was quite sloppy. I couldnt stay flat out through Reid Park or Sulman Park and I couldnt use the whole track width most of the lap. I think at the end of the previous season performance like that would have pushed me down to around 5th. Race 1 I stalled in grid and then had slow start, but Yannik's Porsche's low top speed on the Mountain Straight towards T2 saved me. Besides that both races were quite uneventful for me. After I pulled a good gap I became sloppy and twice nearly went around in the downhill chicane.
  19. Okay maybe not slow, but I know I should be much faster. Come Oulton Park and Snetterton you will see how slow I can be. I cant stay on the track in Oulton.
  20. We have Bathurst coming up in the enduro calendar in 3 months I think. I want to be able to average 2:02 race pace. Still a lot of work to do... And even thats still second or more behind aliens.
  21. I dont know. I tried this yesterday where temperature difference required about 5 clicks first in one and then the other direction, and it was slightly off. I recommend using these rules only for couple of clicks. I like Bathurst a lot, its my 2nd most driven track in ACC, but I'm slow around it. Driving a new car doesnt help. I hope I will have time to do setup job for next race!
  22. My rule of thumb for small temperature changes is 1 click per every 3 degrees, air and track temperature combined. So I go 0.1 PSI higher if track drops 2 and air by 1.
  23. Nissan is also good here even over one lap, somehow. Turn 1 is most difficult one for me. Its so simple, but the tiniest mistake or not carrying enough speed makes huge impact on laptime because its followed by a very long uphill straight. Up on the mountain one can hold back a little and take it easy without losing much time.
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