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  1. We had a much more difficult race in silver. Qualified 12th and was running 12th building big gap behind, when a rejoining Honda didnt wait and I t-boned him. Couple of hours and some contacts and drive throughs later we were back to 20th when driver's laptop overheated and shutdown. Over 5 laps lost. Following 5 hours were spent at the back slowly catching others. At 50 minutes to go we were only 45 s or so behind the next position, when the same thing happened again. Provisional(post-race penalties pending) P25 out of 29 I believe in class.
  2. 3+ h to go, we are 25th and last that hasnt retired thanks to a laptop meltdown. AM team is now 20th in their race and may improve still
  3. Yeah and to be honest I was wasnt even angry, I had had a pretty bad day by that point, half expected T1 to be a mess and laughed a bit when I rejoined the track, thinking lets see how high I can finish. I was more angry about myself for again not holding brakes which resulted in Valver or Sharky hitting me when I was already on the grass. ps. In the start I also somehow managed to hit my water bottle off the desk and to the floor, so I drove the race with wet socks
  4. I tried to leave space, there was space for almost 2 cars on the inside and no overlap as I start to turn in. But I think Oulton just is like that: if one is even slightly off the grippy racing line then low grip surface and zillion bumps just push you wide. It can catch anyone off guard, chances are had I started 3rd and on the inside I'd have made the exact same move
  5. You can ask anything over in discord. Yes the starting driver will load the setup during the countdown before formation lap. I presume he will set strategy in advance - its good to have at least fuel set for all stops to have less things to adjust while driving. Try to drive some tonight on the practice servers. They are named "RCI motorsport" and password is RCIACC. Dont be intimidated if you see some very fast people; practice servers are shared by everyone but fastest teams, who tend practice the most, will be 2 splits higher than you.
  6. What kind of ride heights did you use? I found if I went wide there it just understeered more, never oversteered. Though Macca is a Macca, I dont really like it as our enduro car atm... Super understeery, until it suddenly isnt.
  7. Qualifying was a mess for me. I had about half a PSI too high pressures and then I stayed too long on the track trying to improve instead of fixing pressures after first couple of attempts. Coming out again there was space and time for only one lap with warm tyres, and I of course I invalidated it. Thats what happens when you dont do your homework. In the start Milko ran wide and turned me around, but that was of course not malicious at all. It was probably the bumps, and being on the inside across the track from racing line he may have missed his braking and turning point a bit. I didnt hold brakes enough and was collected by 2 more cars and fell to the back. Fortunately it looked like I came off by far the worst when it came to both damage and lost positions. I could feel there was too much damage in the rear so I boxed immediately for 14 seconds of repairs. I got to drive alone mostly and had pretty good pace, though not as good as I had had in practice week ago, and looking at the minimap I could see I was gaining on the leaders. I kept avoiding certain curbs and insides of corners to keep pressure in tyres. At one point I still hit the grass in T4 and lost 10 seconds or so rallycrossing in the infield. In the end my pace was enough to be right on Yannik's tail as he exited pits, and I overtook him in the Shell Oil hairpin! A lap later my tyres finally gave up but it was just enough.
  8. Erik

    Halo: Reach

    The scene near the end where player is defending an open area from airdrops is very annoying on legendary. Covenant guns will disappear even when looking at them and running towards, cant go back because a door closes and as soon as I'm one checkpoint in I cant try again. There just isnt enough firepower available to kill all enemies as they're getting airdropped unless player uses guns in the right order and doesnt touch the ones already there(that wont disappear) last. Make a mistake and you have to restart the whole level. It isnt even that difficult, its just too easy to end up in a situation where all guns that havent vanished are held by 10 brutes and all checkpoints are in the same area just 20 or 30 seconds back.
  9. I fear this is probably the worst track in the game for battling and overtakes though. Very narrow, most of the track is single line, no straights. I've seen some Brit GT and ACC races here and even in GT4 overtakes seem to only happen after a big mistake or by pushing the other guy off the track.
  10. Yeah set it to 900, on PC it'll adjust the lock automatically depending on car
  11. Erik

    Assetto Corsa

    I forgot I had TrackIR. I need to try it in AC.
  12. I think I'm about 1 s off "competitive" times and 2 s off good quali times myself. I raised the car and made it softer, max wing, but it just doesnt want to stick in T1 or T3. Despite the ground clearance I cant touch kerbs in either of the chicanes. Theres something fundamentally wrong in car and/or driving...
  13. Erik

    Assetto Corsa

    Meers, I think its probably related to Content Manager and the shaders mod. Could be simple version mismatch. Make sure CSP and Sol are latest stable versions. You can manually go delete the shaders and install them again. To narrow down the problem try to launch game with only required track and car mods and see if it works.
  14. Erik

    Assetto Corsa

    I was able to join the server. With CSP, Sol and all the mods I had fairly 60 frames so its looking good.
  15. Okay thats 1:34.4 and best sectors are 1:34.2. I have no idea where to turn in T1 or T2 or T3 but I'm getting there, just need 200 or so more laps
  16. I'm just slow. I improved a bit. A good optimum condition laptime around here is probably high 1:32 to low 1:33 right?
  17. Did you try GT4 cars yet? They have almost no aerodynamic devices and sit quite high. Like street cars almost they cant carry speed and change line through a corner. You committ to a line very early and constantly slide around a bit as you try to find grip. Very different, and many think they are great fun.
  18. For me easiest cars to drive, as in to keep on track and under control, in no particular order are Aston V8, Merc, Lamborghini EVO, McLaren and 2018 Bentley. BMW has the longest wheelbase but I cant understand why it likes to go around and isnt stable. Honda loves to snap oversteer and spin if upset at high speeds.
  19. First race was 6 h, but there we had 3 drivers for both cars. So two 60 min stints for each. Often driving time isnt even, but not everyone wants to drive as much as possible or is available from start to finish in these big races. We try to make driving schedules and a strategy before race.
  20. I'd raise it but soften suspension, dampers and arbs. And think about front bumpstops. I think the Ferrari's preset setup is very stiff in every way
  21. Thanks but in all honesty I'm still learning this track. I have now turned total of maybe 30 laps, still finding the line with the least bumps... I think theres even less margin of error than in Bathurst!
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