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  1. Anyone interested in the RCI 24 h Monza Multiclass? September 3: https://racerci.com/championships/127/info
  2. If we dont care about results showing up on a web page I can run a server round the clock if needed
  3. Dave, can you set the practice server to run some good liked track and all cars? Maybe Spa?
  4. Sounds good. Dont worry at all about laptimes for now. You can use safe and aggressive preset setups, just fine tune tyre pressures so that when driving they stay between 27.4-27.9 PSI. Around 30 PSI for wets. You can use high TC and ABS setting values: they are there to help you. Aero page settings have greatest influence on how the car behaves. All you need to know for now is that more wing = more downforce and understeer. Lower rear ride height = better stability and more understeer, higher rear height = less understeer.
  5. That + possibly unwillingness to use real name(which he has sometimes, so I dunno) + hes banned from some of them.
  6. Gold_Saw does use stability control to smooth out throttle input. Car and setup effect a bit how easy or difficult it is to drive with a pad: some are more lively and snappier than others.
  7. Watkins Glen lap on the server!! I think I have 2 or 3 tenths more there if I can be better in bus stop and the final sector. https://streamable.com/f8oc0r I need to get up very early on Friday and have lots of work tomorrow so I will probably not be able to participate. We'll see.
  8. Yesterday we left the server when it still had 20 seconds or so in the clock but it didnt seem to save results in the other session.
  9. I think enduros need a big grid thats fairly close in pace or you end up just halving car numbers from like 16 to 8. However there are many one off events that should be good for newcomers in the near future.
  10. At least Watkins Glens. Maybe Indy too. Porsche always feels fast to drive to me but the stopwatch tends to disagree.
  11. Not difficult at all. Simracing.gp should support team races already and if not you can create entrylist and results with raceapp.eu
  12. + as a hidden tweak Porsche BoP changed on at least one of the new tracks so that its not a full second faster than all other cars. I hope they'd pay some attention to Audi too, currently LFM pro signups is 50 % Audi because its so fast.
  13. I drove Watkins Glen in single player and I like it a lot. Fast, elevation changes and old school. Good high fuel laptime is probably low-mid 1:45 and quali high 1:43 to low 1:44.
  14. Watkins = Spa' 2nd sector + Kemmel and Raidillon the track. All corners are long and long radius, no slow or sharp corners at all. Very fast, very fun. Turns 2 and 3 have potential to create the largest lap 1 pileups. Indy = Snetterton meets Silverstone. Very bumpy with awkward corners without clear apexes. Final 3 corners are smooth fast like in Silverstone and the main straight is long. COTA I find most annoying of the three. Its long and technical, copy-paste of others tracks' features and corners put together with many blind corners and seems to be technical for the sake of being technical, not to produce good racing. Being long and wide its probably still a decent big grid track.
  15. Thanks all for another season. In the future I'll try to be less tired and grumpy
  16. Nah, I was watching Foch struggle with it around Suzuka having exactly the same problems and I just cant be bothered to work hours and hours on my driving and car setup. I think I'll go do some kayaking instead, 36 degrees in shade so its about time to stop hiding indoors. Besides I dont think I can get closer than 9 seconds of my personal lap record.
  17. For anyone interested in endurance racing. Next RCI season will be the EWC2 with 6 races starting in September. I think we will likely again enter 2 or maybe even 3 cars with 3-4 drivers each. There will again be pre-qualifying to set splits and we may again try to get all teams in the same split. PM me for invitation. In rllmuk we currently have me, Meers and Eurovapesim2 driving!
  18. Hey, I have the T300 open wheel rim. I think its better than round. Buttons are in easier to reach places close to thumbs and paired so I have +/- buttons for brake bias, ABS and TC. Its a bit lighter than round wheel but beware that while its stiff its not rock solid and the alcantara wears quickly. Or at least the surface does and what remains is a surface that feels similar to the open wheel but is softer.
  19. Yeah its not big deal to my results or anything dont worry, I ruined my race again later anyway with a horrible pit stop and then locking rears when I lost focus and started to revert back to how other cars are driven. But do we have established rules on this? Because If you cut across when theres still overlap you will pit maneuver yourself. Even if you are ahead and thus "justified" to the line. Its even worse if you lift. I couldnt know you cant stay flat there or that you were about to move right. Later I had T1 contact with a mclaren but that was my bad, he was slow and to me it looked like he was going wide or opening door to me but he was just a bit slow and taking very wide entry. Personally I dont like F1 style rules where even when overlapping car that is ahead gets to take whatever line he wants to because I think that promotes squeezing and pushing off track.
  20. Sorry, but this is not clear and I dont know why you lift there. There also isnt space on track for a car on your right. As I said above it would have helped massively if I could have seen you better but Lexus and my screen and fov are what they are. I need to use bonnet cam or stop driving this car.
  21. It was a divebomb, he doesnt make the apex and managed to turn the car when hes already drifted across the track. https://streamable.com/yn2c0n My lap 1 T3 collision happened because the lambo beside me lifted and moved across before he had cleared me. I was on kerbing myself and thus couldnt turn more and thanks to the stupid A-pillar I didnt really even see him.
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