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  1. No cross play Im afraid. PC has had about dozen smaller updates after that and console physics are still somewhat different.
  2. Myself Im a bit too busy with work and other matters and these races are too late as they end just before midnight.
  3. Only one rim and its not a particularly good one. No go - for now.
  4. Heres very quickly done Aston setup (20-26 degrees), basically random clicking around as if I knew what I were doing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YY8NhlAsKBmi5pEoIZIYdhw2sIj5RViU/view?usp=sharing Time was 1:34.9 with full tank of fuel but that can be improved by a second or more at least. I miss 2 apexes and dont attack the track enough. Last time I drove this track was here in rllmuk. Lap on board: https://streamable.com/3sh1al In turn 3 notice I only lift, no brake. If you lose it when braking move brake bias more forwards(higher %). Notice it now has brake pad 2, you might like 1 more. If its too oversteery in general, lower rear ride height and increase rear bumpstop range.
  5. Are you still in Aston? I recommend max wing, ride heights something like 86 rear 56 front, front bumpstop range say 5. Use 3 and 8 or 2 and 8 Traction Control values.
  6. One thing worth trying in Oulton Park is that instead of making setup softer(more mechanical grip, better over bumps) make it stiffer and raise car say 5-10 mm overall. Shorter bumpstop range and stiffer stops, higher ride height, stiffer wheelrates and damping will all better prevent bottoming out and sudden aero balance changes(especially turn 2) and the snap that follows and can make the car more predictable to drive. There will be more drag and car will shake more but thats ok as Oulton is quite slow in average speed. I wont drive tomorrow but next week maybe.
  7. Dirty air does reduce downforce and make your car understeer a bit and thus increase tyre pressures and wear a tiny bit if you drive about 0,5 s or closer to car ahead. But most likely you are driving differently because you cant see the track and your markers as well as when driving alone, or even more likely conditions had changed between practice and race.
  8. Hey! Single player works similar to multiplayer(except you can disable damage). Remember to select "2022 open season" or whatever it was so you have all cars to choose from and have the same BoP(car engine powers and weights mostly) as in multiplayer.
  9. Those endgame disasters and campaign AI still need some tweaks. I had about 30 undead armies, 30 Greenskin armies each with an accompanying Waagh army and 20 Dark Elf pirates spawn and achieve almost nothing against AI factions(I was too far away for them) because they are incapable of coordination. Just randomly moving around and sieging nearest settlements for 20 turns. Bah. Well at least the Grudges have truly been settled now and Malekith's(and about 20 other elves and Chaos lords of all kinds) skins are fried and now drying in the sun.
  10. It was nerfed a bit to bring laptimes more or less on the line with others but its still very fast and has that stupid acceleration in low gears. It lost power and on some tracks gained weight. I wouldnt say its OP anymore and in long stints(30+ min) it seems to chew through its rear tyres which balances out its one lap speed. I dont know yet how many races I can partake to. These end very late my time and I will probably be busier with work and other stuff until December or so.
  11. When we get back, it's sandwich time.
  12. Anyone interested in the RCI 24 h Monza Multiclass? September 3: https://racerci.com/championships/127/info
  13. You can also drive GT4s at Imola. I think I'll try those first
  14. Its running now, I'll try to remember to now shut down my pc
  15. If we dont care about results showing up on a web page I can run a server round the clock if needed
  16. Dave, can you set the practice server to run some good liked track and all cars? Maybe Spa?
  17. Sounds good. Dont worry at all about laptimes for now. You can use safe and aggressive preset setups, just fine tune tyre pressures so that when driving they stay between 27.4-27.9 PSI. Around 30 PSI for wets. You can use high TC and ABS setting values: they are there to help you. Aero page settings have greatest influence on how the car behaves. All you need to know for now is that more wing = more downforce and understeer. Lower rear ride height = better stability and more understeer, higher rear height = less understeer.
  18. That + possibly unwillingness to use real name(which he has sometimes, so I dunno) + hes banned from some of them.
  19. Gold_Saw does use stability control to smooth out throttle input. Car and setup effect a bit how easy or difficult it is to drive with a pad: some are more lively and snappier than others.
  20. Watkins Glen lap on the server!! I think I have 2 or 3 tenths more there if I can be better in bus stop and the final sector. https://streamable.com/f8oc0r I need to get up very early on Friday and have lots of work tomorrow so I will probably not be able to participate. We'll see.
  21. In game session time. Maybe it needs a minute or two to be safe
  22. Yesterday we left the server when it still had 20 seconds or so in the clock but it didnt seem to save results in the other session.
  23. I think enduros need a big grid thats fairly close in pace or you end up just halving car numbers from like 16 to 8. However there are many one off events that should be good for newcomers in the near future.
  24. At least Watkins Glens. Maybe Indy too. Porsche always feels fast to drive to me but the stopwatch tends to disagree.
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