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  1. Anyone interested in the RCI 24 h Monza Multiclass? September 3: https://racerci.com/championships/127/info
  2. If we dont care about results showing up on a web page I can run a server round the clock if needed
  3. Dave, can you set the practice server to run some good liked track and all cars? Maybe Spa?
  4. Sounds good. Dont worry at all about laptimes for now. You can use safe and aggressive preset setups, just fine tune tyre pressures so that when driving they stay between 27.4-27.9 PSI. Around 30 PSI for wets. You can use high TC and ABS setting values: they are there to help you. Aero page settings have greatest influence on how the car behaves. All you need to know for now is that more wing = more downforce and understeer. Lower rear ride height = better stability and more understeer, higher rear height = less understeer.
  5. That + possibly unwillingness to use real name(which he has sometimes, so I dunno) + hes banned from some of them.
  6. Gold_Saw does use stability control to smooth out throttle input. Car and setup effect a bit how easy or difficult it is to drive with a pad: some are more lively and snappier than others.
  7. Watkins Glen lap on the server!! I think I have 2 or 3 tenths more there if I can be better in bus stop and the final sector. https://streamable.com/f8oc0r I need to get up very early on Friday and have lots of work tomorrow so I will probably not be able to participate. We'll see.
  8. Yesterday we left the server when it still had 20 seconds or so in the clock but it didnt seem to save results in the other session.
  9. I think enduros need a big grid thats fairly close in pace or you end up just halving car numbers from like 16 to 8. However there are many one off events that should be good for newcomers in the near future.
  10. At least Watkins Glens. Maybe Indy too. Porsche always feels fast to drive to me but the stopwatch tends to disagree.
  11. Not difficult at all. Simracing.gp should support team races already and if not you can create entrylist and results with raceapp.eu
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