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  1. My co driver for Silverstone
  2. Suzuka is slippery and very abrasive. It destroys tyres even quicker than Silverstone, Zandvoort or Paul Ricard. edit: also in ACC cars use 2018/2019 tyres there that are less durable than 2020 tyres
  3. Sorry guys but I need to skip this one. I'll be home late and I need to finally practice for weekend's big race.
  4. I dont think Praga is a true LMP3 car, but its surely worth trying.
  5. @SharkyOB I'll try your settings tonight! About easy to drive but raceable cars, are there any good LMP3 mods? Because those I think produce laptimes only slightly faster than GT3, but with much less horsepower so they are probably glued to the track in corners.
  6. You can do it all without motec by paying attention to tyre widget, tyre wear and temperatures in setup menu and watching replays... But its easier to just drive some laps and then go see in MoTeC what pressures and temps you had.
  7. Actually I find these to be one of the best ones communicating grip. I can push, though braking is difficult because I cant hear or feel anything before a massive lockup. I have more problems with street cars and more modern racing cars like F1s, Cs, GTs and such. But I will be trying out different FFB settings tonight and I think things will improve for me
  8. Thanks, I actually do have a LUT for my wheel. I need to play more with FFB settings and maybe try making a profile for AC in the wheel software.
  9. What kind of FFB settings does everyone use? I'm having trouble finding settings that allow me to feel grip the way I can in ACC. Right now when I lose grip it tends to happen without warning pretty much regardless of car and track so I end up tiptoeing and cant push. Some cars like the Alfa GTA and some other older cars feel good, modern ones usually not so much. As for community races in AC... I wonder if we would have more players if we used cars that were a bit easier to drive and understand? I get that many want to drive Proto Cs, F1 cars and such, but they are all quite difficult. For GT3 and GT4 theres the ACC. I'm not sure which cars would be easier and slower, and not the MX-5, yet fun to race.
  10. @SharkyOB Do you have time for a session today? I was thinking we could either use the Nissan or some 3rd car and try to get that up to speed together at Monza or some other track. I can stream my view too with twitch or steam. Everyone is welcome aboard of course.
  11. On sgp gt4 + gt3 points plus 50 % more for Monza equal 148, plus 2 for fastest lap in Monza. It doesnt effect positions, dont worry
  12. Dave, Im missing 3 points In the future I want to get more involved in practice sessions too and also drive more in AC. Next weeks Saturday we will have a big 10 hour race driving gt4 Ginetta around Silverstone and I will need to dedicate some evenings to practice for that, but I can try to give my opinions and tips to finding speed. For Sharky we need to find his next car and dedicate an evening to getting to grips with it.
  13. I had a decent start, but in just a few laps my tyres were starting to be way overpressured and overheat. And I even lowered pressures 2 click at the start, in anticipation of mid day being hotter than 10 am conditions! It was like driving on ice for 35 or so laps and I was consistently a full second slower than I had been in practice, even in hotter conditions but with better pressures. I destroyed my tyres sliding all over the place. I was sweating watching Santos more or less maintain gap to me, trying to not make a mistake myself. I think I was lapping @EuroVapeSim2 when I braked on the white line and maybe on grass too for final corner. Had I had slower reflexes it would have put me in the wall there, lucky! In the end I managed to keep her on the track to finish P1. Thank you @davejm and everyone else for a great and clean series. Lets hope we will have even more and happier drivers in the future. PS the fastest lap is mine, Santos cut the first chicane
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