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  1. Thanks @milko Think we need @Erik to join us for a race again to show us what the real alien pace looks like. Shame about your fuel as you were staying within striking distance really well in that first race. Frustration can always hit hard @mrben09. I am sure you will be able to make a strong return Maybe a good way to get back on track could be to just stick to the default aggressive setups? Because at our skill level (including mine), 90% of the time lost and instability in cars is caused by our own driving rather than suboptimal setups. And the aliens can manage far better times than any of us on the default aggressives so it's mostly driving technique.
  2. Haha thanks Milko, tbh I was a bit surprised myself at the time because my previous bests with the Audi on patch 1.8 were hovering around 2:20s and high 2:19s. So likely a combo of Mclaren being slightly overpowered and a good setup for that sector. With the BMW and Mclaren nerf, will be interesting to see how the times are affected come Thursday
  3. @davejm I can imagine that transition to be very difficult especially since VR is far more natural for our brain to process. My tip for Eau Rouge in pancake mode (can't do VR due to slight motion sickness) is that you have to look ahead in the corner to nail it. So once I turn in left for the first part of the corner, I am already looking at the spot on the right hand side curb that I want to get close to on the right hand turn. This gets me on a good line for the exit almost all the time. Hope this maybe helps a bit
  4. Is the PW the same as for the servers? Tried that but doesn't seem to work so unsure if different or if LFM site is glitching
  5. I've completed my license on LFM as well now. I remember there was something about a RLLMUK team on the website? Is that already existing? Some nice times here! Gonna have to get some more practice in before Thursday. Almost a second to find in sector three alone
  6. @Valver @davejm thanks for the quick answers Signed up and will be racing later on
  7. Hi everyone it's been a little while since I've posted here Hope the recent season has been fun. Is there any way I could spontaneously hop in for the race tonight as well?
  8. I wont be able to make the race tomorrow unfortunately as I am moving countries and the sim racing equipment is already across the border. Good luck to all and looking forward to the next one
  9. I won't be able to join many races this season but I will still register again just in case I can make a race or two. Will stick with the Audi due to limited practice time
  10. A nice dose of Nordschleife or the Le Mans Circuit would be the dream but very unlikely given license restrictions. I know Circuit Magny-Cours was supposed to be added in a DLC at some point as well but COVID-19 didn't allow for the laser scanning anymore. My gut feeling does sense a big dose of AC mobile though, which does not excite me one bit...
  11. @davejm For the race I will pick the tricky Snetterton during the day with dry and sunny weather (if possible) and low variability.
  12. Was some fun racing indeed! Enjoyed the one-off difficult experience with the car but definitely not a car you want to deal with every week Race 1 was pretty smooth sailing until I entered the Schumacher-S a bit too quickly and spun it around, dropping me back to P3. Managed to regain back to P2 after @SharkyOB 's Porsche also decided to misbehave. Congrats again to @Valver for a great race win! Only one to show the consistency in that first race and deservedly taking advantage of it. Race 2 the car felt much more stable and planted and I learned my lesson from the first race to not race against the clock too hard. I was eventually able to build a solid gap to @davejm and got the win I threw away in the first race. And the transition from late afternoon to dark evening also made the scenery very enjoyable. For set ups, I also took the baseline aggressive setup and: Increased the negative camber on all four tyres added some negative front toe rear ride height at 109 and front ride height at 77 rear wing up to 9 stiffened the front ARB to 3 for some extra turn in Overall a great race session but glad to have some traction control back again soon
  13. Without a doubt a car that needs a lot of patience Anyone managed to get the front tyres into a green temp window? Have tried all the tricks in the book (negative toe, lower brake ducts, high camber) but nothing gets em into that nice window.
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