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  1. this looks like a more boring and less cool Arkham Knight
  2. I really enjoy this thread, thank you to everyone that has contributed. It seems covid ruined the car boot sales a bit. does anyone know of any similar threads on other forums that are about finds like these?
  3. Thank you all! That’s very helpful
  4. I know the North has a couple of arcade places but are they any down South? In London or any of the big cities? Alternatively, does anyone know of any places where you can go with your mates and play some racing games with the full wheel setup etc?
  5. Thank you guys. It’s so overwhelming haha do the emulators work ok? I think buying one from a reputable retro seller is my best option
  6. I’d like to get myself a Dreamcast but am very new to retro gaming. What is my best option? A console from Ebay? Anything in particular to look out for? Or is there a machine that can emulate games for a reasonable price? I know this is a lot of questions but hoping someone can help. Thanks!
  7. I didn’t even know there was a DS game. What made it so bad? the ski lift is hilarious! I imagine if you released a game with it now, it would be very much up for criticism but it was very fun in split screen
  8. If anyone is thinking of selling one they don’t use, let me know
  9. this is it! Thank you! It is SO different to how I remembered it. It actually looks quite terrible and very limited. did anyone else play it? I’ve always been a sucker for some mini games
  10. I haven’t owned a Saturn before but I remember watching Steep Slope Sliders on some sort of gaming show on tv and thinking it looked incredible. How does it hold up now?
  11. Whenever I read about the N64, it makes me want to play Snowboard Kids with my mates again. I didn’t ever get to play the sequel but like to dream that I can one day!
  12. Does anyone remember a Simpson’s game on the original Gameboy, I can’t remember the name of it but I know one level was on a sort of chess board. I remember loving the game but finding it almost impossibly difficult!
  13. Is there any reason one like this is much cheaper than the other sites? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Powkiddy-RG351P-2500-Games-Player-Vibration-Handheld-Retro-PSP-Game-Console-UK/393164682050?hash=item5b8a70f342:g:klAAAOSw0QlgPMZz
  14. I think I’ll look out for a cheap RG351P deal as I prefer the horizontal grip
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