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  1. I've sent you a friends request. My PSN is Dips_1980
  2. I'll join if you have space. Currently light level 295.
  3. Devdas

    Destiny: FIN

    I still need to do it if you have space. PSN ID Dips_1980
  4. Made a start on HR1 quests, should hopefully start doing HR2 tonight. I've added everyone listed in the opening post. My friend code is 3067-5839-5743
  5. Any low level players(Or high level) up for doing the first dungeon Sastasha this evening?
  6. Devdas

    Nintendo Wii U

    Any Sonic Racing owners up for some games this evening? My Nintendo ID is Devdas.
  7. Giant in Gendarran fields that led on to a series of other events. Shame he dropped crappy loot. Dead on his knees.
  8. It was a fun hour and a bit until I got booted, tried to log back in but couldn't so I went back to sleep. Karde - I might have a bow in my inventory
  9. I'm probably going to create an Asura Thief at first and then an Elementalist later as they're the two classes I had most fun with. I never got round to creating or joining a guild during beta, is it easy to set up? I've read you can join more than one guild, does it work like Linkshells in FFXI?
  10. I'll be on later tonight/early morning if people are on. I've got a level 6 FOnewm named Devdas. I didn't know you could set an offline game - How do you do that?
  11. I'll download and create a character later this evening. It'll be like old times!
  12. Name: Devdas Uuro Race: Elezen Server: Trabia Starting City: Limsa Lominsa
  13. Most definitely! I'll add you all in a bit My Plus+ is Shuuro.
  14. Why don't you re-subscribe and level Snow?
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