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  1. You think the band members had any say in this?? Add another vote to the I hate hard fi register. Might start a facebook group on it!
  2. Is the TV aspect not more so you can watch UMD's on it... so Sony will sell more of those? Or downloads even. But I thought that was the big downside of spending so much money on a video UMD which will only play on one thing.
  3. Not the best Ferrel movie, but it really is laugh out loud funny in good few places, providing you're in the mood!
  4. Licencing issue perhaps?
  5. Not to rub salt in the wound... but Ireland is launching it's digital terrestrial soon.... it's going to be high def. I live in Northern Ireland... if i just move a couple hundred miles................
  6. I've maintained for some time ITV have been vastly improving.. it seemed to start with ITV2 and ITV4 to some degree..
  7. You can count me in I suppose! I did my undergrad, going to New York in the next 2 weeks to sit the New York Bar, if successful I'm moving to New York for a couple of years.. and I'd do a masters over there too.. Oh to be as cool as Charles though..
  8. As far as I'm aware Northern Ireland has awful coverage of the Sky freeview mux anyway.. my house at least never got it... can't get UK History etc either.. is it still on?? I really hope it's turned down though... they'd be much wiser putting Sky 1 on freeview and slamming Channel 4 and ITV in advertising terms.. I thought this was against Virgin, and whilst it still is I also believe it's to beat BT Vision, which also requires a different box.. I hope BT wins..
  9. More info here You'll need to buy a new box... will show movies, sport etc on 4 new channels, broadcast in mpeg4. Sounds... both good and bad? War on Virgin round 56. Fight!
  10. With Charles around who'd want to be wrong or he'll try and smash you! Ps- Charles, is your avatar a photo?
  11. I don't know if this is still applicable, but last week on the Bargain Forums on the DVD Forums they had links to Tignes and Val D'Sere for £149 if you left that Saturday.. flights, unnamed accommodation etc. Maybe worth a look?
  12. Tignes is great! Not soo sure about the night life, but I was with my aunt so I didn't venture too far anyways.. Val d'Sere is pretty close too! You can feel as tho you're taking your life in your hands by skiing in between the villages but it's all good fun and safe!
  13. So IPTV confirmed then..... no doubt it will arrive in the UK/Ireland in about 3 years with 1/8 the US content.
  14. Yea, I've never seen before, but I'm trying to watch in time for the new episode so i don't get left behind. Getting up for 7 i getting less and less likely...
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