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  1. Yep, I think I'd be a lot more pissed off about it than he seems to be. He seems strangely calm about it all, considering he's usually one of the tightest people I know. I'm just glad he didn't throw his toys out of the pram and try to return or sell the Xbox. Most of my friends are on Playstation, so I needed a regular Xbox gaming partner.
  2. No, he carried on hassling MS support but got nowhere with them, so I think he's pretty much given up on recovering the account or getting another 2 year code. I can kind of understand what might have happened - I had a similar thing last year. I created an account in preparation for my One X being delivered and used a password manager to auto-generate a strong password. When the Xbox arrived and I tried to log in, I discovered the password manager hadn't saved the password it generated, so I had to go down the account recovery route. When you do that, they ask you to provide as much info as possible about any previous passwords you've used, any emails you've sent, any purchases you've made and any Xbox console you've signed into. If you can't provide enough info, they can't / won't do anything. In my case I'd literally done nothing with the account other than create it and choose a gamertag, so there was no way I could get it back, but it didn't really matter all that much. In my friends case I'd assumed they'd help him as he'd actually logged into an Xbox and activated 2 years of Game Pass, but he reckons the recovery form never works (not enough info provided) and if he gets through to someone on the phone they just fob him off with promises that someone will call back, but they never do. He decided over the weekend he was just going to get a 12 month Gold code and do the £1 conversion trick. I think they've got a 3 month for £1 promotion at the moment, so he's now signed up until August 2022 for £51
  3. I had this issue with the Resident Evil 8 punch card (which has now expired) and the Mass Effect one - they acknowledge that I’ve unlocked an achievement in the game, but won’t let me activate the card to get the points. I emailed MS about it at the weekend but haven’t heard back from them yet.
  4. He’s a massive idiot when it comes to this sort of thing. I honestly don’t know what he’s done. From what I can make out he’s installed the Xbox app on his phone, set everything up through that, but at some point he says his console asked for his password again and won’t accept it. He’s still signed in on the app but can’t log in anywhere else and Microsoft can’t / won’t recover the account as he can’t provide enough information about it. I was just trying to figure out if he even redeemed the 2 years of game pass or just did a trial or something and could just create a new account and register the 2 year code on that.
  5. Has anyone here bought an Xbox via the All Access subscription, and if so, how do you activate the 2 years of Game Pass? Do you get a code or does the console prompt you to activate during setup? Does it ask for a payment option to be added for recurring billing, or does it just add 2 years to your account and then expire? I’m asking for a friend who got his All Access Series X yesterday, set up a new Microsoft account, then somehow locked himself out of it within a few hours and now can’t recover it He’s convinced he’s now going to be paying for Game Pass for 2 years without being able to access it, but can’t even remember how he set it up. Microsoft Support aren’t providing any help either.
  6. Series X plus extra controller seems to be in stock at AO: https://ao.com/product/rrt00007aokts1-xbox-series-x-console-black-79623-291.aspx I just got an order in so fingers crossed...
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