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  1. I ended up skipping and will wait to hear impressions first. Early birds on here, please post your thoughts on release!
  2. That's mad. I have a Samsung QLED 95t and also experience bad banding on blacks with the Xbox. I'll be giving this a go.
  3. Thanks for the shout, I've added them to my feed! I can't get the Farley's Fantasy Zone jingle from TCGS out of my head and it's becoming a problem.
  4. I used to be a big fan of these guys and even backed them on Patreon, but bailed recently for the same reasons. I definitely don't expect them to know everything but... as someone that loves history in gaming, they're hard to listen to sometimes. Also +1 for Retro Game Squad, their episodes are infrequent but a lot of fun.
  5. Thanks all. Probably resolution and TV for me, as my partner wants to watch / listen along.
  6. I really enjoyed what I played. Did one session with live players and took off from Humberside, a small airport near my hometown. Flew to Manchester in a small little propeller plane. I saw the light from someone else's plane when half way, which was a magic moment. When I got to Manchester, I didn't realise it would be so busy. I went in to land, got denied my landing, panicked and just landed on the grass next to the runway. A huge 747 was taking off next to me - must have wondered WTF I was doing. I was so scared I was going to ruin someone else's journey. I definitely prefer doing shorter flights in smaller planes. The long haul stuff is dull, which is perfect really, as it totally is in real life too imo. Very realistic.
  7. I get this to a degree, but on the other hand, they have simulated the entire planet. If The Master Chief Collection can be over 100GB, I expected this to be bigger.
  8. The patch installed and I booted it up to set the additional free "world update" content packs downloading. You have to do this whilst in-game, as it downloads and installs directly from there rather than the Xbox interface, which is weird. That's an additional 30GB, and it's slow going. That said - it's all optional. With everything installed at the end, I think it'll end up with it taking 150GB of space for me. Chunky. Despite spotting a mouse cursor on boot hiding in the corner of the TV screen, the menus seem lovely so far. Wont take flight until later tonight, well hyped though.
  9. Thanks for the heads up on this. I can't play until after work but set it downloading already. If your Xbox is set to sleep mode (quick boot, or whatever it's named), I believe it should download the patch while you're away for those that can't access the console? Interested to hear about performance issues. I know it's stupid, but I'm really precious about my consoles and stuff, and I'm worried the game makes it overheat or explode lol.
  10. Any differences between PS4/5 and Switch? I have both and am not sure which to pick it up on. I imagine they're similar enough - if they're identical, I'll likely get it on Switch.
  11. I'm far too scared to try this out online. I'd just crash and ruin it for everyone else.
  12. Weird thing but I'm actually credited in this game despite never actually playing it. I left Tt shortly before they switched QA focus from LEGO Lord of the Rings onto this, and they forgot to remove me from the credits. Still never played it, but thinking about trying it some day. There used to be a tiny little LEGO Isaac Clarke hidden in a sequence near the end that I think got removed, as they didn't get sign-off from EA.
  13. I noticed the micro-stuttering last night on Series X, in one area of Defo not a deal breaker though, it's absolutely still playable.
  14. Seconded. I want to learn how to fly a plane, but I'm not going all out and buying flight sticks etc. I hope they have some nice tutorials on Xbox.
  15. I only ever hear it brought up in the context of people joking about it these days. Would be nice if it happened but the silence speaks volumes.
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