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  1. guys it's been over FOUR HOURS and no one has said that Vengarl has NO HEAD for combat hahahahahahahahaha ha I am closing in on the platinum now! Just started NG++, having respecced to a Dex/Faith build with all those tasty katanas. This morning I remembered I have that blackbow in my item box, a shame I forgot to +10 it. My first run was pure strength, second run was glass cannon/pure magic (mainly hexes), and after hitting the platinum I am thinking about an Agdayne build, or the famed no-bonfire run. DARK SOULS TWOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. Push on again! Ready to run away!
  3. I think the other doors you mention are opened with the Forgotten Key, which you get from Grave of Saints is accessed from the pit, it's the first open doorway you come to on the way down.
  4. I played the heck out of Dark Souls, then got the Platinum in Demons, now I'm running through my third DS2 play. It's all good. But too much of a good thing is still too much. Soon I will spend a whole bunch of my free time on something that isn't PS3 and Darks Souls. Then I'll come back and do it all again. Dark Souls is fucking great
  5. Speedruns! 1 hr 44 to complete - can be done a half hour quicker! (but it involves an area skip that was possible in the original 1.00 version) video 2 hr 23 to complete with all bosses The Pursuer fight is excellent
  6. I bought my PS3 for this! Like, five years ago. Might have jumped the gun
  7. No. The harder achievements are the various spells; some require lots of covenant PvP ing for the spells given to you as a reward for reaching level 2. Most (though not all!) can also be bought by specific merchants in NG++.
  8. Back to the Forest of Fallen Giants! Have a wander around
  9. Incredible. I was thinking of painting mine, and that has settled it! Clicking on that link shows the madman has wired the whole thing up with LEDs all over the shop.... arms, boosters, feet. Amazeballs I haven't made a kit for a couple of years now, so last night I started an MG GN-X kit to get back in the swing of things. We've recently had a baby and I play far too much Dark Souls, so I reckon the modelling will be a slow process!
  10. I started a new game last night, headed to Heide, dropped my white soapstone and was summoned into a game as a white phantom. Started fighting an enemy, then another white summon came charging along and killed me. Like I was an invader or something. Any ideas? I am guessing a bug?
  11. You can also douse yourself in water - there are jugs to break, or small pools that fill from Pharros points. Similar to the Wharf; I was bursting into fire when lighting my torch, turns out the viking chaps throw oil at you
  12. How much was the Sazabi?? I have one at HLJ, about to be shipped which is going to be about £90 including shipping and approx £15 import. Shit, I wish I hadn't just worked that out..... Really looking forward to seeing that Valkyrie!
  13. Speedrun videos are appearing. You Tube user Elajjaz recently posted a 2hr 53m All Bosses run, based around There's very few skips or exploits, so no doubt these will be found in the future, and that time will fall.
  14. Ahh, I didn't explain myself very well. Yeah, running there takes two minutes-ish. I just get annoyed at the two minutes part! Especially when insta-death often awaits. Anyway, have now cleared the boss in question. Naked. It's 'just' Which, in a way, is the best and worst of Dark Souls. What I thought was the end game takes forever! Still to do: I've had a tickle on them and they all feel a bit frustrating already. But the one thing I'm good at is persevering - which is nice because I'm rather shit at the dodging etc. Still on my strength build. Yet to touch any magics! The lances are fun, though seem to be rather crap against bosses or PvP.
  15. He's a proper a-hole. The run up to him is frustrating, too. Even just legging it from the bonfire takes too long. Thought I'd persevere and get him done tonight, but I encountered all the problems that df0 posted, and multiple times. Proper shithouse
  16. Thanks, that's what I was thinking. Just after the turning the corner, edge forward and the first one jumps off his pole. Backup, kill, rinse and repeat. Which is no doubt what you've been trying to do! It certainly worked for me - they are a right nightmare as a group! LOL, I am hitting endgame now at level 90. The bow is just really useful for pulling enemies to you, and separating them from a group: just one crappy arrow is enough to start kiting them. You can also manually aim a crossbow by two-handing it then hitting L1 for the crosshairs
  17. If there's a message left right up against a wall saying, "illusionary wall ahead" or somesuch, when I push X it brings up the 'rate the message' box. What it doesn't seem to do is open the secret wall. Have a feeling I'm I getting trolled e.g. There is no secret! I could always quit, log off PSN, load game and check the wall sans message, but that would take too much Dark Souls time away. Got the digital version, I would say the load times are far quicker than disc (PS3) Thanks for the heads up, dood Loading between bonfires is about 7 seconds now, and the Irish lass is ready to chat away the instant I talk to her. Previously I had a good half minute load followed by another 10-15 secs for speech/icons to load in. Should be completing it in the next day or two (I think..). Looking forward to multiple playthroughs, builds and NG+. Plus, of course, after a few years of scrabbling about waiting for summons in the first two Souls, it's bliss right now. So many people battling through. Praise the Sun etc
  18. I got bored of clearing everything out, too : you can run through the lot if you just leg it. Be prepared for a few failed runs, but you can soon get it down to about a half minute or so, from bonfire to ship.
  19. So, The Gutter can fuck right off.
  20. Favourite Dark Souls 2 thing (spoilered for cats)
  21. Where's the cheapest place to get the PS3 digital copy? Is it just the PSN store? The sound & icon delays due to loading are getting annoying, though I don't hear the bluray drive freaking out. I'm on an fat 60Gb Solo'd the Belfry boss last night, and played hide and seek with some grey phantoms then ran away when they found me and ganged up !
  22. Buying something like SMB3 should allow me to play it on 3DS and WiiU (ideally with cloud saves!) To live is to dream
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