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  1. If you've played MH before and are happy to go through the early game grind, then Freedom Unite is great. If you're unfamiliar with the series I would definitely avoid; most of the time it's finicky and obtuse. How about Ridge Racer 4 or God Hand?
  2. A merchant will sell you the armour of the second one you kill. Both armours are a bit naff stats wise, though
  3. The best part is the red pointy bits at the base of the blade which FOLD BACKWARDS when you sheathe it . It's literally the bestest of all things. My wife still laughs when she sees the 'panic run'. Such great animation throughout the game
  4. I've been thinking about critical draw and focus for great sword, would be good for unsheathing and hitting with a level 3 charge. This morning I upgraded to a Brimstren Drakepride GS, which now needs a stygian skymerald to reach its final form... hens teeth! monster hunter getting its teeth back into me....
  5. yeah, wroggi set absolutely stops poison happening full stop. Could you have some gem or charm that dropped the 'negate poison' skill to under 10 points?
  6. i jumped back on last night. My last play was over seven months ago so I was very rusty but it all came back and within an hour a Brachy, Zinogre, Stygian Zin and a bunch of I.Lagis went down. I'd forgotten how daft/excellent the armour sets are. And one lucky bugger got a skymerald from a shiny... Online seems as populated (and pleasant) as ever, though I did get disconnected a couple of times. Will defo be back for more. I was too chicken to bust out the long sword, preferring my lance and great sword, ie something that can block! Look out for me, character's name is Batistuta
  7. Ultra top 8 re-stream http://www.twitch.tv/srkevo1/b/547349503
  8. Select? or click in the right stick. It's definitely there.
  9. Just as late to the party: Spelunky is brilliant !
  10. Does it? How do I link them? I already did some linking a while back - got the mario dx reward. But my account only shows my two WiiU purchases, and none of the 3DS stuff Any ideas?
  11. Here are some starting vids, it's well worth watching a few minutes to see some of the basics explained. The guy doing them is EpicNameBro, who has made tons of supporting content for the games. I wouldn't say they spoil anything, rather help get over the difficulty hump of starting a Souls game for the first time. The game does a terrible job for first timers....
  12. You'll need to pick up a secret crest in a hidden cupboard whose location is only revealed after chasing a Tseldora piggy to the top of the Aerie. Once in possession of the crest, you'll need to give it to a new invisible merchant who appears at the bottom of Black Gulch for five minutes every fifteen hours.
  13. I dodged his first attack flawlessly, straight down the little hole....
  14. Corrosive urns! They've never made any difference to my shitty PvP but I love the idea of wrecking someone's shit
  15. Demons, Dark and Dark Souls 2 platinums. Dark Souls 1000G too. I love that game Ikaruga 1CC, that was a proper mission. I made myself practice every level, taking at least 30 mins every day for a month. Stage 4 was the worst. I was in the Rez HD top 20 leaderboards (for score attack on each level and whole playthrough) for a while. Getting 1000G in Bayonetta. Is that hard? I remember being quite chuffed when I clocked it. Beating my brother at PES
  16. This looks 250% better than a £5 game, so price seems good value. I think its single player only. Gonna have a download tonight
  17. I've been playing at being a filthy invader. It's a whole lot of fun. But now I've run out of cracked red orbs, and to get more I have to win PvP. When it's a fair fight, I am rubbish! lol My main problem is that weapons seem to have an extra two foot of range, and spells have an enormous radius. I don't mind losing, but when my screen clearly shows no contact, then my health drops, it's infuriating!
  18. Yep, check it offline for your stat Dood - if you farm the giant souls in the gulch, you don't need to clear the memories for the giant souls you get there. A giant soul is just added to the counter in your inventory; they aren't unique. Speed runners will do the gulch four times as it's quicker
  19. Dear Moz, Hard games aren't for everyone, how about playing something else? Love Dark Souls 2 thread RLLMUK
  20. buy a load of firebombs, hide/circle around the pillars in the area. They are a nuisance to be sure
  21. WELL, chris on the moon, Demons Souls had very similar health mechanics I was just playing a smart arse, sorry to have got your back up. Have a little explore around Heide and you can find a ring that will negate a lot of the health loss.
  22. Because Dark Souls? I think I read somewhere it was hard?
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