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  1. I'm almost certain that boss soul weapons upgrade to +5 maximum, using Demon Titanite, which is fairly time consuming to farm if you want multiple fully upgraded boss weapons.
  2. I try to run round the edge of the arena, keeping the pillars between me and one/both of them. Whichever one you don't kill first will get all their health back. Extremely minor spoiler re getting armour sets -
  3. A previously used fog gate will pop up again if you're about to be invaded, and prevent you from leaving the area...
  4. The best game I played in 2014 was Demons Souls. From picking it up to multiple completions and obtaining the platinum, about six weeks. And my daughter was born around the same time. Sleep deprivation and Demons had little effect on me, hence we called her 'Florence Deathlicker Sword Crusher +5'.
  5. I have discovered so much in all of the Souls games by laying down my summon and joining people's games. Broker, I would pop my sign down near the bonfire in Huntsman's Copse and have a little explore. After a few minutes you'll be sucked into someone's game, chances are they'll be on the run through the four whippy gits. I'm also another one who doesn't notice the roll changing much with ADP. I much prefer keeping weight below 60%, for a faster roll speed. The paths through the game have definite end points (umm, ignoring DLC...) - the bosses found there are the ones with the great souls.
  6. There is a second area after Huntsmans. Have an explore and try to find Undead Purgatory. Or with a bit of feline help (or an item/event/person not long after Harvest Valley) you could head down a pit?
  7. It's more of the same really great fighty fighty bash bash. IMO, Bayonetta was the pinnacle of the genre. If you don't like that sort of thing, there's nothing here that will change your mind. But it is fucking ace !
  8. New phone arrives on Friday, and (hopefully) Bayo 2. hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Just remembered I'm working in the office on Friday. *sob*
  9. I know it's a bit douchey, but occasionally I'll hop into a new player's HR1 room (typically called 'HELP ME") for a quest, and wearing my end game stuff. "What do you want me to take down? Stand back, this won't take long". lol power fantasy etc Sorry sorry, no more MH stuff from me now, I'll head back to the appropriate thread
  10. I've said before the biggest enemy of MH is.... starting to play MH. There is a long ass trudge through a lot of crap, and some of the less entertaining monsters. But no game is for everyone, eg: I am so bored with racing games these days, and can't get on with RTS stuff at all. I am really hitting the MH end game stuff hard right now, it is most entertaining. Event S.Zinogre GAAAAAAHHHHH !!! I am having a hard time deciding whether to press on or, *gasp*, leave it for a bit when Bayonetta struts into my life.
  11. These days I'll only read reviews for games I'm interested in. Everything else, I'll read the thread here, or hear about on various podcasts. Not fussed about score, but I'll skip to the final paragraph of a long review to see the summary and conclusion.
  12. I am doing endgame stuff, currently the event Ivory Lagiacrus. He hits so hard. I am losing my shit when other players say, 'yeah yeah i can handle it lol', then quit out in a huff when they get one shot killed. Also at HR125 AND WITH PRIOR WARNING, how can you not comprehend 'sleep bombing'?!?! argh But Monster Hunter: love love love it. I've stuck playing this despite having two Dark Souls DLCs to play through
  13. I can see where people are coming from regarding Bayonatta's appearance and camera angles, but they never mention the way she interacts with the three male characters in the first game ('Danny DeVito', Rodin and the other guy....). She has them dancing to her tune from start to finish. Plus there ain't no shame in kicking ass and looking good doing it - It's what the game's about!
  14. Does she say 'fuck off!' on a combo finisher? It sounds like it, but surely I'm wrong. Now I've heard it, I can't hear anything but.
  15. haha! Yes it's the first game but this is the shiznitz you need to know. (I completed the game twice before I went anywhere near this, it's some lovely depth to the combo system) edit : and downloading now.. that's tonight sorted then!
  16. I used to buy Xbox World 360 simply because their podcast was excellent and I wanted to show some support. The magazine was quite good but - - sums it up perfectly. They also did DVDs but what's the point when its all on You Tube? I think the mag folded 3 years ago.
  17. Yeah, they were confirmed as a printing error http://www.vg247.com/2014/09/15/no-monster-hunter-4-isnt-coming-to-wii-u/ What a shame, I guess it's due to the small WiiU user base. But we are dedicated and loving!!
  18. Two Lucent hunts last night. And two cloudy moonshards! I'm getting close to hitting all the badges on the guild card. By close, I mean another 400 hours! Which could easily happen if there's no WiiU MH4.
  19. Bayo was a great big fun fighting game, and it really looks like Bayo 2 continues that. But even if it were released on all formats, I get the impression it would still sink and go straight to budget pricing. Is it an unfashionable genre? Or is the character regarded as naff? This and Dark Souls 2 were my big games for 2014, and I'm gutted for Platinum that this seems to be destined for such a small audience
  20. Fire Emblem is about £32 for a download code off the Game website
  21. Well that just looks splendid I loved the first and pure platinumed everything. All aboard the hype train ! TOOT TOOT
  22. its like some interconnected network of computers has replaced it
  23. Too much Ultimate Sony sale Freedom Unite New hunting begins!
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