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    SNES Mini

    Well that was exciting. Now I have a Shopto account and nothing to order from them. FIngers crossed for more stock being manufactured... Did they do that with the NES mini?
  2. Stoikovich

    SNES Mini

    Checked Amazon before putting my daughter to bed - nothing to see Come back from bed time story and it's a nightmare!!
  3. Po-faced melodrama.... check! Giant flying wing.... check! SPACE ELEVATOR.... check!! Hooray!!!
  4. I always enjoy watching superplays for the shmup I'm currently playing. They invariably demonstrate game mechanics or a scoring tip that make a difference to my own play. Never helps me dodge through the bullet spam, though!
  5. Looks like a nice bit of kit. How do you map the pad buttons to in-game/on-screen buttons?
  6. Makes me want to dust off the 360 and break this out again! Might have iPhone version too, thinking about it... Practice is the key, especially if the game has a practice mode to zip straight to the problem stage. (I forget if Death Smiles has one? But yeah, do that if it does!)
  7. Deathsmiles 1CC is very doable - I did it and I typically crash and burn on any shmup around stage 3 - but I needed to find out how to score big points (and I think it was through a bullet cancel mechanic too? Been years). More points means extra lives, and they help get you to the end credits.
  8. Also Garegga and Souky for less than twenty notes pls
  9. I use this site, play with the filters for platforms of your choice - make sure it's on GB store, too https://psprices.com/region-gb/discounts?sort=date&display=table&platform=PS4&page=1
  10. So the camera's annoying and controls are less than perfect but yeah, this is excellent. So much so, I am prepared to confer my highest accolade, that of seeking out and obtaining a Trico plushie. ( Please tell me exist. They have to! Otherwise I'll just get another cat )
  11. DC-UK magazine had an Action-Replay type demo disc which featured limited functionality, except due to an oversight (or maybe not), they left in the ability to make your Dreamcast region free Happy days I also remember the Your Sinclair Road Race mentioned earlier, I think that was my first games mag!
  12. Anyone with iPhone ? I've been playing, and would recommend, Bullet Hell Monday. It's a really good cave style shmup. Free to play but the ads are seriously unobtrusive and while there's a 'pay to progress' mechanic, I've only felt like using it to chuck the developer a few coins as a thanks. Lots of enjoyment to be had!
  13. I've recently cleared out loads of old games. For every TEH R@RE title sold for £200, I shifted a good number of decent games for sub £10. Overall I came out ahead but a bit, but yeah, not worth sitting on it all just speculating on a decent return
  14. Can't wait for Garegga, sold my Saturn copy a few months back. Souky would be excellent if it ever came to pass, as I've never played that
  15. Level 22 and I'm yet to see a 10k egg, except on my wife's phone where she (lvl 17) has two of the buggers
  16. Totally different story if this was WiiU, but I am struggling to commit to Generations. Bit too much, too samey and too soon after 4U. And not including Moga Village or Lagi (so far..?) is a bit disappointing; they were my first exposure to MH and remain firm favourites
  17. Platinum get! Well happy with that. Terrific game throughout, except through 120 hours of play, I have not been summoned once as a Darkmoon/Blue Sentinel. I've had the covenant item(s) equipped nearly the whole time. So, now I'm running around in my new build, a lvl 13 Darkwraith called Darkwraith Dave. (I am proper rubbish at invading, not killed a single host yet)
  18. I love watching speed runs. 1h 05m, all bosses (don't think this has been posted, apologies if so)
  19. Just beaten YtG and heading to the next area There's probably too much obtuse NPC stuff that requires internet help. I muddled through most of one character's story up to now, but I'm ceratin that all the others have gone AWOL long ago. DS2 left me a little cold, but here the levels and combat, the wealth of weapons, covenants and attention to detail, oh my gosh it's so lovely. Happy days
  20. Re NPC quest lines, this appears to be a nice way of keeping track http://zkjellberg.github.io/dark-souls-3-cheat-sheet/ Personally I'm barrelling through my first play through doing what 'feels' right, and rather predictably missing loads of stuff. Saving the above for a more thorough second/NG+ run
  21. Absolutely with you on that one. free PSN plus game at some point?
  22. [user] Stoikovich [/user] Busy with work and family, so limited time to play - hence the short list. Monster Hunter is/was absolutely brilliant but just pipped at the post by Bloodborne's frenetic combat and overall depth. BB's DLC concluded the story with some very satisfying bosses and narrative beats, too. [votes] Game of the Year 01. Bloodborne 02. Monster Hunter 4U 03. Metal Gear Solid V 04. Transformers Devastation 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Most Anticipated 2016 A01. Dark Souls 3 Shame of the Year SH01. Batman PC release Best Visual Design V01. Monster Hunter 4U V02. Bloodborne V03. Best Soundtrack S01. Monster Hunter 4U S02. Metal Gear Solid V S03. Strongest Narrative Design N01. Bloodborne N02. N03. Best Game World W01. Monster Hunter 4U W02. Bloodborne W03. Metal Gear Solid V [/votes]
  23. Riposte is best used on enemy's 'winding up' attacks. Like the large brutes that try to smash your face in with a brick. Molotovs get more potent if you upgrade the Arcane stat.
  24. The worst thing about Cainhurst is that I want it to be three times larger, so it will last longer.
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