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  1. R-Type Final, level one simply criminal
  2. Best PS2 Game 1. Shadow of the Colossus 2. Metal Gear Solid 3 3. GTA: San Andreas Best PSP Game 1. --- 2. --- 3. --- Best Xbox360 Game 1. --- 2. --- 3. --- Best Xbox Game 1. --- 2. --- 3. --- Best GC Game 1. Resident Evil 4 2. Killer 7 3. --- Best NDS Game 1. --- 2. --- 3. --- Best GBA Game 1. Gunstar Super Heroes 2. Astroboy 3. --- Best PC/MAC Game 1. --- 2. --- 3. --- Best Online Game - --- () Best Developer - Capcom Best Publisher - Sega Hall of Shame 1. Tony Hawk's American Wasteland lying about 'free roaming' () 2. EA - more Need For Fucking Speed et al () 3. --- () Most Wanted Game Of 2006 - Ibara () Indie Game of the Year - --- Game of the Year Overall - Reisdent Evil 4 by a mile ()
  3. Game in Hastings has it Gamestation in Hastings doesn't Methinks this is Game's super special 'earlyrelease'; skilled staffed putting out the games without checking the release dates lol
  4. Guily Gear Isuka spotted in Game - £15, or 2 for £25 It's the four player one, isn't it? Not too sure how I feel about that, the earlier one got pretty chaotic, god know's what 4 player vs is like
  5. Well, what can I say...... I've (finally ) sat and watched all the Consolevania & videogaiden stuff TEH ACES !!!!11!!!11!!!!! Sorry 'bout that /glares jealously at everyone who's known and enjoyed it for so long/ Really, absolutley superb
  6. I enjoyed the mailed out demo from sony/game(first three stages?). I enjoyed it and all, but does the fighting/instant kill get harder? Better be, I went though it first go, then played through again a few times. Nice looking, pretty satisfying taking down groups of guys, good to pick up and play away. Nice. From what people here are saying, sounds like it's not really worth picking up. Shame.... I'm sure I'll get it if it's at some sort of super bargain price tho
  7. Not one to name drop or anything but 'Sir' Geoff is a relation. Had a nice Chrimbo at his house once, but don't really see him/that bit of the family too often. Nice interview and Stunt Car write up. When's Strider's new stuff out? -edit- just found it in the other thread methinks. 8th dec ish
  8. Done it ! Nice ending, liked it a lot. For colossus 16, Fumito Ueda didn't do as much on it as I thought... I assumed he'd be every other credit on the end sequence, like Kojima in MGS3 <- lol!
  9. All the way up to number 16 now, will be completing it tonight. Ed, thanks for the comment mate, but I didn't explain myself fully. My mate, who found SotC boring, it also a stuck up videogame obsessed titstain, much like you or I He thoroughly enjoyed Ico and was looking forward to this. Shame he didn't like it but he was so put off by the lack of action, and wasn't happy when I explained you need to figure out how to put the colossi down - he wanted upgradeable swords, big red pointers highlighting weak spots, and loads of enemies to battle through. That sort of thing may have made the game a bit more exciting, but it would also have destroyed the very elements of the game I've grown fond of; most of it is a refreshing change from the norm.
  10. Done 7, had a crack at eight round me mates, but he couldn't stand it. Boring, apparently. Heathens! Anyway, it's great. Really great. I really like Agro, no problems riding him, though I can't backflip to save my life. Anyone got a tried and tested technique? Love galloping across the plains, and climbing the save points, chilling out and looking across the land. Whilst I love finding and felling the Colossi, I think having slightly more to do would have really made the game for me. 3 was good, 5 probably the best thus far, despite me falling off loads!
  11. Def. getting Homura, maybe Gigawing Gen as well. I have the first GW on DC, presumably this is 1+2 or some sort of remix version? I've just got Raiden III but I could've waited if I knew this first!
  12. Got Astro Boy, and now this. Astro Boy was only a fun little title to me, didn't have enough in it to keep me glued to the screen. This is better, more ideas and variety, though sometimes the screen can get crowded - I'd have preferred a more zoomed out view, but it doesn't ruin my enjoyment. If you like your run and guns, this is top stuff. Anyone know if there's an English language option on the jap version? (lazy and havn't checked
  13. Showed a video of this to a friend yesterday - think it was the first colossus, but not sure (waiting for my copy to arrive so being really good and hiding from the spoilers!). Anyway, he's something of a casual gamer, more than happy to sit down with what I would call 'shite' games (Need for Speed, FIFA Street, you get the idea). Video started, rolling hills and some chap on his horse. My friend was like, BOOORING!. Well, you could see it on his face at least Then the colossus comes in, far too big to fit on screen, you know how the rest goes And my friend just freaked out! "How are you going to kill that! You climb on it? what? look at the blood! coooooool!" etc etc If SotC can do that to this friend, it should do so well in the charts Now I just need to wait for it to turn up!
  14. Stoikovich


    shmups + fighters primarily. I don't play many different RPGs, but when I sit down with one I'm enjoying, I will clear the bastard 100%. Had to do Final Fantasy VII twice, simply for an enemy skill I missed on the first playthough. *sad* Disgaea is receiving a kicking atm I will also get sucked in by the AAA titles - MGS, GTA, Gran Turismo, Halo et al, but tend to rinse through for the 'experience' and never touch again. Shmups and fighters, for me, hold the challenge of bettering previous score, finding new combos/techniques and so on. Pro Evo distracts from all other games..... though no.5 is a bit meh IMO
  15. Just been ordered having read the thread. Checked round town, NOWHERE had the Xbox version, which from the sounds of things is a bit better than PS2 (?). Pretty excited, as I really enjoyed the sneaky aboot, wait and watch aspect of MGS3. Here's hoping I enjoy it as much as you guys
  16. Playing at the mo.... Disgaea - just getting a few of my team to uber hard levels and it's still getting better and better Outrun2 for cruising and chilling out, oh, and getting frustrated at the last few challenges. poooooooo Picked up Prime 2 for a tenner from Gamestation so that's next. Watched a mate clear the last few bits and I know I'm gonna love it once I sit down and put some time in. Then there's my jap ceramic slimline PS2 winging it's way to me with Katamari Damancy & some shmups. So it seems I have broken my cardinal rule about not buying new games until I've completed the current crop /looks at games collection/ Bollocks, there's loads more. No wonder I never have any money
  17. Really looking forward to this. In fact, due for delivery to MY HOUSE on Oct 5th is... Jap PS2 Raiden 3 Mushimehemasmameshameshamassaaa Katamari Damancy KOF Neo Wave I'm really very excited
  18. I always pick up the budget games - Mobile Light Force etc. Bought this a while ago (having played 1945 Strikers 2 on ht PS), and it's fab. I'm abig shmups fan and dicking about on this is a top laugh. Can't go wrong for a tenner. Also picked up Steel Dragon a few weeks back. Not heard of it before but on the disc you get the original (looks like a SNES/MD or early arcade port) and a major update (tho IMO I think it's possible a fan re-make). Oddly enough I prefer the original.... But I'm enjoying Metal Slug 3 right now. Hooray!
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