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  1. I tend to save them up unless I get into a bind and need to heal. There are two (iirc) parts of the later game where you can donate them in exchange for stuff. Neither of these are essential by any means, so don't feel you have to horde them. If you have used ten humanity (so, 10 showing on the counter) the item drop rate improves, but of course you run the risk of losing them on death. They will be recovered along with your souls if you get back to your blood stain. So just like saving up souls, its good old risk/reward
  2. yes. Offload useless stuff to the Bottomless Box to make scrolling through your inventory quicker
  3. Halfway up the second ramp there is a wall to your left. You can stop there and the archer on the left can't hit you. The archer on the right will soon fall off his ledge - you just need to side step his shots for a bit (and not fall off the ramp!).
  4. Ignore the knight. Instead of going down the stairs to him, go up the stairs and into the tower. Keep going up and head through the mist door. Combat is about patience and knowing when to use your attacks. Keep your distance, and keep your shield up! Strike when the enemy gives you an opening. I'm sure someone will be along soon who can sum up and explain it better than me. The adjustment to the combat is very steep - and ultimately extremely rewarding. Hope it clicks for you soon! RLLMUK game of the generation!
  5. thanks so much - Merry Christmas! Used the first one in second photo - '3HWH...'
  6. Shopto: less than £30, then it turns out I have £6 credit on my account, and I now have the week after Christmas off work... bliss
  7. Once you get to the top, you can activate the lift. Not that it helps you now...
  8. Now the torch has been passed: keep an eye out for other new players who need this advice
  9. I was lucky enough to snag an XL Mario Kart pack on Amazon for £130 this afternoon - Early Christmas present from wifey (will tell her later...!). Ninty recently emailed to say that if I registered a 3DS and Mario Kart then I'd get 3D Land for free.... So I'm hoping my XL Mario Kart pack qualifies me for this. Does anyone know?
  10. Sorry, yeah I mean the charms that you add to your armour or weapon to affect abilities. I always say 'gem in' due to uhhhhh, too many RPGs I guess! You say you have Auto Guard, which I'm guessing is from the +10 Autoguard item at the start of the game. As you progress you'll get more and more of these, some very useful (and some less so).
  11. I like to gem in Guard+2 which negates almost all guard damage; you can then tank through a fight. The sidestep/hop, I found was just a case of getting the direction held ahead of the point when you hit the sidestep button. I enjoyed the gunlance a lot, loads of damage output and a great big shield too. The problem comes when enemies and your team mates are all running around like mad things and you just can't keep up
  12. Either you've never hunted monsters or you do not like happiness and joy
  13. 1. Dark Souls 2. Bayonetta 3. Super Street Fighter IV 4. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 5. Modern Warfare 2 6. Mario Galaxy 7. Metal Gear Solid 4 8. Dead Rising 9. Dead Space 10. Project Gotham Racing 4
  14. http://www.chatslang.com/emoticons/shortcuts/twitch
  15. Its all part of it - crying with frustration, lost and alone, dying for an 'unfair reason'. That's not Blighttown, it's the whole game!
  16. It sickens him and he will not accept it! Jesus Christ
  17. you git! Is there anywhere I can see which hunting horns do which songs? I want something level 8-10 that negates stamina use. The weapon charts I've found only told what colour notes they play...
  18. Wahey! Got up to HR8 last night, 350 hours on the clock and I've enjoyed almost all of them. Some of the grinding has been a little OTT and definitely a flaw in the game's design IMO. But the core of the game, hunt the big monster, is brilliant - especially when playing with friends online and having a laugh. Still haven't used half the weapons....
  19. Can you get online? Online hunts go a lot quicker with four of you hacking away. Set up a Lagiacrus room and you'll be gravy
  20. Limited use demos!? No doubt everyone knew this months back, but I only just found out. I must treasure my time with this.
  21. Ryu done got bodied by Barney the Dinosaur. Three super finishes
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