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  1. Tenchu Z was good fun. Hella ropey, but good fun all the same. 1000/1000 gamerpoints here! There were some properly daft skills tucked away, requiring weird button combinations to execute - and never explained very well would be on board for a spiritual successor
  2. I guessed the summoning problem was that there are more summoners than summonees, rather than dodgy netcode? I also found the most success from - - get summoned, help someone out, - upon returning to your game, start summoning More often than not I’d get two people into my game within a couple of tries, maybe a minute or two? And this was from being under levelled for Nokron bosses, to (probably) over levelled for final boss. also, had loads more boss wins with the mimic than random clowns
  3. After your 150 hours on Elden Ring, I think you might get on with DS1 a bit better now! While it lacks the open world it’s all so tight and choreographed, especially early game areas. Check down the first well
  4. Maps and notes were insta-buy items for me, then the swordstones. Always gives you even more things to uncover (and smack)
  5. OMG I’ve just seen the reason for the “sister” message in the snow ruins
  6. I was online at that stage, and the floor round there was covered in messages! Hard to miss
  7. Got the platinum yesterday, lvl 150 and about 150 hours on the clock phew, what a scorcher! Really enjoyed it. I definitely see the criticism that there’s too much of it, and I felt it dragged a little to the conclusion. Equally, it feels a bit churlish to say there’s too much content. Despite my getting the platinum there’s loads I missed, and such a lot of replayability available from different builds My final ten hours were spent equipped with max Rivers of Blood + Milenia swords, plus Mimic or jolly co-operation, and pretty much breezed through end-game content. Tried a few solo but naah, life’s too short. Hats off to anyone with the skills (and perseverance) to learn the bosses that can near-instakill you thanks to everyone in the thread for sharing thoughts and experiences, it has been a fab supplement so I can enjoy the game even when not playing it!!
  8. Special spear at the entrance ?
  9. I’ve ‘discovered’ (130 hours in) the oil wells on the map are -in fact- flagging the location of static telescopes
  10. No real tips, maybe come back with the rot breath which is a good boss killer? All the tough enemies have a move set, with limited openings to punish. I never think I need to ‘git good’, rather I need to spend a few attempts learning the openings and tells Parries - are only occasionally essential to learn… and also very frustrating until they click! I originally noped out from Crucible Knight(s) as couldn’t be bothered. But one night I set to it and now I look forward to further encounters. Parries are not necessary, but they do hasten the fight, look cool, and its supremely satisfying to finally dish out a proper thrashing
  11. Took me plenty of attempts for sure ! She was butting up against the edge for long enough to let me heal, ping off an arrow or spell, or be adventurous and time a jumping slash. then I’d panic and benny-hill off the rock, round the arena, back onto the rock aaaaand repeat. Not sure it’s what Miyazaki had in mind, but neither are my meagre combat abilities!
  12. minor cheesy approach which helps (a bit) -
  13. Yeah, thanks, but it’s the old OCD! I’ve platinumed the other souls games so I really want to see and do as much as I can here, too. Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be re-speccing to an INT/ARC build, that ought to freshen things up
  14. I’ve reached the Snowfield area, convinced it’s the final furlong. Checked the general walkthrough/progression on Fextralife and oh my god there’s soo much more to do. I think I agree with others who seem to say the back end is a bit too grindy for its own good? Most encounters are fairly tough, and not quite as enjoyable as the preceding 100 hours (“only” 100 hours of quality gameplay ) but still, it’s GOTY innit
  15. You’re briefly invincible when you roll, so try to roll towards an enemy on their big/final attacks. Punish them for a couple of hits, then get clear
  16. I do like a little bug or two - boss Can teleport. Twice I’ve experienced it teleport out of bounds and die. - another boss Starts on a ledge above the arena, problem was , no one told him we’d rocked up, so he stayed up there. Probably could’ve sniped him but would’ve taken ages. Might’ve been interesting at the half way stage, though(?)
  17. 50 hours in and 30 since defeated Godrick, I revisited the second castle and found a whole separate area, warp and a massive tower that gave me new powers?? Fantastic! I’m just letting stuff happen organically as I stumble across it in game. But I would prefer it to be slightly less obtuse sharing lore, signposting locations etc. at the moment it’s pretty much either - a) luck b) everything documented in full via the wiki
  18. did you do the manor yet? After that, the big set of stairs? i cheesed Radahn with a bit of
  19. i started watching a speed run, but soon turned off as I realised I’d much prefer to hit later areas spoiler-free. Once I’ve got credits to roll myself, then I’ll be all over YouTube Hopefully by then there’ll be some cracking “All bosses” runs, too
  20. Reached Radahn on Friday night. Anyway, that’s done with now and lots more enjoyable adventures await. Still loving it
  21. The massive problem I have is there’s too much stuff to do IRL. My employer and customers somehow aren’t playing this, so I have to carry on working. Then my family expect me to interact with them on evenings and weekends. Unforgivable. i can’t juggle that, plus everything Elden Ring’s loaded with. Did anyone mention how big it is?
  22. Took a warp stone thing from the Academy, met a four legged fella who had something to do with the church. very unexpected! And made me smile. Completed academy last night. getting summons to help with the boss does turn the fight into quite the vicious affair, doesn’t it? Although the first attempt ended abruptly when I got one-shotted by
  23. Speed runners have started logging runs sub-1 hour. That’s to get the credits to roll. meanwhile I’m scrubbing about in the Academy, 30 hours + level 40ish…
  24. Played a little more last night with a bit more success. Finished first in a rally! 256th on global leaderboards. Followed by 25th global, and fourth place finish in-game I’m getting a little more used to the controls. I wanted to play it like Outrun2! But it wants a much more sim approach. I still find the brake is far too powerful. holding brake and handbrake seems to trigger a car reset? Not sure I get why; I don’t remember seeing it in controls graphics, presentation and those wonderfully cars keep calling me back, it is very pretty and lovely
  25. Picked this up in the Switch sale, having enjoyed a bit of rally games in the past, plus the lovely graphic design. After several hours it’s fine… seems that having accelerate and brake on the shoulders, plus no way to reconfigure controls, is pretty daft. It makes two key inputs digital when they really really ought to be analogue. It always feels like I’m fighting the car, and the on/off speed controls are the cause (I think) Does anyone know if its supposed to be quite difficult? Career mode on normal consistently places me outside the top 3, but my times are often inside the real-world top 100. Seems a bit incongruent
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