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    OH GOD I AM GETTING OLD : reminiscing about old Transformers; doing DIY; spending time with my daughter; swimming & cycling.
    Enjoy reading sci-fi and comic books - currently enjoying Lost Light/More Than Meets The Eye and Saga.
    House of Cards and The Americans are great, as is Catastrophe. I have a massive fondness for Billions, despite a creeping feeling its just a modern-day Dallas....
    Studying part time for a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Econimics

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  1. Once you’ve completed DS1 (well, any of them, really - but especially Dark Souls IMO), it’s well worth checking out a speed run. It’s mind blowing how quickly they progress through huge sections of the game; sections that literally took me hours to practice, refine, and scrape past are just sprinted through
  2. Buy both +1 Mushihimesama was a lovey surprise release! So, now I have several switch shmups, but I’m not great on the switch’s pad. Any recommends for sticks? I have a a 360 Madcatz TE - would an adaptor be any good? Or, the 8bitDo stick looks quite nice if anyone can recommend? https://www.amazon.co.uk/8Bitdo-Arcade-Nintendo-Switch-Windows/dp/B08GJC5WSS/ref=mp_s_a_1_7?dchild=1&qid=1624002754&sr=8-7&srs=7264166031
  3. Fire Emblem 3 House also down to £33. Tempting We also have the no download/patch problem. Will take a look at that Google DNS fix as a simple reset didn’t change anything
  4. The final level (s) are fucking tedious. Insta-deaths from bits of scenery, after an entire game of scenery-isn’t-fatal. Background effects suddenly gaining hit boxes with no warning… Bit annoying. That aside, I’ve really enjoyed it, especially unlocking some of the later ships. I’m fairly close to getting a 1CC on Kids difficulty, then giving Normal a whirl. Also, the ship decal designer is a brilliant addition but severely lacking in enough tools to do it justice. Hopefully a patch can sort it out
  5. Flashcrap Really enjoyed the original, and completed it again a year or so ago. I heard a podcast recently which mentioned the term, ‘antici-pointment’: getting yourself ready to be let down. I’ll be very happy if Flashback 2 delivers something good; a sympathetic update and quasi-homage, a bit like the recent Streets of Rage
  6. It’s horribly hard / I’m horribly bad at it. I’m terrible at learning from mistakes and trying new approaches, especially from a mid-level restart
  7. Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicles are also in the current PS4 sale, for anyone interested. No sooner had I bought Natsuki than the postie dropped R-Type Final 2 through the door. I think it’s pretty good if you enjoy some R-Type. Graphics are nice, music is varied, levels have some new stuff and - of course - call backs to previous games. there’s a few things to mess about with too; decals and customising ships; unlocking 90+ ships; gallery etc. At times it has felt more like a brutal trial and error memory task than a proper game (though I think this is a not uncommon criticism for the series?). Load times don’t often bother me, but they are several seconds too loooooong after a death (Switch version) and quite jarring, especially when you’re caught on a tricky bit needing lots of retries. Really needs an update to reduce that, I want to get back in the action
  8. I’m sure just having vanilla Hitman 1+2 upgrades you to GOTY/Extra pack when you import to Hitman 3? it says it on the IO import page and seemed to be the case for me anyway, I think...? all the versions and packs does have me a bit confused, but I seem to have the H1 extra missions in H3, and I definitely didn’t buy the GOTY pack at any point EDIT - no , I was wrong. Vanilla H1 will upgrade to GOTY but still need to buy the H2 extra bits from - https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-3-pre-launch-guide/ “ How to get it – Consoles: If you have previously downloaded the HITMAN 1 Legacy Pack, HITMAN 1 GOTY Legacy Pack or HITMAN 1 GOTY Upgrade for HITMAN 2, you will be able to download it for no additional cost. (Yes, that’s a free upgrade to the GOTY Edition if you only own the Standard Edition of H1!). The price for this Access Pass will be listed as ‘free’ when you look for it in the store.”
  9. And my (Kickstarter) name in the credits! Huzzah!
  10. I looved the previous versions of this. I dont really game on my phone any more but I'll keep an eye out for this
  11. Think I’d swap Gradius V and Ikaruga, but that’s a fine list. Anyone able to suggest how to play Mars Matrix? Presume its DC emulation unless some other version has been released that’s passed me by? I have fond memories of 2P with a friend, we got pretty good and I’d love to give it another whirl
  12. Final 1 was a bit bloated, and replaying the start of the game could be sloooow, but it was pretty epic all the same. Looking forward to this though, should be a nice change of pace from Crimson Clover (which sometimes overloads my eyeballs with everything going on, all at the same time). I’ve also gone for the physical copy (Switch), plus tat and name in credits
  13. Just got Kickstarter email through re R-Type Final 2 release date, which they say is end of April for Japan, a little later elsewhere (given their record to date, we’ll see). Anyone else in for this?
  14. Anyone else request the refund from Sony? and did you get it yet? I requested a refund the day the refund page went live, but no response so far This was going to be my 'xmas game' but I'd prefer to wait for PS5 version now
  15. ta for the views on Cuphead. I think I would persist with it just to do it rather than actually *having fun*. Does look good but time is a bit tight these days Daughter has now picked out Donut County instead, and we also bought Sayonara Wild Hearts which I think is going to be nicely entertaining.
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