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  1. It’s fucking crazy that Rakim is still untouchable and I expect always be.
  2. They don’t look like the comics either, Drax and Gamora are especially dreadful.
  3. This looks utter shit and the character models look terrible.
  4. Hopefully Newcastle will be relegated by March, bunch of dirty sport washing cunts.
  5. The trailer didn’t do anything for me but then personally I don’t think there’s ever been a great Batman film. The Nolan trilogy was overall pretty good but they weren’t great Batman films.
  6. SaintAnselm

    NFL 2021!

    Indeed the amount of rapist’s, woman beaters and child abusers in the NFL is fucking disgusting really, never mind the murderers like Ray Lewis and Marvin Harrison that are both hall of famers.
  7. Speaking of a slog to read through, I know it’s pretty much untouchable to a lot of comic fans but damn reading Chris Claremont’a Uncanny X-Men is really incredibly hard to get though, even the Dark Phoenix Saga was average at best.
  8. It’s not bad but I just wish it had actually been filmed here in Hull, it’s not like the city isn’t capable of being used as a film set, in-fact Enola Holmes 2 was filmed here last week, as was large portions of that recent David Copperfield film.
  9. He would have a been a far better choice as well.
  10. The trailers have made it look like a laugh free zone, so that review doesn’t really surprise me.
  11. The Cabin in the Woods Hasn’t really aged well and if you told me the annoying jock character would go on to star in the biggest films of all-time I would think you were crazy. 2/5 Poltergeist(1982) It’s far more silly than it is scary and it just feels more like a sc-fi film than a horror one. The effects still look pretty good though considering when it was released. 2/5
  12. There’s no way I am watching any of the World Cup in Qatar, thankfully it’s on during a time when I will be busy with other things so I don’t think I will miss it at all.
  13. That’s exactly how I feel too, I may start watching some non-league football in the Hull area, there must be plenty of teams around here that could really do with my support.
  14. With regards to O’Brien, it’s pretty easy to hate all the cunts that helped enable the Tories in the last 5 years while mercilessly attacking the one decent chance we had for some proper change. Sadly this includes an awful lot of people I used to have a ton of respect for.
  15. SaintAnselm

    The Spurs Thread

    We still need a proper number 10 though, but overall that formation is definitely the way to move forward and hopefully continue to improve.
  16. Yeah same here, it’s mindless fun and looks bloody nice too, my main gripe is some of the characters models are pretty poor, Ms Marvel looks too old for starters.
  17. Sadly there’s very few decent single player sports games anymore, Madden is a complete fucking joke, NHL plays and looks almost exactly the same as it did 13 years ago and even the 2K NBA games are filled with so much shitty micro-transactions, they are being ruined too. Fifa 22 is better than the last one but it still doesn’t play a very exciting game of football against the AI.
  18. SaintAnselm

    NFL 2021!

    Burrow is good yeah but the juries out on Lawrence at the moment, he certainly doesn’t look like a generational talent yet that’s for sure.
  19. Nick Spencer’s Spider-Man has been almost completely crap from start to finish. It’s so shit how Marvel are determined to keep Peter Parker as some mid 20’s slacker, while he was older then that in the late 80’s.
  20. The Dark Horse library editions are just as good quality wise and they are almost a third of the price, they just don’t come with a slipcase.
  21. They are over priced though, like all DC and especially Marvel books.
  22. The Hellboy library edition are pretty much the nicest books out there.
  23. http://www.multiversitycomics.com/annotations/hellboy-reading-order-2021/ The Mignola universe is fucking awesome and Dark Horse publish some of the best quality and affordable books out there.
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