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  1. The only PS3 game I have tried that is playable is Ridge Racer 7, which to be honest is all you need really.
  2. Peter David was pretty much the only good Marvel writer in the 90’s and his DC work is all really great too. He also did a great run on the Friendly Neighboured Spider-Man at the same time JMS was writing Amazing Spider-Man, which to be honest was the last time the Spider-Man comics were any good.
  3. Also unlike the Switch, the deck actually has controls that aren’t complete shite.
  4. That’s fucking crazy, he has been regularly writing comics since the early 80’s and is currently still writing for Marvel, just how badly paid are comic book writers?
  5. Office Space has ‘Get dis Money’ by Slum Village on the Soundtrack, just that already makes it a classic. The Soundtrack overall is pretty awesome actually.
  6. That’s still at least £4.50 than it’s worth.
  7. I have quite enjoyed all the Kings Disease albums, but there’s something about Hit Boy’s production that leaves me a little cold.
  8. Sky Mangel was in Neighbours during April 2007, so I am sure there will plenty of people -myself included, streaming those episodes.
  9. The best part is this deal is Amazon will be streaming thousands of old episodes too, I can’t wait to watch some of them.
  10. Beckham doesn’t give a fuck about anything apart from his incredibly inflated self-worth.
  11. Why is it embarrassing? David Beckham is probably the biggest money grabbing whore in the world, he deserves plenty of shit for taking money from Qatar.
  12. I think we can both agree on to never dare call the Medieval period the “dark ages”.
  13. The Medieval period ended the moment Martin Luther pinned his 95 Theses to the door of All-Saints church in Wittenberg. I realise no-one really cares about this but as a holder of an MA in Medieval history who now spends his days doing peoples grocery shopping, it’s just nice to use my ridiculously expensive education once in a while.
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