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  1. I must have missed this: Surely someone has already said Metal Queer Squalid : Scum are Rimming me EDIT: Thought of a new one Maggie Thatcher and the Giant Smeg
  2. That's very clever stuff. Tech wise Rare must have had some very talented guys, they always seemed to know how to get the best out of a machine. I always enjoy your anecdotes from the 8 bit days John. Anyway, to bring this a bit more up to date, I'd love modern graphics hardware like the Xbox to be forced to run at 60 fps. I guess it wouldn't work for every genre of game (It's probably a little harsh to expect Civilization to never drop frames for example) but no action game should be chugging along at lower rates. However I'd settle for lower frame rates in exchange for forced vsync. You can write the prettiest game ever but if I'm seeing screen tear everytime I look around the developers have wasted all their effort, I no longer care about how it looks. You might as well have the lead designer smear his sweaty buttocks over the screen because I'm no longer looking at the graphics, I'm looking at the jagged line cutting the scenery in half.
  3. It always amazed me that the Atari 2600 worked almost exactly like this. Well, there was no fancy double buffered screens to flip, but if you didn't draw everything in 1/60th of a second you'd make a massive mess of your display. Games had to run 60. Sure the graphics were abstract at best, but everything moved so smoothly.
  4. It's offensive to pretty much every man, woman, child and especially grandmother on the planet, utterly, utterly ridiculous. It's also magnificent. Even more entertaining than the first. The first half was a lot like Crank and then suddenly it was like a madman was set loose on the film. CHEVZILLA!
  5. There's a game on the DS by Id called Orcs and Elves. It sounds like the most generic thing ever, and well, it is really. But basically it's Dungeon Master. Or rather a very simplified Dungeon Master. Almost laughably simple. Yet somehow it is more than the sum of it's parts. I found really enjoyable and played right to the end. It also really evokes the atmosphere of those early step by step first person dungeon crawlers of the Amiga days. I'd really recommend it if your hankering for something along those lines. Also: Frontier two for the DS? That could be scarily good, but they'd probably use up all their dev budget trying to iron the bugs out of the original.
  6. Simon S


    Finally got Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia and besides being an awesome game, it's cemented my opinion on the DSi. The improved dpad is fantastic. Finally I can play as long as I like without the risk of crab hands. It's also nice to be free of the grainy yellowish touchscreen that plagued my old DS. The other bits and pieces are a nice extra, but certainly no deal breaker. I suspect it'll be a while before we see anything worthwhile take advantage of the extra memory and processor speed. Anyway, most of my anticipation is the hope that homebrew scene can take advantage of this. It would be great to finally have a full speed SNES and Megadrive emulator. Oh, and Legendary, compared to my old DS the headphone sound is definitely louder, but I still need to crank the stereo a fair bit if it's connected, so it probably is too quiet for something low power like a car stereo. No idea if that's an EU thing though.
  7. Simon S


    Assuming iTunes does MP4 that is. The DSi can't handle AAC at all. Nice work Nintendo, you wrote the player for it, you think you'd know the name of the format it uses. Anyway, that bit of idiocy aside, I'm pretty impressed with the DSi, It is basically a lot of little improvements that add up to a real nice package. The dpad in particular is glorious. I'll definitely be curious to see the games that take advantage of the faster processor and the heap of extra RAM it's got.
  8. Simon S


    Well, if you're going to write a game based around a music track, it'd be a good idea to include the music track with the game. (To be fair it may be down to my system, but all other audio works fine on it. I can send a DX diag of my system if you like (assuming your game uses Direct X)) Love the chase mechanic for the little blue guys. The red guys bullets are a little too quick for my tastes. Very difficult to avoid. I could see it developing very well though, I like the idea. I realise pulling reliable data from music tracks is no easy feat, but if it could be expanded to use any tune it'd work a treat. EDIT: Downloaded the music track and played it at the same time as the game. It's fantastic and it really fits the game. Had a thought, if you could lead the bad guys into the meteors or each other it could make for an interesting game mechanic. Also a bit of anti-alias, fullscreen and vsync would add some easy and pretty polish to whole thing.
  9. Not played any of the games on your list. However, here's another vote for God Hand. Ridiculously punishing, but once you get the hang of how the fights work it's, well, still ridiculously punishing but it's the most fun you'll ever have getting your ass handed to you. Also: Global Defence Force. Starship troopers meets Smash TV meets B-Movie. Looks cheap and it is (about a tenner from play) and is pretty much my favourite shooter of the last decade. That includes incredible big budget affairs like Half Life 2. I'm deadly serious. As amazing as the HL2 experience is, I've spent a lot more time on GDF and I'm still not bored of it (about 60+ hours)
  10. Ooh, Any news on Luigi's Mansion getting a Wii controls makeover?
  11. Simon S

    EDF 2017

    Well took 10 agonising days to arrive, but it was worth it. The improved frame rate is probably the best thing about it. However, dare I say it, the graphics look really good. Perhaps not in screen shots, but in motion it looks great. The smoke trails, the way the "Hector's" flinch when they're hit. And that mech is a great addition. A minigun, rocket launcher and flame thrower you can fire all at the same time. It's really an engine of death. The jump jets are a particularly nice bonus, but it just makes me nostalgic for jet pack girl. Still can't decide if this one or the PS2 version is better, but I think we can all agree*, both are truly amazing games. * Not an invitation for joyless pedants to wander in and say "I hated it. I don't like having fun!"
  12. Well, that's a definite purchase for me. I couldn't care less about it being in HD, but a more stable framerate and widescreen will make co-op all the more fun. I see by the EDF thread it's pretty much the same game with a few tweaks. I can't wait. I swear if I win the lottery I'm going to just hand money to Sandlot and ask them to make the Crackdown/EDF crossover everyone wants. Anyway, thanks for the advice folks.
  13. Thought I'd resurrect this thread from the grave to get some opinions. Recently bought the PS2 version and it's pretty much the most entertaining shooter I've ever played. It's like a 3D robotron in the biggest arena ever. I'd like to know how the 360 version compares. From the videos it looks pretty similar but without Jetpack Girl (boo) and bigger stompy mechs (yay) Worth a punt? Or stick with the PS2 version?
  14. I'm still impressed by the fact any game could run on the Atari 2600. It had 128 bytes of RAM for god's sake. This post is more than 128 bytes. Anyway special mention to Pitfall 2 for having a huge map, nifty graphics and music all running in that ridiculous limitation.
  15. Actually Mario Kart Wii is a great example for the whole 30/60fps argument. It's a gorgeously smooth 60fps on 1/2 player local, but 3/4 player drops it to 30fps. It's exactly the same game, but it doesn't feel or look nearly as nice at 30fps. I understand why some people are arguing in favour of lower frame rates in order to push the graphics or gameworld, but it would be nice to think machines are powerful enough now. Back on the N64 developers were still getting to grips with 3D and the machines weren't all that powerful. Low frame rates were fair enough. But nowadays the 360 and PS3 are hugely powerful. Another advantage of sacrificing detail for framerate is spending a bit less money on graphics, as games are becoming stupidly expensive to develop. That's surely a win/win for devs and gamers.
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