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  1. You know what I watched the first season ages ago. Almost forgot about it!
  2. What anime do people recommend for something a bit mindless watching at the minute? I'm still going through the most recent season of SnK but it's just too intense to have on in the background or on in the morning for example (also I'm watching it with my partner, which inevitably means it will take about 3 years to get through because we rarely have enough time together as it is with work/family lool). I recently ran through all of Demon Slayer - half decent show, great animation, and a banging theme tune, and Castlevania but now at a bit of a loss of what to watch.
  3. I'm interested in jumping in to this soon. How is it playing without a dedicated set up (e.g. just keyboard/mouse)? (Also on a completely unrelated note, I remember back around 95 Stepdad had a PC Gaming wheel that bolted to the desk and you connected the mouse - - the was using the mouse ball to track the wheels movement. One of those odd bits of gaming peripherals lost to the ages!)
  4. You know what, I love the Lynx, I love the Wii U. Damn it you fool, I'm in! Small print: I will in fact not be in. But if I got one for free or cheap I would probably love it as well.
  5. Funnily enough, after moving house I wanted to get a steamlink because I don't keep my pc on the living room anymore only to find Valve stopped selling them (after clearing stock at selling them off for £5!) There are currently less new than 5 on eBay - the cheapest is £70. Edit: thinking about it, they stopped the steam link because the software then became available for other devices (I actually sideloaded the app to my Amazon Fire TV in the end - no it doesn't work well... But it does work!). It seems that with this is probably a software demonstration for SteamOS, somewhat like the Steambox was. An advertising campaign really for their operating system.
  6. Having had a think about it, this will be a niche product. Valve/Steam have always put out hardware with the attitude of 'well here is a thing, if you like it, enjoy' and nothing. No marketing, no fanfare. I am partially thinking they may push this a little harder, but only a little. I don't believe this will be of that much interest to Steam. The reason being that we have to consider how the Steampal Deck actually fits into Steams business model. - It probably won't be profitable in and of itself. - It won't grow the Steam user base all that much. - You can actually install windows and run Steam's competitors without issue. There is no real reason for Steam to put this out other than its kinda cool and some people will really enjoy it. There is the argument that it broadens PC gaming to a wider audience, but I feel that will be relatively insignificant.
  7. I think point and click adventure stuff. Mostly because what you actually 'do' is mostly talk to people and pick things up. It's like a puzzle, but the puzzle is in working out how to progress. There is little 'game' to it, which I think non gamers expect. E.g. no 'fight' or challenge as such.
  8. Thought I'd finally get around to playing Super Metroid on the Switch SNES VC. I had a SNES growing up but never had Metroid - the series as a whole is a blind spot for me. Interestingly I never had any deeper single player SNES games as a child (e.g RPGs,Metroidvanias, etc.). Multiplayer stuff or level based platformers that I could play with friends was basically it. Anyway, like an hour in. It's good, I never got into a Metroidvania game before if I'm honest. I played one of the Shantae games once, but found it frustrating and game up pretty quickly. Hopefully I don't find myself doing that again with Super Metroid.
  9. I didn't even know this was happening lol. Been out of the loop I guess. Anyway I literally have no interest in Deathloop, nor the 'quirky' indie shooters games catting Fortnite's style. Basically Lost Judgement looks great (though I still haven't got around to the first one!) - but I like Yakuza a lot so know what to expect. Also Sifu continues to look great, though I'll probably wait a year or so until it's on PS Plus knowing me Also Demon Slayer looks really good visually, but I'll never buy it because just not that bothered for a video game anime tie in. The show is pretty sick though, worth checking out of even to have in the background.
  10. I've been missing the Dreamcast recently - specifically how arcade focused Sega was at that time. I love my in depth story single player games, but it's just fun to have a blast at something casual for a few rounds, especially with friends/partner. I have mine sitting in storage from when I moved, but hoping to get it set up again soonish.
  11. The Wholesome Games showcase was pretty cool. I think I'm just bored of mainstream big budget games; I rarely play them, and they're often so long that even if I do I never finish them. Indies are where it's at. Nintendo defo had the best out of the main presentations - was actually exactly what the Switch needs. But it wasn't big or surprising - nothing really drew my interest that much personally.
  12. I finally played through ABZU this week. Amazing little title
  13. They could likely show one of the 2 remaining characters from the current fighter's pass.
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