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  1. I was about to say he named checked you! He seemed genuinely amazed that you pulled it off.
  2. Microsoft seem to be getting it together generally these days. They have some nice consumer hardware out there, Windows 10 is a great, reliable experience (speaking personally anyway), and the new Edge Browser is seeing good pickup (and it's excellent). With the new X Box imminent, it will be interesting to see where they are in 5 years.
  3. Evening all. I am one third of a British podcast project (along with Paul Drury of Retro Gamer, and collector Richard May) that interviews the unsung heroes of the Golden Age of video arcade gaming. I thought I'd share the latest episode of The Ted Dabney Experience Podcast, as I think the subject of this month's show in particular would be of interest here from a UK perspective. We interview Andy Walker, one of the very few Brits to have developed coin-op videogames for the American market during the Golden Age. The Pit is something of a niche title, relea
  4. Agreed (and apologies if you took my post as a sweeping statement there) - I was referring more to the here and now. The main Guinness book in 2006 is when classic scores started being published by Guinness again. I think the first videogame specific book was 2007, when gaming scores went to the Gaming Book published separately. The first of those was well done as were the 2006 entries, and appeared to be credible. Things started going south, when a certain player managed to convince Guinness to publish complete fiction about a particular score in the 2008 issue, which sounds like it coincides
  5. I know Bill quite well. Regular Bill the hot sauce guy is great - always friendly and supportive. I don't go a load on the white-suited "Billy Pac-Man" persona thing, and find all this stuff a bunch of childish nonsense. If you can get him to drop the mask (something of a feat in itself), behind the character he plays in public he's actually a lot of fun to be around. I will say that he is fully aware of the irony of the character he plays so well, and even in recent times since this whole thing broke, he is still a draw at events across the USA. He's the King of Kong 'bad guy' tha
  6. Super Mario Bros. https://www.instructables.com/Find-The-Secret-Warp-Zones-In-Super-Mario-Brothers/
  7. Found some old pics of my collection: *sigh*
  8. Oh. Also, extra lives: First game to offer an extra life? Space Invaders would be a good shout here, but I'll bet something earlier did way before that. And the unlimited lives mechanic a-la GTA and Watchdogs. Where did that start?
  9. Ah man Wave Race. What a game. I've often thought about Mario 64's innovation from a player perspective point of view - the 3D camera following perspective thing I guess started there (did it? I think it did?) and runs through to the likes of GTA etc. Also rocket launchers (would that be Wolfenstein for the purposes of this thread?) - is there a single FPS that doesn't involve rocket launchers somewhere?
  10. I had the entire boxed collection at one point in my distant past. Then kids came along and I thought it would be a good idea to sell the lot. Yeah I know. Biomotor Unitron was a fun game, along with Neo Turf Masters as I recall.
  11. I wonder if at some point in the not to distant future, the likes of Sony will have all old titles on the cloud somewhere and you just select a game and play it "in browser" as it were without having to download anything. As for backwards compatibility, its one of those things that everyone wants, but doesn't ultimately use. PS4 didn't suffer too much without it.
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