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  1. 1am! I had a quick go before work. Looks good, will play more.
  2. I only had a quick go on SE4 on Xbox, liked the game but struggled to play on a pad. SE5 preloaded on PC, let’s go!
  3. I've got them all but rather regret it. I mostly use the Xbox to play F1 2021 on EA Play, which I could easily play on the PS5. I rarely use the Switch at all, except tinkering with homebrew a few times a year - despite owning one since launch I've never really liked it (so uncomfortable to hold!). The PS5 gives me access to all the PS4 exclusives I haven't played yet, and PS VR which none of the other consoles can do, AND compatibility with my wheel. Once I get a Deck, I think the Switch and Xbox will be on the classifieds (if not before).
  4. Has this replaced other consoles for anyone? So many YouTube reviews claim it has become their ‘main gaming device’.
  5. Absolutely, even 64Gb ones are going for ridiculous prices.
  6. Is the PS2 emulation any better now / is there a compatibility list somewhere?
  7. I made it through episode one but that’s it for me, far too ridiculous. The ‘disguises’ scene really killed it and nothing brought it back from there.
  8. AmberELEC community to the rescue - the Mac creates lots of ._ files and there's a tool built in the OS to tidy those up - ran the tool, problem solved!
  9. I attempted to setup amberelec on the 351P yesterday, it seemed to work fine but I can't open any games through the main interface - it always crashes and returns to the game list. Opening Retroarch and loading a game from there is fine, runs without issue, which means my roms and bios files are OK. Unsure what to next other than re-flash..
  10. My Anbernic 351P arrived today, I haven't had a chance to turn it on yet but it seems a nicely sized device. I can't imagine wanting to go for anything smaller. I hope it'll keep my lust for an Ayn Odin at bay..
  11. I’m getting there David, thanks. I have however built a small shopping list of handhelds, Android on the Switch seems slightly unstable. Has anyone had hands on with an Ayn Odin? It looks perfect, except the analogue sticks might have a slightly short throw.
  12. I spent a few days (while in hospital) reading all about these retro game handhelds, very nearly settled on the Ayn Odin as it looks almost perfect - but the Android controller remapping looks like a nightmare. I went in looking for something small and cheap to play Tetris on, and got carried away. Instead a friend is sending me an Anbernic 351P, which looks ideal for my 8/16 bit small handheld, and I've re-flashed Android to my Switch - so many bases covered. I can't wait for the Anbernic to arrive, feels like Christmas is coming!
  13. 500GB is plenty, the games aren’t very big.
  14. Have you tried using a different Microsoft account? I don't know if the limit is attached to account or address.
  15. That's really rough with such a long waiting list, it reminds me of the early PS5 orders being stolen. Luckily summer is here (for one day only) - no need for a Steam Deck until winter returns.
  16. I used to hoard boxes in case of a problem but I wanted my loft back and had a stage of flattening them all, now 90% have gone for recycling. Unfortunately my loft is now overrun with childrens toys, I will make it a usable space one day..
  17. I had to reduce my list as it was ridiculously long, here are my standout titles: Wreckfest (PC) - Just pure racing fun Wipeout HD (PS3) - Memorable moment: Blowing my friends away with the fast classes. PGR4 (360) - MM: Online play with my Gears of War buddies, Cat & Mouse especially. Colin McRae: Dirt (360) - MM: Playing one time trial in the demo over and over against my cousin, marginally beating each others times. Sega Rally (DC) - Experiencing the arcade at home. Gran Turismo (PS1) - MM: The dog jumped on the reset button near the end of an endurance race. Colin McRae Rally (PS1) TOCA (PC) As a result of this thread I thought I’d revisit GRID2 on Xbox, only to realise I’ve never played the second one - multiple hours pumped in today, great fun.
  18. I’m still sore about DriveClub, and now this. I really don’t know what to say..
  19. I rarely play outside of whatever my son (9) wants to play with me, generally that's L4D2/TF2/GMOD/Minecraft. I've tried to interest him in Co-op games such as Portal 2 but he has no interest all. He's heavily into modding and quite often tweaking lua scripts to try and make them do what he wants, along with making YouTube videos - learning quickly and really doing very well imo. I managed to complete the story in God of War, but that involved losing a fair amount of sleep and utilising remote play - I think that's the only game I've put a decent amount of time into this year. There are lots of games I would like to play, but no time to do it.
  20. Mid-March, no purchases, really not fussed either. GT7 was the one game that could have broken me, but after reading about the grindy nature, always online requirement and micro transactions I’ve put that one to bed. Lots on my ‘to play’ list that I already own & more to come from Game Pass. The only purchase on my wish list is a Steam Deck, and I don’t see that happening until 2023.
  21. I got caught out by the same with PS Plus, it ate up all my PSN credit before I noticed - customer services couldn’t give a monkeys. I paid for 3 months and didn’t use it once. I haven’t left credit or payment methods on my account since, still have a sour taste over it.
  22. I wish they’d incorporate remote play into Eco mode, I switched to it a while ago and found I couldn’t wake the box for a quick game.
  23. I refuse to use my work laptop as it spins up the fans constantly (mainly due to Teams) - it’s now for emergencies only. I use my personal fanless MBA instead. If I’m using my gaming laptop I’ll cap the FPS and reduce the detail to reduce the fan noise as much as possible. Quiet please!
  24. I was tempted, but reading about the grinding requirements on the GT7 thread completely put me off - I don’t have time for that nonsense.
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