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  1. Similarly the Dreamcast is the only console I regret selling, hadn’t played it for a while, recently moved house, wanted the space - I’ve nearly bought another one multiple times but it’ll never be the same (and likely much more expensive).
  2. I flipped Xbox One (+S) / PS4 a number of times, neither impressed me and I didn't really get into either of them. I almost gave up gaming during that gen (and at times wish I had). No flipping this gen, I have considered it (especially the Xbox & Switch) but neither console is worth much & I'm sure as soon as I sell either my son will want to play something I haven't got elsewhere. PC & Steam Deck are now my primary platforms, PS5 is nice to have but the digital game prices on that platform are off-putting.
  3. I started watching this with an open mind but the plot/script/characters have killed it. Very pretty, nice graphics, nonsensical story and lots of stupidity - no amount of CGI can save it for me.
  4. F1 2020 runs nicely at ‘High’, 10W TDP, 60 FPS or ‘Medium’, 7W TDP, 60 FPS. I could easily find the optimum TDP by moving the limit slider while running the in-game benchmark. Loving this little machine, and I’ve barely started tinkering with it! I have little interest on playing on any of the consoles now, thanks Valve...
  5. I stumbled across this helpful thread on Reddit that may help some, I wasn't aware of 'Decky' & Plugins until I read it.
  6. How did you setup the sync? I’d quite like to do this too.
  7. @Kryptonian if you'd done that rename 3 months ago this thread would be half the size
  8. I noticed since getting this device that I'm even less interested in gaming on the traditional consoles (Xbox/PS5/Switch), I've turned them on to 'manage installed games' since getting the Deck but haven't actually played anything on them. I now prioritise games that I can run on the Deck which also have cloud saves so I can seamlessly play them on my laptop as well, and I'm building a linux gaming PC which will be plugged into my Monitor/TV for the same purpose. I've wanted a 'single ecosystem' for a long time, and having it with a handheld is almost unbeatable. Has the Steam Deck changed your gaming habits?
  9. I keep remembering about this on Thursday - I’ll try again next week!
  10. You might be right @SuperFamiTom, I haven’t really tried it since the HL2 days. I’ll try it and see.
  11. Reviving this thread, I am going to be building a PC from my son's leftovers - I would like to hook it up to my monitor AND the OLED TV (at the other end of the room). Has anyone done similar? How did you setup games to switch between the two resolutions seamlessly?
  12. I thought this was a boot fair haul, disappointed! I’m sure it’ll all sell on the classifieds on some gaming forum or other..
  13. I have a relatively small Steam library but lots of Epic/PS+/XBLG 'Freebies' and Game Pass. I've tried to organise my library various ways, the best being GOG Galaxy, but I really wish it showed 'time to beat' as I prefer shorter games (and somehow still make them last a very long time). I have a ranking of how much I want to play a game, whether I've tried it, whether I didn't like it, and a big mass of unsorted titles to maybe look at one day. I don't play a huge amount of attention to it but I like to think of myself as organised now and then.
  14. I'm much the same, and end up playing a limited selection of Microsoft and EA games that will never leave. If I hadn't paid £90 for 3 years I would have dropped it long ago. I share it with both of the youngsters in the house and they've barely touched it either, outside of Minecraft Dungeons. Having just completed Half-Life 2, with a game save spanning 6 years, the subscription model is really not for me. It is undoubtedly a fantastic service though, and for someone new to games, unbeatable value.
  15. F1 2018 runs at 60fps on High, there are occasional drops to 58-59 but reducing the quality doesn't resolve that. This console is ideal for driving games, which is what I really wanted it for. Dude, my name is.. it's right there.
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