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  1. I'm curious as to why you were exploring someone's loft while house hunting?
  2. Ah I see. I'm relatively new to RetroArch, so far I've only used it for Gamecube on the Xbox (where I haven't noticed any lag). What differences have you noticed between Duckstation on RA versus standalone?
  3. None that I'm aware of (to both questions). If anything running the emulators in Retail mode is beneficial as you can play them with remote play. Which emulators in particular are you missing? CEMU/Yuzu/Ryujinx are OpenGL/Vulkan rather than DirectX, RPCS3 and Xenia are quite early in development, I'm not sure there's anything else we can hope for in the short term. Do you mean Dev mode? The only thing I can think of is you're running an insider build?
  4. There's a button on the page, I can't recall what the button is (there are multiple guides to point you in the right direction). I did have to wait 24h to activate mine, despite it generating codes they were rejected every time - worked fine the next day.
  5. I've never played Psychonauts, should I play the original or the second one? It's unlikely that I'll play both, unless they really suck me in.
  6. There's nothing new to talk about, we're all sitting on our hands until someone gets hold of release hardware..
  7. AlexM

    Nintendo Switch

    I received my Binbok Joypad yesterday, nice and chunky grips for using the Switch in handheld mode - so far, so good. Hopefully this is the end of hand cramping! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B094CX4K9F/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. Despite already purchasing Dev mode, I signed up and easily got a download of Duckstation, PPSSPP and RetroArch - saved me some time, thanks!
  9. AlexM

    Split Second

    Is it still on sale (somewhere)? Store is showing me £8.99. It's been on my list to try for some time now.
  10. I'm planning a little APU build to do exactly the same thing (and try out some emulators), interesting results - keep us posted. I really enjoyed Linus' preview, I wasn't feeling very excited about this but he's really turned it around for me. I'm doing most of my gaming on a handheld (Switch) at the moment, despite the joycons giving me hand ache after ~30 minutes - this looks like a nice improvement.
  11. Had a little go on this, it's okay but nothing special yet. Feels slow paced and clunky. Needs to be grittier, everything feels a bit flat and 'clean'. The card system feels unnecessary, and everyone wastes time looking around for cash - neither add anything to the game. There aren't enough zombies, and they seem very sedate. Why are characters absolutely soaked in blood by the end of a round, yet there doesn't seem to be much coming out of the zombies (and how can they still see?!). The maps are lacking character and life, and they're too small - open them up and make it interesting! Why do we have to choose between a melee weapon and a pistol? I'd make sure I had both in a zombie apocalypse. There's potential there, it's not far off a great game, but they haven't got much time left before launch to get it right.
  12. https://git.sr.ht/~thestr4ng3r/chiaki/refs/v2.1.1
  13. AlexM

    Xbox Game Pass

    Drat, I just started playing The Touryst, didn't realise it was leaving soon.
  14. I started looking into Linux compatibility for emulators / storefronts to see how practical SteamOS is for me - it seems much more plausible than I expected. There’s an unofficial version of the Epic Games Store which looks really promising - https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/18336. I have a large library of ‘Free’ games that would be ideal for this platform. Most emulators I’m interested in have a native Linux version (ReDream, Dolphin, PPSSPP, RPCS3, Beetle PSX, PCSX2). CEMU doesn’t have a native Linux version but appears to run with WINE. There doesn’t appear to be a Linux solution for GOG Galaxy, I only have a couple of games on that store so not really an issue. Game Pass is obviously a complete no, I don’t see the community finding a way to make that happen on Linux (perhaps the EA launcher part though?). PS4/PS5 remote play is possible with Chiaki https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2020/12/chiaki-a-free-and-open-source-playstation-remote-play-client-adds-playstation-5-support There’s a project looking at Xbox / xCloud streaming http://openxbox.org Moonlight / Steam streaming are native for those with gaming PCs. I’m excited to try this out now, it looks like I can do 90% of what I want to on Linux, one way or another, and if I really want the other 10% I could go to Windows (mainly for Game Pass).
  15. It looks slick from the video, Quake 3 feels.
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