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  1. I built a budget HTPC earlier this year purely for gaming, 4460s, 16GB RAM and an RX580 4GB, which works very well for older titles but the CPU really holds in back in more recent ones (and Just Cause 3, which I've just started playing again after 5 years..). I couldn't justify upgrading a PC just for gaming (especially as I don't have space for a desk), so that and my Macbook are making way for a new more powerful Laptop instead. A Lenovo Legion 5P is on its way from Curry's, effectively a 3700x and 2060 - looking forwards to arrival! I can finally try out RPCS3, Xenia etc on a m
  2. Welcome. Some people are nice here, and lots of people post enough.. content to while away those hours you really don’t have. Enjoy!
  3. The BC news, reviews of Astrobot & MM, and silent running have convinced me - this will be my next console (and my HTPC won’t be upgraded). I don’t have a preorder, hopefully I can grab one before Christmas. I’m still undecided on digital vs disc, I barely used the disc drive on my PS4 but feel I should have something that can play DVDs & Blu-Rays, just in case.. It’s still big and ugly.
  4. Can you have a ‘Primary’ PS4 & PS5, allowing both consoles to play your PS4 games offline or on different accounts?
  5. AlexM

    Nintendo Switch

    RepairTech are the official Nintendo repair centre in the U.K. https://www.repairtech.co.uk Their focus used to be on quantity rather than quality (they had very low margins and didn’t track failed repairs), it doesn’t sound like it’s changed much. If you’re out of warranty there’s lots of online guidance for doing it yourself, or find an individual or repair shop who will give it more TLC.
  6. Can anyone comment on the value of going up to a Pro console purely for VR, is the increase in clarity worth the upgrade? I don't have a 4K TV, I am really enjoying Moss and a few other VR games, but it's so pixellated and blurry. The other option is to save the money and possibly get a Quest 2 in the future, but I don't really want to have more toys.
  7. I’m concerned I started an outbreak of concern on rllmuk.
  8. Don’t do that, I’ll find some change behind the sofa if you decide to sell it cheap - the eldest keeps eyeing up my PS4 and I’m not ready to let it go yet.
  9. I bought Half-Life 20 years ago, I still dip in and out of it but never finished it (I actually reached Xen in the Black Mesa remake recently), and Half-Life 2 I bought on release and still haven’t finished (one of my save games spanned over 10 years, before I lost the save) - they’re installed on every gaming PC I build and I return to them like familiar territory, but never stick it through.
  10. Yes. No.. Maybe. Now about the new Xbox series..
  11. Can I adjust the number of fingers? Some members deserve less..
  12. Well you might be, but I can’t help you there. I am relatively new to this forum, reading 300+ pages is a little beyond my spare time - I’ve found the answers to my questions though so no need to worry about my concerns. It seems these threads are a bit of a feeding frenzy, as per other forums.
  13. Zelda sucked me in like no other, Odyssey was a delight, and the convenience of the console.. there is only one choice. PS4 has some crackers, but none have gripped me the same way, and Xbox.. the 360 days are a distant memory.
  14. Any concerns I or any other person have don’t affect you and your launch day console. I can understand your point of view but from my standpoint this will be a family console, it should be easy to use with minimal fuss - I don’t want to be on standby to offer tech support / explain which peripheral combo works with which game / explain why favourite game x doesn’t work properly on PS5 while it worked fine on the old PS4 (then drag out said PS4 because ‘it doesn’t work’ isn’t good enough).
  15. I’m quite concerned about what I have heard, suggestions to use PS4 controllers for PS4 games on the PS5, why? I’ve already got PS4, Xbox, Switch and Wii U controllers in the front room, I’m happy to exchange some (and preferably have less), but not more! The PS4 VR sounds like it could be tacked on as well, but until we get some answers it’s really up in the air.
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