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  1. Wow that Ferrari looks pretty sweet around here! I'm actually considering picking it for the next season, really fancy that car and need to get it out of my system. We'll see. There's an easily accessible 0.300s (or more) on the table if you hook up that first apex and get on the throttle earlier (use it to rotate the car) as that time will keep adding up until the end of the Kemmel straight.
  2. Thanks man! I wonder if offline "optimum" is basically as rubbered in as it could ever get, whereas at the online server sessions conditions are good but obviously can still evolve through the course of the race...
  3. Quite thorough, really good! Keep meaning to ask, @davejm what's the server's track condition set to? I've done offline practice in the past on optimum conditions and the car drives like a dream, then go online and feels very different. Yesterday I did some load cell brake adjustments offline with the track set on "fast" instead of optimum, hopped on the server and it actually felt pretty similar. What is the difference anyways, is fast just less rubbered in than optimum?
  4. Yes, brilliant racing all around, well done @SneakyNinja! Loads of great close racing, really enjoyed watching the tussle between @davejmand Ninja for the first half of the second race and then Ninja was just super solid when I was behind him, always covering the right lines when needed. Really looking forward to Spa
  5. I'll be a bit late today but should be joining by 20:05 at the latest. See you guys soon!
  6. Ahhh interesting, yeah my Fanatec pedals don't have a definite end point at least the way they are setup now. Yeah it's more realistic like that but in real life you have a lot more feel coming from the brakes, if you lock up you can feel the vibration through your feet, and you can feel the ABS working as well, so that would change everything. When we can meet again I'll pop by and try your wheel I'm open to change, love my wheel and like my pedals, specially after I sorted my flex issues. But with brexit it's a bit trickier/more expensive getting the Fanatec stuff. Not sure if there's any wheels on offer but if you're just starting, you can't go wrong with a Logitech G29 or a thrustmaster T300rs! Edit: a lot of hardcore sim racers say you should go as heavy on the load cell brake springs as your rig will take, because technically you have more gradation available for you, a feel of better "bit depth" if you will, so you'd never reach the end of travel like that, but I personally don't like the brakes that stiff.
  7. Yeah it's all personal and subjective isn't it, hard to know what makes a difference. I'm not a 100% sure load cell makes me more consistent all the time, it made me more inconsistent and tentative at first, but I reckon that's because of the flex issues mentioned above. I do think load cells are much better for trail braking, but I do miss the definite "end of travel" of a potentiometer brake, and temporarily downgrading to a g27 earlier this year was totally fine and actually exposed my issues with my current setup. Gonna practice a bit with my "almost no flex setup" and see how I feel
  8. @SneakyNinja Long shot, but how much flex is there in your pedal plate and chair? When I upgraded to load cell brakes I was very puzzled as at first I was more inconsistent than on the old potentiometer brakes. I quickly figured out that the pedal plate was flexing a lot (as it takes a lot more strength to a achieve full braking on load cells) and I wedged a bit of wood between the plate and the stand frame and that worked a treat. What took me way longer to figure out is that the ikea chair I've used since day 1 was also flexing considerably, in fact I only addressed this last week by getting a couple of locking straps. That feeling of being unsure on the brakes is now almost fully gone, I feel more consistent, it's more enjoyable and also takes a lot less stregth to press down on the pedal. Highly recommended everyone to get rid of any pedal plate/chair flex! Maybe one of the reasons for @davejm finding his true pace? Didn't you upgrade from a chair with wheels to a super sturdy frame? Edit: I also cable tied the chair to the frame so there's no movement!
  9. I was at a sports shop once and thought those anti slip shoes for use in water/surfing would be great, something like this https://www.sportsdirect.com/hot-tuna-mens-aqua-water-shoes-222188?google#colcode=22218845 Easy to put on, comfy, enough structure for hard load cell braking but still thin enough for a good feel. Gonna get some when my current shoes are dead. Edit: I used to be a sock guy but my foot started hurting (it was very hard to use full brakes) when I upgraded to load cell, and I found even thin slippers helped. @Meers if you're a sock guy it might be worth trying something with a thin sole as I remember you saying your knees hurt sometimes?
  10. It's alright man, it's one of those, I just had no chance of knowing there were people around, my brain couldn't take it all in anyways, just happened too quick and no time to check around, so the only logical thing to do was to take my line. If it was for real (and maybe VR) I could have seen the glint of your car on the side mirror and also heard you, that's what's so annoying about the lack of immersion on a flat screen. Thanks for letting me have the position back edit: should have said "the only logical thing to do was to take the racing line" as I was out of position edit 2: yeah, racing incident, just mad at myself for messing the corner up
  11. Sorry for late reply, when I first joined the server, my mic was working but it seems to have disconnected at some point in the race. So yeah I was chatting and wondering why I was getting no replies. Then after the race got a call from @SharkyOB checking if I was okay haha, thanks for the call and sorry for the radio silence. Yeah, tense race. In so far as the incident, I'm more disappointed at myself more than anything, I was too nice and left the door open for Sharky who took the position fairly, like I said to him, I was really enjoying the fight at the time and wasn't too bothered about defending too hard, obvs in retrospect I would have done it very differently. Watching the replay I did a Schumacher-esque hit on Sharky, promise I didn't expect us to touch, I was just trying to keep it tight, but being in the middle of a tight corner on a flat screen, I couldn't see Sharky, or the apex when he was on the inside and I was too busy trying to make the corner to decipher the radar. Also couldn't have seen @davejm , don't think he would have been in my mirror when I was in the middle of the corner, I was just trying to take my line and didn't know there were people around. Hope VR helps with this, looking forward to upgrading at some point. After the spin, really enjoyed watching @milko and @SneakyNinja fight. After a mistake from Milko I took the position and stayed behind Sneaky for a few laps, top defensive driving as always Sneaky, very hard to pass you. I was a bit unfocused then, pushing hard and trying to get time back on Sharky, making fuel calculations in my head and got distracted and missed the braking for the hairpin at the beginning at the lap (because the marker was gone), which sent me into a half spin and then I hit @Valver getting back on track, really sorry about that man. At that point I was very frustrated with myself, but got the head down and found some pace. If I had passed Sneaky straight away and not had the spin I think I would have caught Sharky again. Yeah, long one, very tense even before the race, maybe it's just one of those days
  12. I also do this "not turning the steering wheel enough" in slow hairpins. Going back to a smaller diameter wheel (G27) when I was home last season seemed to cure it, so for me it's the bigger diameter of the Fanatec rim making me lazier to turn it. It does feel a little more awkward in those situations with bigger rims. Oooh didn't know it was called the Senna Straight. Senna won a Formula Ford race in Snetterton after going over debris in the first lap, losing a few positions and also his front brakes. The mechanics didn't believe him until they touched the brakes after the race and they were cold. You can read Senna's letter to his dad explaining how he used downshifting to slow the car down, I'll see if I can find it in English, pretty interesting. The thought of going through Murrays and Nelson doing that hurts my head
  13. Double check against the other non British tracks I did, and the Lexus setups are indeed different - suspension, antiroll bars, bump/rebound and aero all vary... Interesting about the GT-R!
  14. Had an offline practice at Snetterton and confirmed something I was suspicious of, all aggressive Lexus setups in this new British GT pack are exactly the same. Same with you guys' cars? I thought something was off in Donington because it was the first time I had to do some serious setup work on that car. Oulton dry just felt plain wrong, it was like I was driving a lawnmower over those bumps, so stiff it was. Snetterton feels back to normal thankfully, all the exact same setup values though. So yeah, have they not updated the car setups? What an amazing track by the way! Some tricky bits but so satisfying as well.
  15. Yeah! I seem to remember Project Cars features the shortened circuit which they still race on with some categories, it's pretty fun
  16. Namaste brother, really appreciate it thanks all Sorry for the confusion!
  17. DOH! sorry, at work and trying to text, gosh sorry guys, I'm working on the 25th of March but I'm available next week, so 1st break on the 25th was what I meant. So yeah I'm working 25/03 and 22/04, guaranteed
  18. Hey man, I was hoping to shift the 1st season break so it happens when I'm working so I'm not missing too many championship races and points I was too ashamed to ask for both season breaks to be moved but if that's cool for all, this schedule would be amazing!!!
  19. Ahhh thanks all, really appreciate it made me quite happy, I was surprised how gutted I was when I heard about work haha. But yeah really enjoy the community vibes here, helped me through quarantine! Anyways don't worry too much about it, I'm fine with missing a race if you can't accommodate it. Work is starting to pick up towards the end of the year, which is good, but unfortunately means missing out here, so would be nice to have a full season (I'm not gonna ask you this every time btw )
  20. Hi guys just putting a spanner in the works which may be very unreasonable of me to even mention, but no harm in asking, just call me out if not cool! I just found out I have to work on the 25th of March and the 22nd of April, so that's me out of challenging for the championship pretty much. Was gonna ask if people, @davejm and others would be up for delaying just the first season break by a week? Totally cool if it creates logistical issues and not up for it, specially if you already made plans, and could be unfair for all as it was already decided and it's not your issue. Quite selfish of me to ask, but I do really love racing with you, if it's not a big deal for others, thought I'd mention. Totally no bothers to keep like this though, no worries! Edit: sorry Thursday 18th of March is when I'm working, corrected Edit 2: sorry Thursday 25th of March is when I'm working, corrected again
  21. Yeah looked a lot less dramatic than I remembered. From my pov I braked a little earlier than normal, I was on full brakes and the car wasn't turning, headed straight to Buffalos car. In those conditions it was a scary moment. It wasn't until about a car length-ish from them that the front tyres suddenly gripped up as speeds were low enough then, but I was still braking hard up to the 1st apex as you can see in the telemetry, thank you ABS.
  22. When I went home I didn't install crew chief on my dad's computer and since then I've been using the in-game spotter, that for some reason seems to be working better for me. It just seems I can hear/notice him better. Maybe it's the tone of voice haha. Gonna try going back to crew chief to do a proper comparison. I love all the other stuff it does. Edit : I feel the in game spotter is more precise as well, but don't have any scientific proof
  23. After watching the replay I think it was an unfortunate racing incident. I had my car positioned to out brake you, maybe I should have been more assertive/clear but I didn't want to do a lunge specially in those conditions. In the end you seemed to brake more than I expected so I was able to get beside you at the apex, but it seemed you weren't expecting me, it was a little bit of a risky move from me but don't think it was aggressive, watching it back. I spun and rejoined last (or was Dave last actually? Don't remember). Anyways, all good, the race was way more exciting like this as I don't think I would have matched Sharky's pace.
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