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  1. 45 minutes ago, milko said:

    @SANtoOos it's AMD's supersampling thing yes, I think they're trying to compete with DLSS using it. The nice thing being it doesn't require an RTX card, but it's also not as powerful.


    Now, I have an RTX card but for some reason I find ACC looks better with FSR on than DLSS anyway - I think because I'm more CPU-limited than the graphics card at the moment. I don't think there's a great deal new to try out aside from that.

    Thanks! I'll experiment with settings next week. 

  2. Thanks so much for the racing last night everybody, so much fun and was much needed, been too long! Loved going side by side with @Meersat Druids and @Valverat Cascades, both seriously butt clenching moments.


    VR guys, noticed a new option under video settings as I frantically tried to reduce resolution and avoid the computer crashing again, what's FSR? Is it a type of supersampling? Any new insights on how to make the game look good whilst saving resources? 

  3. 20 minutes ago, mrben09 said:

    Welcome back !.


    Yes there is new DLC of some new cars. including an M2.  @Meers has learned to drive well. @davejm hurt his arm. And Automobilista 2 is available on Humble Bundle and we may use it in the season 9 mid season break.

    I think that's about it. 


    Haha thanks for the updates :D


    16 minutes ago, davejm said:

    Great to hear from you @SANtoOos!!


    Yep, grab the new DLC.  We're starting a new mini-season in the 4 new (non-GT3) cars starting Thursday; first race in the BMW M2 CS at Oulton Park :)

    Looking forward to it! Will grab the DLC

  4. 4 hours ago, milko said:


    You can just play on the settings you had and be fine. You will find it feels different (better) in the handling feedback, and if you get time to tinker you might be able to get some better VR settings for your setup, but no big deal to wait.

    Sweet thanks man, I'll try and get back home in time :)


    Edit: Thursday eve filming job just got confirmed so another no show for me :(.... sh*t track anyways :eyebrows: jooooking

  5. 19 hours ago, Erik said:

    I dont know if I will be able to race yet. I managed to catch tendinosis/tennis elbow on an ankle, foot and knee, and it hasnt healed enough during the past week. I have no clue what I did to get it.

    Sorry to hear about that Erik. Did you share a photo of your setup once, I seem to remember you sit at a desk on a regular chair? Whenever I raced on a desk I used to get pain on my feet as it required my ankle to always be tensioned awkwardly to raise the feet at a weird angle just above the pedals (with the desk I had, the pedals had to be closeish to the chair, so wasn't ideal). Just a thought! Speedy recovery! 

  6. 48 minutes ago, milko said:

    Given our little coming together just now on the practice server, this is extra funny :lol:

     Sorryyy mate... I was feeling too zen and turned off all overlays, only to completely miss you coming up to me and blocking you off and causing a bad crash :lol:


    Really enjoyed the Merc! Feisty and fun, you really feel the slip angle, which is something i didn't feel with the Lexus at all and really helps to understand how to improve your driving. Deffo got out of shape a lot, but I like the responsiveness and driving position, you can really turn the car around with the throttle which I like (and my tyres don't hehe) 

  7. Been away for a while to come back to a Brexit discussion, love this forum.


    Just delivered a big project so have a bit more time on my hands (although still not sure I can do tomorrow and then the band is gonna be on tour for the following 2 races). Really miss it though, so gonna join the server tonight and do some laps. Spent the last few weeks doing a lot of planning, pre-production and thinking which reminded me of why I love racing so much. "Get in the car" and forget about everything, just focus, be present in the moment and trust your instincts. Need more of this!

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