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  1. Congrats on the championship @Erik extremely consistent and fast driving throughout! I don't know what's up with me and Monza, didn't enjoy the race at all car felt terrible and was sliding all over the place, what I love about racing sims is the feeling of getting in the zone and forgetting you're driving a game, Monza is so broken up and awkward I couldn't get that at all. Its weird, I like pretty much all tracks and can usually find enjoyment in a race, even when things go bad. Sorry, have to vent, may need therapy to resolve my issues with this track. Having said that, enjoyed the season very much, great hanging out and racing with you guys. Up to speed in VR and my most memorable races were the ones when my computer crashed and I had to start from the back. Racing people side by side in VR is incredible! Once again top job making this happen @davejmand excellent spreadsheet and meme skills @Meers
  2. That's how happy I was to get into the high 47s (no, I still don't know how to properly upload a replay)
  3. Tried getting some solid laps in last night but the computer crashed twice! Must be the heat? Worried about the race. I'll have another go and keep an eye on temps. I stress tested my CPU for a couple of hours recently and it wasn't going above 80C when at 100% so still plenty of margin. Maybe GPU... Luckily we've had someone fix our windows in the office yesterday (previously we couldn't open them) but it's still super hot. Maybe I'll take the side panel off the PC, do people do that? I'll try and join you for naked practice tonight @mrben09
  4. For some reason also not inspired by Monza @winky, but never driven it in VR, so I'm sure that's gonna change my enjoyment of the track. One and a half hour there will be quite meditative, almost oval vibes. VR guys, not sure if you have this issue, but I stumbled on a life hack for the race starts. The way I have my overlays setup distance wise, the "car position/speed/green light" overlay is uncomfortably close to my virtual face, so my eyes find it really hard to focus on it (I know you can adjust the HUD position so it's farther back, but then I can't read the other stuff) On Thursday's race I accidentally/subconsciously closed one eye and it was much easier to lock on to it The way the weather is going this week, I'm afraid we'll have to address my nudity one more time
  5. I agree we got something good going and too much change will disrupt that! But I like the idea of engineering chaos for the off season races for some good old fun racing I like the current short quali! Seems to mix up the grid a bit, maybe? It also feels exciting, wether I do well or not, I like the pressure of having to get the one lap right.
  6. Mandatory tyre changes could be interesting! Also not into swapping cars, much prefer just picking one. Some wacky ideas : - Picking the track/conditions at random just before practice on thursday? (removes the whole taxing practicing issue, I'm getting a bit fatigued about it as well) - Every one has to pick a car they haven't used before in a rllmuk season? - Changing cars every race? (random?) I know I just said I like picking one car, but could be fun if we know neither the car nor the track before practice. Not sure how to implement this logistically. - High variability weather more often. That Paul Richard race comes to mind when we all pitted for dries and @Valver won heroically sticking to his wets if I remember correctly Maybe not great ideas, it might make it feel a bit more "arcadey", but just food for thought as a way to get some excitement back. Plus we often have great races when we scramble things about a bit! Edit: also up for a single car series or mini series to break it up before we go back to a more conventional format. Maybe that's what we need, just a break from the conventional format for a while and have a series of races where we do something very different, then come back to it when we get tired of the chaos
  7. @davejm something that may or may not work for you, but I went back to softer "springs" on my loadcell brakes, and last night's race felt a lot less like a full body workout Theory is that having very heavy load cell brakes you are able to take advantage of higher "bit depth" and gradation to make finer adjustments, but, for me at least, what I lose in accuracy and definition I gain in being less physically stressed, which made a big difference specially towards the end of the race. I moved to stiffer springs because I was faster over 1 lap, but having had a few races now I noticed I was just working too hard, and it feels like I can still apply the modulation feel I learned then to my softer setup. Just a thought you might want to try if you keep getting knee issues!
  8. Surprised I was able to stay around 2 secs of @Erik for most of the race until our late pitstops. Felt I learned a fair bit about the track/car and my load cell brakes on this race, feeling good at the end, if I had a bit more practice before I could have put some real pressure! Happy with that fastest lap, do we get a mini trophy for our mantelpiece?
  9. Haha thanks! Congrats to you too, I'll be supporting England tonight, but, assuming you get to the final, it will be tougher as my family comes from Italy I think that's the same with a lot of cars afaik. Sharky said his Nissan used the same presets for many tracks and I was complaining last season about my Lexus having the same aggressive preset in most tracks, felt good in most but terrible in one or two. Would make sense as Aris would want to find a versatile setup that fits most people/conditions.
  10. Yeah but don't spend toooo much time on it @Erik Tbh I'm pretty happy with that time, hadn't driven since our last race and was seconds off pace for the first hour of practice and getting a bit worried. Didn't help I tried some blind setup changes for my first few runs, then reverted to basic wet setup and it all clicked. Still need more laps in to improve consistency, there's a few corners I take differently every lap but not sure I'll have the time
  11. I'm up for whatever @SharkyOB is up for as he'll be driving Oulton is a strong possibility!
  12. (I also thought Winky was you) Yeah I think I just got a bit heavy footed at the start and went a little over the speed limit, not by much, backed off straight away so felt a bit harsh, pretty silly of me to give that away anyways. Had a really fun comeback race, nice to battle for position with @extremepabs @mrben09 @Meers @winky / @milko And others, great driving all! Loved the rainy quali, no idea what to do with pressures either but it all came together. Race was just a simple matter of getting the head down and making no mistakes at all knowing full well @Erik was ready to pounce, so no pressure Can we have a full season of GT4 rainy races please
  13. Does your right knee hurt as well? Out of personal experience, I know my knees wouldn't like 80kgs brake pressure, but I had an arthroscopy a few years ago after severely misjudging a very simple football catch (I was the goalie). I think it's good to try and think long term, if there's anything to do to save your knees later in life they'll be thankful. Running can actually be pretty good for knees if using the correct technique and shoes. Have you ever tried muscle strengthening exercises? There's a few specific ones for the muscle groups that activate the joint, it helps offload the pressure from the cartilage. #menisci_are_bastards
  14. Those look like great seats give us a wave if you're on TV
  15. Such a great track to be your first! My advice is get as close to the track as possible. I was at the 2013 British GP, got a place on the hill by Stowe, good visibility but it was just too far. Halfway through the race I walked down the hill and found a spot in the fence by the braking zone of the Hangar straight and that was unbelievable, just a few meters from the cars, these cars need to be experienced up close, very visceral experience, the sense of speed, obviously the sound, but that year was the last V8 year so that helped. It's different for everyone though, if you're able to walk around the track, try a few different spots during practice or quali. (though it's probably numbered seats these days I imagine?)
  16. A speedy recovery to both @davejmand @daifuco! Hope you guys are ok
  17. Ah thanks! I actually tried both SteamVR and Oculus, no luck. I'll leave it off for now, my head still hurts from trying to get ACC to run well in my system, need a break from niggly PC stuff
  18. @davejm and other VR people, did you manage to run XIV Assistant (fuel overlay) in VR? I installed Simhub, and added XIV as an overlay. It shows up in-race if I open the game via Simhub, but that doesn't start the game in VR. I get no overlays if I start it in VR through Steam. Also couldn't figure out how to bind a key to toggle it on/off, I went on the "controls and events" tab but can't find the correct command to bind it to, XIV doesn't seem to be listed. Totally new to Simhub, am I missing something really basic?
  19. Ooooff yeah can see how annoying that would be! Bring on Monza
  20. I really like it, but this is coming from a guy who finds Monza uninspiring and unsatisfying to drive so... I like twisty/flowy/roller-coaster style tracks, long straights give me too much time to over think stuff And these are two of my favourite tracks to drive
  21. VR people, just found a way to squeeze a little bit more performance out of ACC, by turning off mirroring (monitoring on your flatscreen). documents>Assetto Corsa Competizione>Config Open vrsettings.json Change "spectator screen mode: 5" to "0" Used the Tray Tool performance HUD to measure change and got at least 5% extra performance headroom and my eyes also found it more stable, less stuttery. Could be significant to overall stability. Every frame counts for me!
  22. Yeah what a track! @texlex45hope you sort out your connection gremlins, it's a horrible feeling when it cuts out A bit frustrating to lose the lead as it felt I drove pretty well and probs made the least mistakes ever, but like @Erikpointed out my pace dropped off after the pitstops (that always happens to me in the endurance races) ... It's probably to do with not overinflating the tyres at the start to deal with the drop in temps and not being able to get them back in operating range after the stop so need to sort that. Slightly overfueled as well, so gonna give that fuel overlay app a go! At the end of the day, couldn't have done much better tonight, so 2nd is pretty decent, as I would have expected Tex to finish ahead as well. Really enjoyed getting in the zone there! And no PC crashes so VR seems stable. Congrats Erik for pulling off that splash and dash strategy and recovering well from that incident!
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