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  1. well done on the win! Found that very tough, I was driving that Ferrari a bit like a rally car, modulating and dabbing brakes and throttle and sliding constantly which is not great. Couldn't keep up in the first race but found a little bit of rhythm on the 2nd, nice few battles with @EuroVapeSim2
  2. Thanks will probs miss quali but should be there for a least the second race
  3. Just had a practice, nice car! Quite wobbly on the braking, so you can't change brake balance on these? Tomorrow I finish a 12h day at 7pm, it might be enough time to run home, get some food and join for the race but there's a chance it might overrun or I'll be too tired... I'll try anyways!
  4. Thanks so much for the racing last night everybody, so much fun and was much needed, been too long! Loved going side by side with @Meersat Druids and @Valverat Cascades, both seriously butt clenching moments. VR guys, noticed a new option under video settings as I frantically tried to reduce resolution and avoid the computer crashing again, what's FSR? Is it a type of supersampling? Any new insights on how to make the game look good whilst saving resources?
  5. Bit of a weird one but I suppose rules are rules! This is awesome Dave! Tried logging into the server yesterday but couldn't find it for some reason, will try again later. Missed driving!
  6. Haha thanks for the updates Looking forward to it! Will grab the DLC
  7. Hi guys! My brother was here over the weekend, showed him the sim, don't think I've touched the rig since Oct/nov... anyways, really excited to get back on it! Work is quiet so hoping to be around a bit more. Anything new I should be aware of, rules, server etc? Did I read something about a DLC? Hope you're all well
  8. Hi guys, desperate to get back into some racing but work is priority atm and hours are very unpredictable. Might be able to join this week, but will deffo be out for the following month. Haven't touched my simrig in months hope you lot are having fun!
  9. Speedy recovery to your partner @Count Buffalos, hope all is well Suddenly been getting loads of jobs on Thursday afternoons/eves, will definitely try to race if I finish on time!
  10. Sweet thanks man, I'll try and get back home in time Edit: Thursday eve filming job just got confirmed so another no show for me :(.... sh*t track anyways jooooking
  11. Hi guys, was working last Thursday and potentially working this Thursday eve, but even if I finish early and make the race , with this new update sounds like I'd have to put in a couple of hours on settings and VR game setup? Or is it fine? Won't have any time to practise before. Will try and make it anyways, miss the racing!
  12. Sorry guys not gonna make it, busy busy next 2 to 3 weeks, will try and join next week though! Have fun x
  13. Sorry to hear about that Erik. Did you share a photo of your setup once, I seem to remember you sit at a desk on a regular chair? Whenever I raced on a desk I used to get pain on my feet as it required my ankle to always be tensioned awkwardly to raise the feet at a weird angle just above the pedals (with the desk I had, the pedals had to be closeish to the chair, so wasn't ideal). Just a thought! Speedy recovery!
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