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  1. Looking forward to trying the Lambo. I'm gonna take a step back and go very easy in the next few races, I don't know Misano and Kyalami and I think I only raced in Laguna once when I first got Project Cars 1, although it was my favourite track when I was 12 . I also have a feeling the McLaren + me combination are going to struggle more in those tracks and maybe Suzuka. Part of the reason for me overdriving last night was being aware I had good pace and that Silverstone was probs the best track for my car and I put too much importance on it, so will be nice to chill out and put les
  2. Yeah the tyres were mega cold at the start, so I took it quite slow in the first corner, didn't want to understeer into you. Shame I lost the car and couldn't race with you guys. I was really enjoying driving behind you, maybe a bit too much. Was thinking of what @SneakyNinja said, the McLaren lures you into a false sense of security, it gave me too much confidence, I thought it was my friend... annnnnnd it's gone.
  3. Congrats @Count Buffalos! My race was a comedy of errors, car felt good, got a bit too confident and took too much curb, spun and got damage. Tyres then felt weird. Stopped at the pits fuelled up to the end, fixed the damage and changed tyres, but it was my first time running so much fuel in ACC, car was a handful and I spun again flat spotting my tyres. Into the pits again, at the last moment I noticed I was about to stick on wets as it was setup as strategy no.2 , changed to strat 1 because it had the correct pressures but didn't have time to change to a new set of tyres DOH I
  4. @SneakyNinja if it's any consolation I had a go last night and just couldn't get settled and consistent on a race fuel setup. Kept trying little setup changes only to go ever slower, so frustrating. Being consistent is a great skill to have! I don't know much about setups, it's mostly trial and error for me. Decided not to stray much from the aggressive preset this week as I don't want to create myself problems later in the race. My rear tyres are overheating again, need to work on my heavy foot and just be a bit smoother with the steering.
  5. (in fact what I'm doing wrong is trying to carry practise pace into the race, don't need to do that ) With Silverstone the hardest thing for me is tracking the turning in points and apexes, hard to do on a flat screen cause the track is so wide... Could it be a field of view related thing? Edit: actually key with Silverstone is carrying speed into the corners, so when I watch aliens on YouTube it doesn't actually look too different from what I'm doing in so far as lines, but they are scrubbing way less speed in the braking zones and apexes and just going faster throug
  6. Yeah my main challenge atm is to carry practise performance into the race, you end up driving differently at the race, in the heat of the moment, than when you're alone on track. If the car feels fast and stable you're sorted man
  7. No worries, just whenever you're able. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the liveries guys, only missing @Varnsen's, send it over when you have a chance and I'll update the poster
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if the McLaren was designed with Silverstone in mind, it seems to like fast flowy circuits. Does anybody know if they test there? Non-VR people, I experimented with turning the steering wheel and driver hands off for the first time today, I always felt people who did this were a little boring BUT I have to say that it does feel less distracting and I have a feeling the millisecond lag and slight angle discrepancy in the animation vs. your own hands and wheel does seem to create a minor brain dissonance. I only did it so I could see my video mirror better, s
  10. Yes, new racers if you submit your liveries in the next few days I can add them to the grid poster on Sunday eve (go to the livery editor, click showroom, wait for the correct shot angle and do a print screen, see poster in Valver's post for angle reference) Yup I was having a jolly ol' time cruising when suddenly realised you were less than 2 secs away from me and had to kick myself up the arse and you kept up with me until your spin. Not nice seeing those round Porsche headlights up in your mirrors Good points Davejm!
  11. Seems that "running out of fuel in the 1st race" strategy worked out pretty well for me in the 2nd race At night I turned my engine down and was lifting and coasting in the end so paranoid I was! Finished with way too much fuel haha Really enjoyed those first few laps behind @SharkyOB and @Thor in the first race! Then car started getting twitchy and nervous, tyres seemed to be overheating, so still a lot for me to work on in terms of consistency and setup. Based on these 3 races I'm really enjoying the car when the temperature drops, but struggling on high track temps.
  12. Oh no!!! Sorry to hear about that man, hope it's something you can sort out quickly....
  13. Can certainly share my setup with you when I get home, out of memory I stiffened the anti roll bars by 2 at the front and 1 at the back and it felt less wobbly overall and sticking to the tarmac a bit more. Added negative camber at the back (0.1-0.2) because the rear felt loose at the chicanes and increased toe at the front by 0.1 as this setup is giving me a bit of understeer, not entirely sure if it was the right thing to do for a longer run, but feeling nice atm. Oh and diff up to 90. In so far as technique, coming from the F1 game I'm used to braking hard and straight then tr
  14. Yeah the car is feeling awesome! At one point I got in the zone and felt like I was driving a real car, such a great buzz Slightly adapting my braking technique and it seems to be helping. Just hope I carry the pace as I seem to go slower on quali and races so far.
  15. Hmm....i thought @davejm@SharkyOB and@Count Buffalos were in the 1:45s as well, did I make that up? McLaren feeling a bit slippery too, my best time was when I first joined the server, it was late afternoon and track felt nicely rubbered in, car felt great, but when the server reset I just couldn't match that and got nowhere with the setup. Does anyone else have to move the brake balance forward loads? In the aggressive setups I feel like I have to go up by 0.4 to 1% in every car I tried in this game, the rear feels really loose when I'm trail braking into the corners.
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