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  1. Just watched jackfrags on this, thinking maybe I’ve spoken too soon. No. Despite him playing in on PC with everything at max, it looked like shit. MW on my One X looks a lot better. And the gameplay looked like something from a much older FPS. If the masses didn’t do the ‘must buy the new COD each year’ this wouldn’t happen.
  2. Cheaters have been a big problem with Warzone too.
  3. My cycle of COD is ‘don’t bother with anything from Treyarch’.
  4. You do realise there will be optimisation? Do you think the S is going to run exactly the same version of Halo as the X, just laggy as fuck?
  5. I don’t think I could be interested in this any less. I’ll stick with MW.
  6. To be fair, the BBC are a load of bollocks, especially with this sort of stuff. However lots of people will read that as gospel.
  7. Fuck me, they’ve even got that right! I think the only thing they’ve done wrong is not opening pre orders NOW.
  8. I just don’t know if how great of a deal the MS offering is, is going to land properly with the masses is my concern.
  9. For whatever reason the masses will I think still go for the PS5 in the main. Which is a shame.
  10. Yeah. That is very hard to beat.
  11. EA Play used to be EA Access.
  12. I’ve put it in the SS thread, but EA Play is now included with GamePass Ultimate.
  13. EA Play now included with GamePass Ultimate. Kind of a big deal.
  14. £499. With a SS rival released in 12 months at or around £299.
  15. I think the One X generates quite a lot of heat but mine is near silent. I appreciate the SS is a lot smaller however.
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