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  1. RC, nice! My other stupidly expensive hobby, that and cycling! Lockdown 1, I cut a track into my back garden, it looked similar to Brands Indy Circuit Dare I ask what cars you run @marsh?
  2. Practice lobby after MNRC for Wednesday's FIA race? I'll get back to the mini league after the FIA racing otherwise it'll be too much!
  3. Maybe if enough of us wanted to do it, maybe stagger it into a Monday? I'm happy with another night during the week though, pretty flexible. Noted on the being in the same race as your teammate. Will update that!
  4. BOP will be on worry not! Manufacturers each team use will be drawn randomly so hopefully you'll have the cars. We can work that out when we get there! I think the plan is to stay with that manufacturer for the entire duration of the league.
  5. Thoughts on rules? Don't want to make it overly complicated to start with! Teams - Teams will be drawn at random and will consist of 2 drivers. Manufacturers - A manufacturer will be drawn at random for each team. Liveries - The same livery must be used by each member of the team. Applies to Gr.3 and Gr.4 cars. Races - Races will either be 2x 40 or 1x 60 minutes. Game Lobbies - Lobby A will be for the Gr.3 cars and lobby B for Gr.4. Party Chat - Team party chats welcome if the majority want to do that. Qualifying - Qualifying will be set to 5 minutes p
  6. We'll need a few for the different manufacturers! Do you mind doing 50 liveries please
  7. I'll put it all down and come back with a first draft of rules, cars, teams, etc.
  8. Loving how quickly this is coming together. Shall I put all the info down in my doc and we can thrash out the finer details as we gain interest. Good point about BOP and I love your ideas mexos!
  9. I like the sound of a mix of cars on track. Will see what Joe thinks to it. If we could get 20 people wanting to take part then we'd be very well set. Started collating some info on a Google spreadsheet (I left out Citroen as it's a concept car) - GT Sport Mini League
  10. Exactly what I was thinking. I'll make a list of everyone who is interested in taking part and ask my wife to assign the driver pairing. And yes to the manufacturers, I started making a list where there are Gr.4 and Gr.3 for the same manufacturer. You can't bagsie a Gr.3 though, luck of the draw
  11. Morning all, Just a couple of ideas for a future race or races: 1) Mixed classes of Gr.4 and Gr.3 cars - could be fun. 2) How about a mini team series, 2 drivers per team. A mix of Gr.4 and Gr.3 cars or could be a single class. Driver pairing would be drawn randomly as would the car that team uses for the duration. The mini series could run for 4 weeks, scores allocated on finishing positions. I'm happy to keep tabs on scores and so on. Thoughts?
  12. What is the plan for this evening? May as well use the forum as I joined!
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